Black Poetry : Eve & Howard (Legal Eagles)

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    hear, hear

    court is now in session

    the honorable Howard McClain is present

    to ease everybody's guessin'

    about whether or not Eve's salad dressing

    is really all that

    rat tat tat tat....................

    order order

    lawyer :

    your honor milady Ms. Eve would like to plead not guilty of all stats

    these proceedings are way off.............

    [Howard coughs]

    Howard :

    what do you mean? are you saying i'm soft?

    lawyer :

    to the contrary

    but don't you think it's a bit out of the ordinary

    that this female prettier than any fairy

    you've ever seen

    isn't acting out a part in your movie scene

    what do you think this means?

    Howard :

    well, for starters, her blue jeans

    are definitely packing

    what i've been lacking

    all of my life

    but from what i hear she's already somebody's wife

    what do you want me to do

    bring her husband in and find a way to sue

    for the right to pursue

    his soulmate?

    lawyer :

    of course not, but you have to admit yourColgate

    has the flouride it takes

    to make sure she spends her life sailing on lakes

    of pleasure

    Eve looks up at her lawyer, obviously irritated that her secret treasure

    is up for discussion

    her lawyer looks down blushin'


    er.......... is everything alright?

    i was just trying to effectively debate your plight

    of finding a man that's right

    for disposition

    Eve shifts her position


    now look here sir...............

    as Eve debates with her lawyer, Howard and the bailiff smilingly concur

    that she's the flyest kitten

    he's ever seen in this court

    but the ring on her mitten

    says she's already smitten

    does he really have to abort

    the concept that says the two of them could be sittin'

    in an Infinity G-35 one night

    with the sunroof open, conversating under star lights

    Your Honor!!!!!!!!!!!

    Howard looks up mesmerized by Eve's pearly whites

    Eve :

    i must protest!!! this isn't a court of law

    it's just an elaborate setup to allow you to effectively paw

    at my heart

    lawyer :'ll have excuse my client,

    [the lawyer winks at Howard]

    she's a tasty SweetTart

    but unfamiliar with "court" procedure

    yes. she is at that, Howard thinks to himself. but this exquisite creature

    could be the school teacher

    he's been yearning for. her awestriking features.........

    suddenly, Howard felt embaressed. it was obvious to the court that his heart was in Eve's bleechers

    cheering her soul

    Eve looked up into Howard's eyes and knew at that moment that his hold

    on her was justified

    [suddenly the courtroom doors burst open]

    Eve's boyfriend :

    your honor!!! i demand this case be retried!!!!!!!!

    to be continued


    eve & howard
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    this was tyte flowing bruh !