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    Eucharist of the Body of Osiris: Compares to the Roman Catholic Eucharist
    The mysteries of Osiris at Denderah By E.A Wallis Budge
    The walls of one of the two courts which form part of the Temple of Osiris at Denderah contain a long inscription describing the bas-reliefs which illustrate the mysteries and ceremonies that were performed annually in honor of Osiris in that city. The first section of the text deals with the making of sixteen models of the sixteen pieces (or 14) into which the body of Osiris was hacked and cut by Set (Satan). Each model was made of wheat [ the resurrection of Osiris is closely connected with the germination of wheat; the grain which is put into the ground is dead. When the seed rises its Osiris back resurrected life], is mixed with some specially prepared paste.
    The Catholics eat a wafer in circular form symbolic of the Son/Sun
    (see Osiris & the Egyptian resurrection Volume 2 p.21
    The 16 or 14 parts of Osiris body that was cut up was reassembled by his wife Isis. Everything was recovered except the penis because it was eaten by a Nile fish. Isis made a substitute penis from an Obelisk which was symbolic of an erect/resurrected penis in the same manner that wheat was. Also circumcision, the cutting of a small portion of the top of the penis skin was a religious ritual and ceremony to virility, generation and or germination. This is the origin of the Jewish circumcision which had nothing originally dealing with a covenant of laws which came from the 42 negative confession or admotions of Amen/Maat. This was watered down to Ten commandments.
    Which the Roman generals and Emperors seized control of the Old testament they directed that a New testament be written to honor them as God’s by another name=Jesus. They turned out the Jewish law and in mockery had the penis of Jesus (Lazrus eaten). They also made a mockery of the Sicarius/zealot movement (rebels using knifes fighting Rome) into a self-mutilation and castration gang. Instead of having their knife point towards their enemy Rome they had them turn it on themselves. This sounds similar to what the FBI did with black gangs allowing them to terrorize the law abiding black communities throughout the USA.