Black People : European Insanity.

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    Its very hard for me to understand the position of some African Americans when it comes to European insanity. How can we not see the obvious blood stained history of these people and realize they will never be able to create a free and just society anywhere near the likes of our Ancestors. But I will let it marinate with you some more so maybe some of you can stop worshipping White and thinking it is better than being who you are.

    Here's a list of women serial killers that make your skin crawl. All White women.

    And you can now see why these people can give hundreds of thousands of dollars to Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman essentially making them rich and retiring these men for killing Black teenagers in cold blood. How a NYPD White racist officer can choke a man to death with the man screaming for life, "I can't breathe", yet many Whites have no issue with this madness. Why? European insanity:

    One of the most insane and criminal monsters of all comes from White American affluent elite society but I have no idea why she isn't included on the above list because she's worst than anyone of these women. I'm speaking of Margaret Sanger founded of Parenthood a racist genocidal agenda to kill Black children before they are born. This monster witch created the infamous nursery poem, "One, little *****, Two little ******, on to 100 little ****** thrown to the alligators". She was an advocate of dealing with the Negro problem by exterminating Black children. She has been honored by the Smithsonian Institute which is an United States government institute. If anyone of you had any doubts the U.S government is behind all of the oppression we are experiencing you will quit running to the Feds thinking they will save you from the White Supremacists.
    But here's something to see:

    Running out voting for Hillary Clinton this coming next Presidential election because you African American women love you some White feminists. Do you love your Black babies? Especially Black boys who her husband Bill Clinton continued the unfair Crack cocaine laws that sent millions of Blackmen to prisons and ruined their records for life when the 2 presidents before Bush and Reagan flooded the Black community with Drugs and guns. Here's Hillary Clinton honoring Margaret Sanger:

    This goes much deeper than racist White men disguised as cops aka citizen's patrol are killing Black young men in the streets extrajudicial. This issue of a murdering psycho spirit runs through the veins of Whites and nothing short of getting away from them and not having any contact with them will destroy White Supremacy. Change is gradual but we must make steps towards African American independence.

    African independence or White Supremacy?