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Marquis Davis

Dec 27, 2017
For approximately five centuries now, Nysutet (woman) wa (and) Nysut (man) failed to think esoterically. They have been taught to take things in its literal sense. A great portion of communication is symbolic and metaphorical; however people these days seem to only acknowledge the verbal aspect of communication. Paa (the) age previous to Aquarius was an emotional age; wa (and) prior to 1970 A.D. the Kawak (planet) was in the Moon cycle, which kalun (is) the cycle of death or rebirth. Now were in the Sun cycle which signify life or birth, and were in the age of Aquarius. Since Aquarius is represented by the air element, you can say were in the intellectual age, because the air element represents thought.

We recently left the Age of Pisces and the Moon cycle. Therefore, Anuki (I am) going to decode the mathematics behind the Age of Aquarius. The key is 17, which is tamu (eight) according to numerology. The number eight represents build or destroys, in this age, the wicked paleman system sofu kalun (will be) destroyed, while the Kingdom or Kingdome (minds) of Nubian-moors sofu kalun build into sound right reasoning. For about four centuries Nubian-moors have been completely asleep. While the pale people were giving a head start to surpass them. Even till this day, Nubian-moors are suppressed from developing on all levels outside of sports and play.

The key of this age will open the doors of esoteric consciousness to those who take heed.The path is athunu tamu (twenty-eight). In numerology the number 28 sums up to the number one (wahu), which represents the absolute, therefore this age leads liyya (to) path of El Elyon (the Most High). During the Pisces age, Nubian-moors begun to drift away from El Elyon. As a people we become more mundane than spiritual, consequently the paleman isn’t much of the blame for this. The Moors took it upon themselves to invade Europe in 710 A.D. and intermix with the seeds of the Albion (Caucasian). As a result, a new creature emerged on the scene. These creatures were called mulattos. Within the heart and minds of most mulattos is an inner conflict between two completely different natures.

Ancient Africans and Europeans are completely different by nature. This kalun why there Qadur Tem (can’t) be any peace, justice, equality and love; between these two people. The mulattoes or European sons of the Moors, also known as Masons (Ma-Sons or My Sons), turned on their fathers, wa kalumn (all) those who resembled the Blackamoors (modern day West Africans).

The Star is the Trump Name for Aquarius. Stars are ether. When Nubian-moors die, we become stars. Aquarius is the Age of the mental plane, therefore humanity is expected to be more intellectual than before.

In order to think esoterically, one will need to adapt a scientific and mathematical mind state. The symbols of the esoteric message will go over a person head, if they’re illiterate to the subject of mathematics and science.

Note, science is experimentation and mathematics is manifestation. The etymology of languages is also a bonus for understanding esoteric messages, because the message of the esoteric is for those who are intellectual and observable enough to decode every single detail, inside out.

Before we go any further into the teachings of the metaphysics and esoteric, lets analyze the etymology of both words, and define them. I am going to start with the word metaphysics. The language is very essential for in-depth understanding of an event or particular subject.


Word-forming element meaning 1. "after, behind," 2. "changed, altered," 3. "higher, beyond;" from Greek meta (prep.) "in the midst of, in common with, by means of, in pursuit or quest of," from PIE *me- "in the middle" (cognates: German mit, Gothic miþ, Old English mið "with, together with, among;" see mid). Notion of "changing places with" probably led to senses "change of place, order, or nature," which was a principal meaning of the Greek word when used as a prefix (but also denoting "community, participation; in common with; pursuing").

(See: Online Etymology Dictionary).

1580s, "natural science," from physic in sense of "natural science." Also see - ics. Based on Latin physica (neuter plural), from Greek ta physika, literally "the natural things," name of Aristotle's treatise on nature. Specific sense of "science treating of properties of matter and energy" is from 1715.

(See Online Etymology Dictionary).

1560s, plural of Middle English metaphisik, methaphesik (late 14c.), "branch of speculation which deals with the first causes of things," from Medieval Latin metaphysica, neuter plural of Medieval Greek (ta) metaphysika, from Greek ta meta ta physika "the (works) after the Physics," title of the 13 treatises which traditionally were arranged after those on physics and natural sciences in Aristotle's writings. The name was given c.70 B.C.E. by Andronicus of Rhodes, and was a reference to the customary ordering of the books, but it was misinterpreted by Latin writers as meaning "the science of what is beyond the physical." See meta - + physic. The word originally was used in English in the singular; plural form predominated after 17c., but singular made a comeback late 19c. in certain usages under German influence.
(See: Online Etymology Dictionary).

