Quiet Poetry Lounge : Eve & Howard (making up)


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Feb 8, 2006
Knoxville, tn
howard :

she’s got her Irish Spring

so now she can have a fling

and plus it's spring

all the witty lads are ready to sing

ring!!!!!!! ......

the telephone, who could this be?

hello ...

eve :

is this my fellow?

howard :

you’re sounding mellow

eve :

i miss your jello

howard :

i’m mixing Jell-O

eve :

i'll be right over

[after a short drive]

howard :

so how was Dover?

is it over?

eve :

sweetie, you’re my clover

howard :

but his Land Rover …… ?

eve :

can’t match your four wheel drive

before you arrived ….

[howard nods]

i know, i thought our high fives

were just a myth

eve :

we pled the fifth

howard :

and then he fled with your Granny Smith pies

eve :

i took your sunrise

howard :

i shook your french fries

we should’ve been a cinch for happy hi’s

we moved and inch and now our bye’s

could clear the inch beneath our skies

i filled your trench with needless highs

but still you flinched with heedless cries

how could I quench my soulmate’s sighs

when you were already drenched with eyes

that care

eve :

is that the monkey wrench in why we stare ….

howard :

.... at heart?

eve :

we’re too far apart

at least in part

how was I to know the word “depart”

meant we would glow inside your art?

if i was sent to fill your shopping cart

with pleasure

then why didn’t we treasure the moments?

howard :

maybe, my lovely component …..

eve :

wait a moment ... !!!

i got it

(to be continued)


eve & howard


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