Black Authors : Esodus: Internal Reflections & Conversations with the SUN

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    Hello! My name is Asar Imhotep and I recently released my first book, “Esodus: Internal Reflections and Conversations with the Sun.” It is the first personal anthology to combine Africana history and contemporary and ancient philosophy with poetry. A press release is below. You can find more information on the book and me at www.***************. Please share info on the book with friends and family!


    Asar Imhotep

    MOCHA-Versity Press

    CONTACT: Asar Imhotep

    Ph: 832-884-6352

    Email: [email protected]

    February 26, 2008

    New African-centered book makes readers think big, think critically

    Esodus: Internal Reflections & Conversations with the SUN


    Those who complain that philosophy has become too dry, devoid of substance, or lacks practical applicability, will be pleased to read a new book, Esodus: Internal Reflections & Conversations with the Sun, by Asar Imhotep.

    Imhotep’s personal anthology is the first book to combine Africana history, contemporary and ancient philosophy with poetry. This African-centered work is thought-provoking and exciting as Imhotep not only shares his insight on a host of important issues, but offers solutions as well.

    “Esodus is sure to inspire you to think big, think often, think critically, and expand the boundaries of your imagination,” Imhotep said.

    Imhotep, 28, is a poet, music producer, and lecturer on Africana history, culture and philosophy. He is also the owner of MOCHA Design Studios, a web and graphic design company, and founder of The Houston Ministry of Culture, an organization that promotes Houston-based African-American arts and culture through events and an internet magazine.

    Esodus includes 25 essays that cover a wide range of provocative topics. Some of the works include “Satan Isn’t Such a Bad Guy,” which delves into the misconception of the Satan character in the Bible, and “Never Let Your Enemy Become Your Deity,” a critique of the tendency toward attributing God-like powers to one’s opposition. Those interested in metaphysics are rewarded with essays such as “Spirit and Spirituality: Another Way of Saying Energy and How It Works,” and “The Human Being: Universal Converter of Ideas.” Readers wanting to learn more about African history and culture will discover essays on various topics, including African secret societies and the key components for a rite of passage ceremony.

    For those who love classic word wizardry, there are 19 poems. The themes range widely from the bliss of love in “Where Only Love Goes,” to the power of self-affirmation in “Pitch Black.” Esodus also includes poems that uniquely and powerfully address problems facing people of African descent, including “Black People Are Scared of Heights,” which Imhotep is frequently requested to perform during his shows.

    Imhotep said his son Elijah inspired him to write Esodus.

    “We often go throughout our lives not really understanding the philosophy of our parents or what motivates them to do what they do,” he said. “So this work was created to be a reference point for my son and future children so they can better understand who they are and where they came from.”

    Imhotep hopes reading his book will encourage others to share their insights and beliefs with the world.

    “For the most part, when we discuss history and philosophy, we only have the elite's world-view with no regard to the common man. This work seeks to help readers understand for themselves that they are more than common, that they are valuable, unique rising SUNS whose purpose is to let their light shine and share their knowledge with others.”

    Esodus: Internal Reflections & Conversations with the Sun can be purchased through www.***************. To contact Asar Imhotep regarding interviews, speaking engagements and book signings, send an email to [email protected]*************** or call 832-884-6352.