Chief Elder Osiris : Eve And Adam, Space And Time

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    Eve And Adam, Space And Time

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    We are in a time when there will be verified the Divinity of Spirituality and the creation of a New Religion by Lucifer and the Divine Essence the Lord over all things and the enforcer of none and the Lord ( LAW) the Divine Essence will once again present to you a choice of being of the Lord Divine or of the Religion of the Profane, old or new, it is today Divine Spirituality representing Time and Infinity and the coming new religion representing the limitation of Time, Finite in all of its actionable motion.

    The present established Religion has come and now has lost its standing of influence over the world with the coming of this present Time that bring Divine Enlightenment, while in the presence of the making and creation of a NEW WORLD RELIGION, which will be introduced to the world very soon, a Religion that will have a New Face but with the same Body of lies presented different from the present body of lies that come from the present religion and the new religion will be under disguise with the basic tenets remaining to be, Belief, Faith and Hope, abiding by the act of total submission, presenting you with the New Eve that will be portrayed as the goddess of Nature, Absent of the old Adam.

    Yet there will be the verification of there being a Divine Essence and a companion of Lordship to a World that will be given Divine Will in Spirit while the new religion will present to you a claim of Religious Will with a Profane Spirit, in this dispensation of Divine Enlighten Time, presenting to you the goddess and god of the physical universe the Two being the Eve (Space Darkness) and Adam (Motional Time) the two action being the Divine Spirit, and the new religious physical Eve goddess will be portraying the finite spirit, while the former is Infinite and is Eternal while the latter is the Eve with finite limitation.

    It is the Eve of Divine Enlightenment that bring forth out of the Perfect Night Divine Information that produce a Divine Spirituality and it is the Adam of motional Time that represent the Ethereal aspect of Divine will and there be the other Eve that will represent the Profane new religion giving to you Physical choice, yet is encapsulated in the Eve and Adam that represent Space and Time, attributes of the Divine Essence.

    We now are dawned with a Conscious Dimension of Mind that has the freedom once again to choose the Mental Path for our body life to travel and to move on such a path that will present to you the revelation about the Greater Good that is experienced by knowing what the Divine Essence is, as opposed to believing what you want the New Religious God to be, over the Time Span of your body life living.

    Making the same errors in life assure the same result that will come from the choices you will make in this New Time of Enlightenment, you having the freedom of choice to choose the Divine Path of Eve and Adam or to choose the profane path of the religion of Adam and Eve, with the former being Ethereal and the latter being physical.

    There is talk of a coming of a New Religion in the age of Enlightenment and what quality of Enlightenment the Black World as oppose to the outer world will choose, will it be of the Freedom and Quality of Mind that will be invoked to guide your body life and if you choose to not make a distinction between the two worlds such a choice will sentence the body life to be guided by a religious and profane mind and not the Divine Mind that guide you into becoming Spiritually Divine.

    In the Time of Enlightenment it is Eve that symbolize the Ethereal Eternal Infinite perfect Darkness, the Mother Goddess, the Sacred Feminine of Eternal Infinity, and it is Adam that symbolize the Infinite Time Motion, it being attached to the physical elements of the profane illusion of all that are finitely physical, yet get its Being, from the internal action that take place within the Sacred Feminine, the Divine Eve (Space Darkness) of the Infinite Eternal Perfect Night, She is the producer of the Atomic Motion Time, the Adam relationship to the Eve Spatial Infinite Existence that exceed all motion of Adamic Time, always being in the presence of Eve Infinite Spatial Dark presence.

    To master the symbolic of Eve and Adam is to master the knowledge of Divine Reality, it consisting of Space and Time, the two being mutually inclusive into each other Action of Divine Energetic Reality verifying the Divine Essence.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    Let those who are wise in this Enlighten Time know, and that which is required religiously to believe, you will not be able to know, one is a Divine required act while the other is a religious required profane act to believe, during the body life of your way of living .

    In Divine Spirituality you need no Jesus or Christ, each behavior represent revolting and saving, implying action of imperfection in your life, but in Divine spirituality there is no need to revolt or to be saved, such a quality of Divine Spirituality guide you up the path of Harmony, Oder and Balance, keeping you Safe..

    Seek not the Jesus and Christ of Profane Religion, but seek the Divine qualities that is a action of Thought that is of your Mind that cause the inner self to be in Divine state of Spiritual action.

    Let Those With The Quality Of Mind To Know, Understand What Has Just Been Shared With you, beloved.

    Be Kind To You Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    [email protected]
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    Very profound words indeed Chief Elder Osiris:heart:

    Straight up choice ....

    Experience and Know OR hope and believe ....

    Indeed :bowdown:

    It is

    :blob fire: