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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, when you learn to Know, then you become obligated to share with those that have not yet Learned to Know, and not to do so, make those that do know, to become the the biggest idiot of all, amongst those that have yet to Learn to Know that which you Divinely Know to Share.

The Wise amongst us Black People are incapable of being affected by a negative emotional expression, coming from the satisfied Slave, being the unwise amongst us Black People, so when the Slave, satisfied that they are, in remaining a Slave, act to show an Expression of ingratitude toward the wise that have learned to know the cause for us being a Slave, and such Learned Knowledge that reveal the Divine Spirituality ( attitude, Behavior ) of the Wise among us, become more compassionate toward those that have been conditioned to be satisfied in being a Slave.

Beloved, it is the foolish satisfied Slave that act to disrespect that which has come to Free the slave, conditioned to believe that such foolish action really serve to the Slave benefit, and to be held Mentally captive in such a whirlwind of Irrational and Illogical Linear spear of an Angle, the satisfied Slave Travel, such only shed Light on the Magnitude of the satisfied Slave Problem, the Slave who have yet to Learn to Know, that which is Divinely True, considering the satisfied Slave condition.

Beloved, you may ask, why is the Slave satisfied in being a Slave to others that have no Respect or good will for the Satisfied Slave, well, in the satisfied Slave Imitation Mind, the Slave become incapable of learning and Knowing the Divine Truth about the Slave Master and the Slave Self, because in the imitation Mind of the satisfied slave, the Slave believe the life of the Satisfied Slave is the Life that is Common and best to the Slave way of Life Living, than has ever been in the Satisfied Slave Life, because you see, you are dealing with a Mind that prevent the Satisfied Slave from Learning to Know and accept that which is being Divinely Shared to the Mind Life of the Satisfied Slave.

You may say, there can not be anything of a Greater Good to come from the action of a Satisfied Slave, and you may be Right, but that does not relieve the Wise Among us from exposing and sharing that which is Divinely True with the satisfied Slave.

Beloved, if you have been given the Divine Knowledge so you may to Learn and Know, then what come with such a Divine Mind ability, is to know the attitude and behavior of the satisfied Slave, but because of such Knowledge, does that give the Wise among us, reason to refrain from sharing the Divine Truth that is being Revealed to you to share, with those that need to Learn to know why it is that the Slave is satisfied in being a Slave, and believe the Slave does the Slave justice when attacking and disrespecting that which is qualified to Free the Slave ?

Beloved, should not the Wise among us be more Mentally Astute than the Satisfied slave, when the Freedom of the satisfied slave is needed in order to Free the Collective Satisfied Slaves in the world ?

Does not each of our Life Behavior remain binded one to the other and should not the Mind of the Wise transcend the Mind of the satisfied Slave, and Know the Need of Action that will return the Divine Mind to the Now Satisfied Mind of a Slave ?

So Tell me Beloved, should the Mind of a Satisfied Slave be qualified to Demean successfully the Mind of the Wise among us Black People, and by the ignorance of the satisfied Slave, can that ignorance cause an affect upon the Wise that will cause the Wise to become burden with a feeling of rejection, causing the Wise to harbor a Feeling of subjection to the satisfied Slave ?

No! No! Beloved, Mental illness is never to triumph over Mental Health and the Health of a Mind is that of a Mind that is qualified to Learn to Know and not Believe, such believing, being the Mind action of the satisfied Slave, Believing about that which the Satisfied slave does not Know.

Yet Beloved, the satisfied Slave deserve the opportunity to Learn To Know about all of that which keep such a Mind satisfied in being a Slave, believing that such a Mind is the Mind that always have been in the use of Black People, the Satisfied Slave today in the World, with an arrogance that reveal the foolishness of a once Divine Black Being, who once walked upon the Belly of this Planet, Earth.

Be Kind

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation


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