Black Poetry : Et Cetera


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
I made love to an expressionless spirit
embodying a cast of insincerity
because he knew not
how to return that same kind
of love

His heart was devoid -- and with
his disrooted arms
he could not hold me
near enough to him so
that I could listen to his
paradoxical sweat dreams
that paraded out from
the pores of
his black satin skin

He'd often keep fear inside
the seam of his upper right pocket
slightly above the
impulsive beat of his cold
body's congestive heart

Everything he spoke of
was rhetorical -- emulated
and without thought

At one time I cared
so much for him that
it weakened me
draining my now
irrepairable soul
of it's liquid love

He played me so much
that I became
his misc-eye-llaneous
music maker ...
an 'extra' instrumentalist
without a part in
his life's symphony
... he did not need the
accompaniment of divinity

It didn't take long
before I became
~ Unspecified and 2nd rate
~ his 'so forth', and his 'so on' ...
~ an abbreviation of love
that never received a deeper

So ...
I finally realized that I couldn't
offer him what he was not
truly searching for
... and I could no longer
fill the void of his own
absent emotions

No longer would I be his ...
Et Cetera ... Etc.

some people

don't realize what they have until it's gone

um another great piece of art work

i love you word play

i trying to use my imagination
but i don't have one

no no just kidding

my writing come from my soul
i'm a fighter
so that's what comes across on paper
but actually i'm a very nice guy

but i will handle my business by any means necessary
so some people term me "trouble maker"
why? cause i don't allow them to walk all over me
and i don't sit still and let it happen

ya know


PS thanks for the session send my the bill


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