Black Spirituality Religion : Even if the atmosphere drags you, you must control yourself

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    Even if the atmosphere drags you, you must control yourself

    People say that they should ask God only for anything since there is no alternative for them. This is a sugar-coated mischief. If you have so much love and respect to God, why are you not following the instructions given by God and avoid the sins? Even if the atmosphere drags you, you must control yourself at the end. Krishna promised that He would not use any weapon in the war. But when Bhishma wounded Him, He took His chakra and ran to kill Bhishma. This shows the effect of the practical situation but finally Krishna controlled Himself and returned back.

    Similarly, Jesus was ready for the arrest but His body started shaking and He prayed God to stop the arrest if possible. This shows the effect of the practical situation. But finally He controlled Himself and told God to do as per His will only. Hanuman tore His heart with His own nails to show Rama. This shows the absence of any disturbance in practical implementation. Either you should resist the effect of practical situation in the beginning itself like Hanuman or resist its effect at least after some time like Krishna and Jesus. This is the message of these three incidents.

    Either the firm determination without any disturbance or at least the firm determination after some disturbance should come either in Pravrutti or Nivrutti. If the determination is defeated by disturbance as in the case of Arjuna who wanted to withdraw from the war, only the complete analysis of spiritual knowledge (Gita) can give the firm determination and no other method like breathing exercise or embracing Arjuna or singing songs can remove the ignorance that is covering the intelligence.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
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    It's true that the carnal sometimes feels as a strong force which seeks to pull you into the direction of sin, but so long as one holds a true and unwavering faith to the Father and the Son for the sacrifice made for us all, when He was hung on the tree for our sins and iniquity, and so long as one keeps their belief in the Son's works and His resurrection from the dead to life eternal, all temptation will be overcome. Trial and tribulation won't overtake but instead be the things you come out from even stronger.