Black Entertainment : Esosa E., Tim Reid Board Nosa Igbinedion's Rio de Janeiro-Set 'Rise of the Orisha'

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    A year ago, British filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion's completed short film "Oya: Rise of the Orishas" was featured on this blog. Long-time readers will recall that it's a project we had been following for about 2 years prior, since the filmmaker took to crowdfunding to raise money to complete it.


    A welcomed project that digs into the pantheon of Orishas as inspiration for a superhero-style picture, the short film resurrects mythical deities from African folklore into modern-day superheroes. I've previously said that any one, or any few of the Orishas would make for great fodder for a feature film - whether a literal translation, or (getting creative) as superheroes, especially as Hollywood seems to be superhero movie happy right now. The time is right for a filmmaker to take something like this on! And here is one filmmaker doing just that (there, of course, might be others I don't know about). And the pantheon of Orishas is deep! Eshu, Obatala, Ogun, Oshun, Shango, and countless others - each with their own individual powers and responsibilities - a perfect set up for any filmmaker to get creative with. A nice chunk of the work is already done! You'll find Orisha lineages throughout the African Diaspora.

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    Esosa E., Tim Reid Board Nosa Igbinedion’s Rio de Janeiro-Set ‘Rise of the Orisha’

    Esosa E., Tim Reid Board Nosa Igbinedion’s Rio de Janeiro-Set ‘Rise of the Orisha’