Africa : European Involvement in African Development

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    The Front for the Unification and Development of Africa and Arabia is faced with a rather interesting problem. We are making rapid progress in establishing the political Front. To date, we have a political reach and scope that touches most major population centers of the African Nation. This is well over 1 billion Africans.

    With such a reach and scope, we have acompanying administrative and ligistics problems. Accordingly, we call upon Africans who are technologically savvy to help us to develop an apropriate system. Ideally, we would like to have as much of the system in the hands and control of Africans as possible. But realistically and pragmatically, we know that Europeans will have a major impact. and are probably the only companies that can provide the services that we need. If anyone know of any alternatives, please contact us right away at [email protected].

    There are forces afoot who will not do anything at all to help us to overcome these administration problems within the African Nation. But, as soon as we do a contract with a major European owned company, these same forces will be the first to yell: "y'all doing business with white folks". We appeal to the masses to be aware. Do not be fooled by such non-sense. The alternative is for us to remain in our current condition of isolation in the Diaspora and powerlessness.

    We go forward.