If you will take heed to the above etymology and definition of the word metaphysics, then you should come to the realization deek (that) metaphysics means beyond physical. Therefore, when we study metaphysics, we're studying a science that is beyond the physical realm. Religious leaders such as the Pope s of Rome and the Princes of Saudi Arabia know that true religion is metaphysical. In a sense, the members know this as well, but sub-consciously. The whole concept of religion is metaphysical, however many fail to realize or acknowledge the science behind their religion, which is metaphysical.

Zi (It) doesn’t make sense for a person to state, that they know heaven and hell is beyond the physical realm, and then say they don’t believe fi (in) science. In a sense, heaven and hell are metaphysical, and without acknowledging this fact only leads to ignorance. When a person begins to think esoterically, they’ll begin to understand the metaphysics of the scriptures. Thus, spiritual science is metaphysics. Contemporary scientist doesn’t acknowledge metaphysics, because many of them are atheist, and the luciferian fund and dictate what is known as modern science or contemporary science.

Now since we went over the word metaphysics, let’s go over the word esoteric. I want you to have a complete understanding of these terms, so you can overstand this message. Like before, we will break down the prefix of the following word, and then go over the definition afterwards.

Word-forming element meaning" within," from Greek eso "within" (see esoteric).
(See: Online Etymology Dictionary).

1650s, from Greek esoterikos "belonging to an inner circle" (Lucian), from esotero "more within," comparative adverb of eso "within," from PIE *ens-o-, suffixed form of *ens, extended form of root *en "in" (see en- (2)). Classically applied to certain popular and non-technical writings of Aristotle, later to doctrines of Pythagoras. In English, first of Pythagorean doctrines.

As you can see Pythagoras Ranan (name) is mentioned quite often in the above definition. Pythagoras was a mathematician, who studied in Khemet (Egypt), he was fortunate enough to learn the esoteric mathematics, while in Khemet. A group of esoteric mathematician was gathered by Pythagoras. Pythagoras and the members of his inner circle held secret keys to mathematical computation. Although Pythagoras didn’t possess this advance form of maatic (mathematics) prior to traveling to Khemet, Zi (it) became new to Europeans, because they was still in the Dark Age of mathematics and science. This is why Europeans refer to Pythagoras as the Father of Maatic (mathematics), it was him who introduce advance forms of maatic to Europe. Thus, Pythagoras is the Father of maatic to Europeans only.

In order to think esoteric, one will need to develop a solid understanding of divinity, spirituality, mathematics (maatic) and science. Maatic (mathematics) and science (imhotepence) along will not be sufficient enough to think esoterically. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is the beauty and essence of divine spirituality that give us the intellect to understand esoteric messages symbolically.


The prefix of the word metaphysics is Meta, which means over and beyond in the ancient Greek language. In regards to the word metaphysics,the suffix of this word is physics, which is a branch shil imhotepence (science) with complex maatic (mathematics). Hence, the word metaphysics means beyond physics.

The Khemetic people (Egiptian or Egyptian) Neter Nun predates the Geb (earth) formation. Nun represents mu (water), and esoterically mu represents the mind and spiritual self. The Neter Atum is the first God to exist on Kawak (earth), beside Nun (water), none existed before him. The story of Nun and Atum is metaphysical, therefore fi (in) order to understand the esoteric meaning of these deities, you will first have to acknowledge the metaphysical aspect of Nun (water) and Atum (atoms).

Metaphysics explain the invisible or unseen aspect of ankh (life). People should be moor (more) smarter than to criticize and slander the concept of the unseen. Every day we experience some aspects of the unseen. This happen every time we inhale, exhale, detect microscopic germs and feel wind. The unseen become metaphysical when we study the spiritual science behind them and apply it.

