Black Poetry : eve & howard (sparring partners)

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    Eve looked up and saw Howard running in slow motion

    waving his hands wildly

    what's he saying ..............???

    howard :

    nooooo ...............

    drago :

    if he cries, he cries

    as Drago kissed Eve's lips

    Howard knew that his eyes

    would never be the same again

    how could he believe her claims that this guy was just her friend

    [6 months later]

    after running through the snow

    for three weeks in a row

    it wasn't so bad now

    hector :

    move it buddy, you're not the only guy on a mission to see his sweetie glad

    the bodygaurds ....

    sometimes they made Howard so mad

    but the Russian Consulate insisted they accompany his training days

    right now he was too sad to pay attention to them anyway

    his mind was too occupied with thought of regaining a way

    to Eve's heart

    [meanwhile back in the states]

    eve :

    how's Howard doing?

    duke :

    not too good

    he says Drago is having too much fun in your neighborhood

    why don't you fly up here and open up his friendly sails

    let him know you and Drago were just shooting a commercial

    don't let this misunderstanding ruin the "Rocky" tale you guys were meant to live out

    all he needs is a little rehersal

    eve :

    well, i have my doubts

    but, you're right

    i'll think about it

    that night ....

    howard :

    did you speak to her today

    duke nods

    howard :

    what did she say?

    duke :

    the same thing you're saying

    that you're not weighing up the evidence

    it's so evident

    you guys love each other

    you've been her president since the beginning

    no other guy squeezes her Pepsodent the way you do


    howard :

    tell Drago that

    why does he get to be her friendly resident

    while i'm feeling blue

    duke :

    hesitant to answer

    then ...

    Howard, do you really want to be her pleasent mint

    refreshing her breath with Spearmint

    howard :

    of course

    duke :

    then you've got to go to the source

    her magazine is ready to be opened

    but managing her golf course

    won't be easy

    the golf clubs you used in the past

    were a little too greasy

    to give her a firm grip on the words you were putting out of your lips

    [here, these should work a little better]

    but don't tease me

    if you're not ready to give it your all

    then you might as well go back to Philadelphia and teach study hall

    are you with me

    howard :

    i'm with you!!!!!!

    duke :

    i said, are you with me

    howard :

    i'm with you!!!!!!!!

    [2 weeks later]

    ladies and gentleman .....

    standing in this corner at 6'6" weighing in at 190lbs

    looking to astound Eve's ...

    [a shout from the audience]

    what about the pitcher already standing on her mound??!!

    at that moment, Howard realized he should've arrive with more complimentary nouns

    no use crying about it now

    he'd just have to make "dew" with the pronouns

    currently at his disposal

    and hopefully one romantic morning Eve will listen to his proposal

    but it was obvious by the fifth round that only rose petals full of tender advances

    could improve his slender chances

    and with no flower shop open

    each jealous blow left his hopes sloping .....

    audience member #1:

    how is this guy coping

    #2 :

    i don't know

    why isn't he moping

    and why is he still scoping for a solution

    even after his soulmate told him that not even eloping could start their evolution

    into friendship

    [#1 shrugs]

    didn't someone say he was charged with doping

    who do we believe?

    [meanwhile back in Howard's corner]

    duke :

    Howard, if Eve were here she couldn't be prouder

    howard :

    if you say so .....

    and just before his vision was about to get even cloudier

    audience :

    howard ........... howard ...........

    a very low murmer in the audience was steadily getting louder

    Howard knew he was wrong for upsetting Eve

    by overcrowding her ....

    audience :

    howard .... howard ........... howard ..........

    the audience seemed to be getting rowdier

    if only he and his pretty flower still had time to roll up their sleeves

    and rake up the leaves that mistrustful hearts can weave

    they might ........

    eve :

    way to go Howard!!!!!!

    howard :


    was that Eve?

    didn't she say she had other plans for New Years Eve

    was this her reprieve?

    what about Steve?

    oh, there he is ....

    why the expression? does he grieve?

    another story perhaps?

    right now he still had to win this woman with no categories

    or at least a small measure of her respect

    else he would forever be received

    as her pet peeve

    but somewhere during the 14th or 15th round

    after the stadium let loose another joyous sound

    his favorite treasure chest finally started to understand why this guy who continually selects her crown


    to love her

    eve & howard
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    Now, you've gone and set the stage with supporting characters to boot. An assumption almost knocked howard out of the ring, but eve is still in his corner. So creatively brought, howard.
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    thanks watzinaname :em3600: