Black People : Establishing martial law: Executive Order 12919

speaking as an Honorably Discharged voluntary enlistee, i have to point out a couple things:

soldiers follow orders. period. while it is true that these folks are citizens and humans that would ordinarily feel a great deal of reluctance, they have to, and do/will follow orders. why? because the military carries out policy as directed by civilian leadership. the military does not set policy (as in "setting policy" by deciding which orders they will carry out). this is a good thing, actually: if it were otherwise, consider the potential for military coups with them folks having all that gear. further, there would be severe fractures within the ranks with some deciding that certain orders are invalid and others responding to other orders. (on the other hand, there will be those that will respond as suggested; consider the desertions and suicides over the course of this mess in the middle east.)

and two: a well trained force will always be able to handle an unruly mob that out numbers them. additionally, there is all the aforementioned "gear".

also, they have been training in "urban pacification" techniques. so, yeah; they are getting better at conducting operations within a city.

With all due respect to you as military personell this is easier said than done. Have you ever faced the situation described? Have you ever been deployed to a major US city to police your own people? As far as I know this has never been done and how would you really feel if you had to do it? Its different when your over there in Iraq invading someones house and carting the men off to the brig. But what if you were in your city and you had to go to your uncle's house and not only occupy it but carry him and his son off to jail,and you dont even know why but ur just following orders...I see the case of what happend in Afghanistan with the young man bombing his comrades in that tent happening on a much larger scale if martial law and military statehood is enacted.
Crowd control= They can now fry us!!

I had watched all six of Dr. Ray Hagins videos and I thank you for mentioning him. Dr. Ray Hagins had mention a device "weapon" they are using in Iraq to microwave their enemies. It is called VMADS or ADS, READ THIS:

The US marines and police are both working on portable versions, and the US air force is building a system for controlling riots from the air.
Quote coming from the same link above. Ok so now what people? Are there any scientist in the building?
Are we on one accord? I think the majority of us know that there is a system of racism in the world. But we act as if there is nothing we can do about it when there is so much that can be done if we come together as a collective.
Thought, Speech, and/or Action.

There is much that can be done to eliminate the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy). When a person is thinking about how the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) works and/or thinking of ways to work against it and/or produce a SYSTEM of justice that person is doing something. Thinking is doing. When a person is speaking against the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) and/or speaking to produce a SYSTEM of justice that person is doing something. Speaking is doing. When a person is acting against the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) and/or acting to produce a SYSTEM of justice that person is doing something. Acting is doing.

Both speaking and acting is the result of thought. This is the reason I posted to start thinking along those lines. When a person begins to think a certain way that person will begin to think in the way that they speak because not only do you use words to speak with you use words to think with. Also, when a person begins to think a certain way that person begins to act a certain way because your actions are the result of your thoughts.

So it all begins with thought.

First of all, There should be no leaders. Every time one is identified he is assasinated and the whole cause is lost. We all need to learn and teach others who are still asleep, how to think for themselves and to be critical of every thing they hear or see. What did it take for you to realize you were asleep? Do you think its fair to allow the ones you love, black ppl whom you claim to love, stay asleep? I am just learning about this stuff and if I was a veteran in the knowledge some type of progress would be made to atleast wake up the masses of our own. Not saying that some may not be doing this, just stating how I feel. I just dont see any progress. People talk all the time but I dont see any revolutionary ish going down. I just realized that there is a possiblity for the executive order to be enforced and it can be without any substantial reason. Hello did you forget that Bush is still the President? Did he not say that he would find Bin Laden before he leaves office, even though we know whats up. Could it be a clue or another plot to this time lock us down, because of another so called terrorist attack on Amerikkka soil? My main concern is what can be done about it? And no I will not consider myself as a slave because it is belittling. View yourselves as more, you think as a slave and you will act as one. What if there were no n###as but only Master Teachers, I stay woke!!!

People on slave ships were kings and queens. So what else is new? Viewing yourself as something that does not functionally work against the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) doesn't mean anything when you are subject to the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy). Everyone who is subject to the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) can view themselves as "Master Teachers". So what else is new? Viewing yourself as a "Master Teacher" doesn't help you to eliminate the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) any more than viewing yourself as a king or queen is gonna keep you from being captured and dragged onto a slave ship. You have to know what you're doing when you're doing it if you plan to replace the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice.


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