Black Poetry : eve & howard (Outlaws)

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    saloon girl :

    so you’re a writer

    [Howard smiles]

    among other things

    saloon girl :

    can I buy you a drink?

    howard :


    just then ….

    a girl walks in

    patron :

    look, a "stun" gun fighter

    [Howard looks up]


    carefully she surveys the room

    until she spots Howard standing in a corner sipping hot cocoa

    surprised at this handsome guy not shying away

    [she walks up to Howard]

    eve :

    are you Howard Mcclain?

    howard :

    that’d be me miss

    eve :

    are you interested in sighing?

    howard :

    are you in a forgiving mood?

    eve :

    i am

    [staring at the marshmellows in his cocoa]

    crying ain’t much of living girl

    [the saloon falls silent]

    you know, this isn’t necessary

    you’re already giving this dude more than what’s necessary

    just walk away

    [pondering his advice]

    Eve decides to take it

    walks towards the saloon doors and then disappears

    the saloon patrons breath a sigh of relief

    until …..

    [the saloon doors open again]

    Eve walks through

    the rooms falls silent

    with only Eve’s spurs clanging against the wooden floor

    to serve as rapport

    it was obvious to everyone sitting in the room that these two had more than feelings to explore

    [standing in front of Howard]

    i had to come back

    howard :

    i know

    quicker than lightning

    Eve reaches for a hankerchief

    but Howard does her one better

    and blows her a kiss

    catching her breath

    Eve staggers back

    she notices Howard’s open briefcase

    love letters?

    stunned, she wanted to ask about the lovely girl getters

    but her lovely reflexes took over

    she reaches for another hankerchief

    simply lovely

    Howard mused

    and then blew her another kiss

    this time Howard didn’t miss

    eve :

    wait, my wedding ring!!!!!!

    but even as she yells out

    the fair dame

    knew she was fair game

    if she wanted to play fair

    she’d have to extinguish her flame

    and that wouldn’t be fair to either of them

    she knew he had game

    but this …… ???

    with no legitimate excuse to back out of an interaction that was definitely heading towards a fling

    Eve spots a window

    [Howard realizing her strategy]

    calls out

    miss …… !!!!

    miss …… !!!!

    but Eve was already experiencing too much bliss

    swiftly she traveled across the room

    and turned around to look at the man who would rival the affections of her groom

    passion loomed

    then …

    Eve crashes through a window

    even while rolling on the ground

    Eve thought to herself

    why did I diss him?

    why did I diss him?

    [Howard runs to the window]

    Eve jumps up and whistles

    as two horses come running around the corner

    Eve and her partner smoothly jumps onto their backs and ….

    heee – yaahaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they gallop away

    [Howard whistles to himself]

    what a woman

    still stunned

    the patrons in the saloon slowly regain their senses

    [one of the saloon girls walks over to Howard]

    you think she’ll be back one day?

    his heart said no but …

    at that moment he looks over to his briefcase

    the letters …. gone ….

    could it be possible?

    picks up his cup of Swiss Miss

    [smiling to himself]

    puts on his hat

    looks over to the saloon girl

    saloon girl :

    well sir, do you think it’s possible?

    [Howard smiles]

    i reckon so miss

    i reckon so


    eve & howard
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