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    Modesto Cepeda
    Director of the School of Bomba and Plena
    of Puerto Rico

    Modesto Cepeda was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1938. His father, Don Raphael Cepeda, was a composer and musician of Bomba and Plena and the director of El Grupo Folklorico La Familia Cepeda. This heritage provided Modesto with an early exposure to the music and dance of Bomba and Plena. For five generations the Cepeda family has devoted themselves to the education and promotion of this musical genre through performances on television, and at festivals, hotels and universities across Puerto Rico.

    In 1977, Modesto founded the School of Bomba and Plena for children and youngsters of low income that are deprived of cultural education. Prior to assuming the role of Director of the School of Bomba and Plena, Modesto Cepeda participated in several renowned groups including Trapiche, where he played several typical Bomba instruments such as the barriles and El Grupo Canario, funded by The Puerto Rican Institute of Culture. He participated in the play "Vejigantes" by Don Francisco Arrivi. Modesto has also produced several Bomba recordings, Encuentro de Bomba Y Plena (1992), Raices de Bomba Y Plena (1995), Legado de Bomba Y Plena (1997), and Antologia (2000).

    Modesto’s ultimate goal is to expose the world to Bomba and Plena. He believes that Bomba represents Puerto Rican culture with dignified authenticity.