Black Poetry : Eva

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    Where Eva I go, you are in my heart for-Eva
    from our first conversation, I knew you were special...but I had no idea
    how special you really are
    you have invaded my soul and found a home within my heart
    your pain rubs off on me and makes me wanna touch you oh so gently
    I wish I could sooth the pain from the things you have experienced
    You are sweeter than the honey you were dipped in...
    You are more beautiful than the rainbow you stole your smile from...
    Your eyes twinkle like a flickering candlelight on a cold night....
    You are like the morning dew that refreshes the earth...
    Your words touch me in ways that transcend all physical pleasure..
    Your voice makes the cocoons in my stomach hatch into butterflies...
    When I think of you, nothing else matters to me...
    All the negativity I feel prior to our conversations...
    Evaporates upon contact with you
    You are a whisper in my mind, an echo in my thoughts
    Your name reverberates around my a shout in an empty room
    I try to think of you as just a friend, but in my mind, I yearn for romanticism with you
    we have a great friendship, so I will try to restrain my passion, and suppress my love.
    when I am hundreds of thousands of miles away in the army,
    thoughts of you will keep me feeling close to humanity
    Even surrounded by weapons and war, my love for you will soar
    if opportunity ever knocks, I will unhinge the **** door.
    if my soul had windows, I would need blinds to block the shine....
    that you bring to my life.
    I’m encompassed by darkness and loneliness, you blaze with a radiant light
    making a beautiful sunset, when combined with my Midnight
    you strike a nerve that I didn’t know existed in me still
    hitting the lottery is inferior to when we talk, all the joy I feel
    I miss you while we’re talking, my mind is running but my mouth is walking
    deep inside my heart I’ll love you, even after they lower me in a coffin
    my passion runs deeper than a hidden river in a cave...
    I’m so enchanted with you, my love has me a slave..
    BUT...don’t worry, I can control my feelings enough and be a man,
    to maintain this friendship that we’ve began...
    thanks for being my friend, Eva

    Derrick H.
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    Gods Gracius!......................

    ...i have no words for this poem..

    people do you feel the first chapter genisis here....