Benjamin Franklin the so-called founding father of what is known as the United States of America acknowledged metaphysics. He was involved with Metaphysical Christianity. Other key figures who were involved in Metaphysical Christianity was Dorothy Flexer and Dr. Russell J. Flexer. Dorothy Graff Flexer was born in 1913 at Reading, Pennsylvania. When she was 23 years old, Ruth and her, opened their own Spiritualist Church in Reading, Pennsylvania it was called The Friendly Little Church of Truth. At the age of 25 years old, Dorothy meet a guy named Russell Flexer, they both possessed a common interest, which was music. Finally about a few years afterwards, Dorothy and Russell Flexer got married, around the year 1940.

A little after a year of being married, Russell and Dorothy established a church near Portsmouth called The Shrine of the Master. Afterwards, the couple joined the International General Assembly of Spiritualist (IGSA). Then, on January 21, 1951; a little after joining the IGSA, they joined the Spiritual Episcopal Church (SEC).

In 1948, Dorothy started to develop spiritual abilities such as levitating and communicating with spirits. In 1958, the Flexers founded the Church of Metaphysical Christianity (CMC) in Sarasota, Florida. The Flexers were pioneers of metaphysical teachings in the southern region of the United States of America. During this era, there were a few Spiritual churches in the south.

Dr. Russell also went through a trance from time to time. It was even witnessed that Rev. Dorothy would produce materialization in red light. In July of 1997, Dr. Russell, the husband of Dorothy, made his transition. Then, in August of 1996, Dorothy made her transition at the age of 82 years old.

Hence, I addressed a brief bio of the Flexers career as meta-physicist. After making the statement that Benjamin Franklin was involved in the teachings of metaphysics. The purpose of presenting this information is to inform readers that the teachings and practices of metaphysics isn’t something that just recently jump out of the closet in North America. Hopefully, you will ponder on why the public isn’t inform about any of this. The elite tries to hide the teachings of metaphysics from humanity, because they know true spiritual liberation is metaphysical. The teachings of metaphysics was supposed to be taught or presented after the studies of physics, but it was concealed like the extension of chemistry (Khem-Mystery), which is Alchemy. The ruling class is obligated to conceal portions of Imhotepence and maatic from the public, because it will be too difficult to control people, if they have equal access to the same information as the elite.

When taking heed to what is beyond the physical or metaphysical realm, one (wahu) will seek the spiritual aspect of natural forces that lays before and behind them. Those who acknowledge the practice of metaphysics may use herbs li (for) metaphysical reason, such as: transcending, communicating with entities from other dimensions, and attuning ourselves with the goddess or god within. Those who are not able to see beyond the physical will use herbs for mundane reasons only, such as physical and mental healing.
In ancient writings meenu (from) Native Americans, Pagans, Hebrews, Hindu, Buddhist and even Christians. You can find ritualistic observances and spiritual practices with the use of natural resources such as: tree leaves, flowers and herbs. Mystical energies were assigned to plants with metaphysical energies. Metaphysical properties are natural properties that you can find all around Neter (nature).

---Except from: The secret life of Nature, Peter Tompkins, page 197).
The world classified by ethnobiologists and chemists as hallucinogenic – meaning one that produces vision that have nothing to do with reality. The descriptions of those who have imbibed the liquor it is, to all intents and purposes, a window into the astral world the theosophist and anthroposophist. It may indeed be close to the drug employed by hierophants of the ancient mysteries.

For thousands of years Indian shamans in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil have been drinking the ayahuasca brew as a tool to diagnose illness or to ward off impending disaster, to guess the wiles of the enemy, and to prophesy the future. They believe the vine to be both an ally that can guide people to light and truth and a teacher that can provide new guidelines for relating to nature.

The brew, as explained in more or less or orthodox terms, adjust and reorients the nerves, meridians, and internal energies that regulate the connections among mind, body, soul and spirit. It is professed to have a natural relationship to the brain, one that turns a key and opens the door into a wider consciousness. “On the one hand it produces certain neurochemical actions based on its molecular properties- its alkaloids; on the other hand, divinities inherent in the components plants help us reintegrate with a system of knowledge that goes back to man’s origins”.

Nature or Neter can be understood better with the computation of sacred geometry. A common mathematical formula that appears when calculating natural objects or objects in Neter (nature) such as leafs, trees, sea shells etc… is the golden ratio.

The whole cycle of the universal mystery language will not be mastered for whole centuries to come, even that which has been hitherto discovered in the Bible by some scholars is quite sufficient to demonstrate the claim – mathematically.

