Black Hebrew Israelites : Eternity

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    May 21, 2013
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    If i may take a quote from RAKIM:" It's been a long time". Peace, it has been some time since was last here. i just recently saw an article on hell. It seems that there was an expedition going on in Siberia some time ago. While digging, these scientists came upon a sound that they was the sound of millions of people screaming in torment. Now whether this was an actual event, whether it was a hoax, or not, is not the relevant issue. Different people wrote their opinion. Some agreed that it was real, some said it was fake. But one individual said something i totally agree with. They said they didn't need an audio recording to believe in hell. My point is this. Someday, the undeniable, irrefutable, undisputable truth (because there is a difference between fact and truth) is.... Eternity will be spent....somewhere. Maybe you don't believe in hell or heaven. Maybe you don't believe a conscience existance after death. You may not believe in the risen saviour, or the need for one. But what happens when you find out you do need one, that hell is real, THAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY THERE AND ALL THAT YOU WERE WARNED ABOUT IS REAL? You see, if i don't ever wake up, or there is no hell, or that hell is merely to purge me of sin and then i go free.....OKAY!!!! But what happens when you find out i'm right (AND I AM!!!!)......PEACE