Black People : Europe (Ancient Rome) Conquered by Africans

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    That Accounts for Red Haired People
    & The Dark-Skinned People with Nappy Hair

    It started with the Moors in Rome--Septimus Severus

    Black rulership of the Roman Empire begins in 193 A.D.[​IMG] with African born, Roman Emperor Septimus Severus. There were four other Black emperors after the Severus dynasty.

    Hannibal, the father of military strategy, performed the astounding feat of crossing the Alps on elephants in 218 B.C. With only 26,000 of his original force of 82,000 troops remaining, Hannibal defeated Rome, the mightiest military power of the age, who had a million men, in every battle for the next fifteen years. His tactics are still taught in leading military academies of the U.S., Europe & other lands. [​IMG]

    Black ruler ship was widespread in Europe during the “Dark” & Middle Ages!
    Hannibal Barca

    The original “knights” of England were Black! --including the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table! That’s why they were called “knights” after the night or darkness of their skin.

    An African king named Gormund ruled Ireland during the Anglo-Saxon period in England reports the medieval historian Geoffrey of Monmouth.

    Halfdan the Black was the first Africoid king to unite Norway.

    When the British Isles were invaded by the Vikings some of these Norse raiders were Africoid. In fact, different varieties of ‘Viking’ Africans lived in Scandinavia during the middle ages and are frequently mentioned in Viking sagas.

    There were Black Huns! The dictionary describes the Huns as “a fierce bar
    Europe Conquered by Africans