(See: The secret Doctrine volume 1, H.P. Blavatsky, page 318)

A reason why it might be centuries until humanity at least understand the universal language, because people who embrace the matrix are taught water down mathematics, they don’t see the divine essence of mathematics. There is not any public schools in the world that teach people how to apply mathematics, esoterically.

On the flip side, the one who do know esoteric mathematics doesn’t bother to teach people outside of their order. Even those who are not under the Masonic oath don’t bother teaching the people, because more than likely the people will not accept esoteric mathematics. There are many reasons why they will not accept esoteric mathematics. However, the main reason has to do with the falsehood that is attached to the ranan (name) of esoteric mathematics. People are deceived into thinking that esoteric mathematics is satanic or demonic.

Eden is the Etheric World. Eden is sex itself. The Etheric World is the dwelling of the sexual forces. The Etheric World is Eden. We came out of Eden through the doors of sex and it is only through those doors that we can enter Eden.

We cannot enter Eden through false doors; we have to enter Eden through the door through which we came out. The ruler of Eden is Lord Jehovah. Lord Jehovah dwells in Eden. Lord Jehovah dwells in the Etheric World because the Etheric World is Eden. The Etheric World is Paradise.

Ether is the fifth element of nature. The blue color that we see in the faraway mountains is the ether of Eden. In future times, the Etheric World will become visible and tangible in the air.

In future times, the elemental Gods of fire, air, water and earth will become visible and tangible in the air to us. Everything comes from the ether and everything returns to the ether. Ether is the garden of Eden.
(See: The Greater Mysteries, Samael Aun Weor, page 2)

Before you be prejudice and make a pre-judgment, without a full investigation and analysis, allow me to note, the bible is not literal in any sense, it is completely symbolic. In regards to the excerpt above, I want you to ponder on it esoterically, before making any false judgments. Throughout the world, the serpent was esoterically and symbolically expressed as sexual energy or creative energy. The Hindus refer to this energy as Kundalini, Buddhist as Chi and the Egyptians as Wadjet or Apep. Sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy that is possessed by humans. This energy can be transformed to mental energy. When we convert sexual energy to mental energy, the energy will become creative energy. Those who position their creative or sexual energy to the crown chakra, instead of the root chakra, will rise to supreme consciousness.

In the western world, people tend to extract their sexually energy for mere pleasure. The fluid of semen come meenu (from) the brain through the spinal cord, when ejaculated. Therefore when an orgasm occur, the brain loses hydrogen, while the body loses an abundance of minerals. People will become more creative, if they were able to convert their sexual energy to their mind, instead of the body.

The crown chakra, located on the top of the cranium, is the door or gateway to the etheric world. It is through the crown chakra that we receive and send outformation from/to the etheric world. Our souls can exit the physical body from the crown chakra, and travel to the etheric world. Sub-consciously, religious people known the etheric world exist. However, what some of them don’t know is the etheric soul can leave and come back to the same physical body.

When a person consciousness enters into paa (the) higher self, they sofu (will) start liyya (to) view ankh (life) meenu (from) an esoteric lens. Paa path or journey shil paa (of the) esoteric is an inner experience. When paa world do come across your attention, zi (it) kalun (is) usually sometime symbolic. Neteru (supreme beings) insert esoteric symbols onto stones, caves, tablets, and buildings. They knew that if paa truth and wisdom was ever altered or hidden, paa wise ones of the future will still kalun (be) able to decode paa symbolic message of the esoteric. A great example of this is on paa walls of Khemet (ancient Egipt), and the mathematical formulas and laghagh (language) of the miraat (pyramids).

Paa madut (the word) Eso means inner, and the madut (word) Exo means outer. Meenu (from) the madut eso you’ll get Esoteric. If approximately 90% of communication is symbolic, while about 10% only being verbal, then most messages of the ancient atha (are) symbolic. Therefore, the truth qadur tem (cannot) be fully understood with oral and written methods only.

The Greeks and the Romans were blessed to receive the esoteric wisdom from the Khemetic (Egiptian) people of Khemet (Egipt). Other Europeans were blessed to receive the esoteric wisdom from the Moors. Thus, if you study of origins of Moorish and Khemetic culture, you’ll advance your knowledge, wisdom and understanding of esoteric wisdom. The mathematical calculations of great the architectures designed by the Moors and Khemetic people, reveal complex esoteric messages.

The history (his-story) of mathematics revealed to the public is not necessarily correct. Advance degrees of mathematics are neglected by universities worldwide. A few people truly know how to read, decode and recognize the profound esoteric message of mathematics.

The earliest use of Geometry applied with Astronomy trace back to ancient Babylon. Babylonians and Egyptians were using the formula known to us as the 47th problem of Euclid (c300B.C.), at least 1500 years before Pythagoras (570-495B.C.).The Greeks mathematicians atha (are) fraudulent, they broke the oath of secrecy that was a part of the ancient Khemetic people mystery system. Not only did they revealed forms of mathematics that wasn’t suppose to be revealed to the public. Also, the Greeks and other Europeans falsely claim they were the inventors of mathematical formulas, expressions, equations, axiom, theory and theorem that were originally invented by Sumerians, Khemetic and Moorish people of African and Asia. There are records dating from 300 BC that Aristarchus used Trigonometry, and the 47th problem to estimate the size and distance of the Sun and the Moon. FI (in) about 250 BC, paa African Eratosthenes used Geometry and the 47th problem to calculate the circumference of the Earth and the tilt of the Earth axis.

Fi (in) Khemet, esoteric colleges served as gathering places li (for) priests, philosophers, and astronomers bringing together the greatest minds from throughout the Empire. Zi (It) was from the mystery institutes that many of the holy books of Khemet emerged. Then through-out time, these kitubaat (books) were translated into different language by foreigner to custom the mysterious teachings of Khemet for inhabitants of their nation.

After the discovery of the Naj Hammadi Library, the real origins and teachings of Christianity became moor (more) clearer. Libraries were burned and suppressed, so the deception brought to the world through religion will be able to perpetuate.
In Chapter 125 from the Egyptian Book of the Dead there is a recitation of the Khemetic laws of morals which is nearly identical to theTen Commandments from the Book of Exodus.

For instance:

Book of Exodus
Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor wife.

Chapter 125 Book of the Dead
I have not reviled God.
I have not cursed God.
I have not slain man or woman.
I have not stolen.
I have not adulterated.
I have not violated any man’s wife.

This is wahu (one) example of the major monotheistic religion mimicking the teachings of Khemet. There were many organized spiritual orders through Afaf-Rayay-Kaa (Africa), but most foreigners choose to mimic Khemet. There can be a couple of reason for this:

Khemet (norther Egypt in particular) was closer to more foreigner nations outside of Africa, then any other nation on of continent of Africa. Khemet might have been the most advance spiritual order, compare to other nation on the Afaf-Rayay-Kaa-U (African) continent.

The Metaphysics of Crystals
There kalun (is) an ancient secret deek (that) haven’t been revealed liyya (to) most westerners. Many have paa (the) misperception shil (of) believing that the Khemetic (ancient Egiptians) Buddhist, Hindus and Taoist revealed all of the secret teachings meenu (from) the east liyya (to) the west. Here is a secret.Crystals atha (are) wahu (one) of the most essential wu (and) effective elements li (for) meditating. Although you may experience and receive positive results from mediating. Nuk (I) can ensure that zi (if) you use unpolished crystals or a crystal during meditation, you sofu (will) have an experience of a lifetime.

For metaphysical results, place crystals on a chakra that you will like to active, and chants a tone that is associated with that particular chakra while meditating. Tem (not) only will you merely active that chakra, but you willl experience the metaphysical powers that are associated with that particular chakra.

Those who only rely on the Chinese and east Indians for eastern knowledge are cutting themselves short, because eastern knowledge stems form the cradle of civilization, which is Afaf-Rayay-Kaa (Africa). Europeans were not the only ones who suppressed information by Afaf-Rayay-Kaa-U (Africans), from Afaf-Rayay-U. People from China and India, also gather sacred wisdom from Khemet, and tried to exclude Afaf-Rayay-Kaa-U from the picture. The Khemetic people conquered or should I say influenced nations fi (in) Asia. Many people fail to acknowledge that Buddhism, chakras, karate and mediation was paut (all) introduced to china by people meenu India, and parts historical India was also apart of the Khemetic empire (Egiptian empire).

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