Black People : Escaping (Unspiritual) Death Row and Escaping the Evil Electrocution

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Feb 9, 2007
The Shifting of Divine Truth/Reality is All over this world. Get Into the Mix, or Get Left behind.

At the below link we will see the Carnivore (flesh eaters) Evil Cells within us that causes us to be ate up alive and eating each other. When we can not identify the poisons in us, we will never be able to be treated properly, just the vicious cycle of mistreatment. How can we escape something when we do not know what it is that is holding us back from our Divine Freedom?

How can we discuss Unity & not Disunity-The Scars of Shame, deadly poison within us?

cell -narrow confining room, as in a prison or convent.

Going beyond the research (infinitely). There are many types of cells.

The Beloved Brain is small/confining with many cells.

We are what we eat and what we THINK, and it will be revealed in the quality of our mind-thoughts, conduct and behavior.

What Is eating us Alive and causing us to eat each other? Find out what it is at below link, and that is not all, how we when not operating in our divine right mind-set, we are Prostitutes and Pimps for that which is called evil. The wrong mind-set is Pimpers and Prostitutes Paradise, the Whoremonger hellish mind-set, the worse Drug Dealers, dealing and operating in evil.
How can we discuss Unity & not Disunity-The Scars of Shame, deadly poison within us?

Some say: I got a good mine to give you a piece of my mind.

I ask with that attitude, why would one desire to give up their last piece (mind)? They need to guard that last piece of their mind like a bull dog.

Some say: Well, you go to hell.

Why on earth would someone invite another to where they already are (mind-set)?

Once we get rid of the Cells (Above) link, that blocks us from being free within, so that we can free others by Being The Change the world Needs to See, we will have an Inner Reform, and to not do so, makes us a Selfish, foolish, ungrateful people who is clueless about respect, loving, when we do not respecting Our Divine Soul-mind-Thoughts, We The People the whole world sees as Dross people, who do not know how to clean their nasty foul stack of stench/excrement conscious/subconscious house/Temple, Soul-mind. That is a Nasty Soul-Mind hose/Temple.

re·form -
the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory.

We as a people can live the life we are meant to live Divine (abundantly) when we U-turn the key (wrong) mindset to the Divine mind-set, the escape Plans already in the Weapon of our conscious/subconscious Soul-Mind.

(Rastaman vibration, yeah! Positive!)
That's what we got to give!
(I'n'I vibration yeah! Positive)
Got to have a good vibe!
(Iyaman Iration, yeah! Irie ites!)
(Positive vibration, yeah! Positive!)

If you get down and you quarrel everyday,
You're saying prayers to the devils, I say. Wo-oh-ooh!
Why not help one another on the way?
Make it much easier. (Just a little bit easier)

Say you just can't live that negative way,
If you know what I mean;
Make way for the positive day,
'Cause it's news (new day) - news and days -
New time (new time), and if it's a new feelin' (new feelin'), yeah! -
Said it's a new sign (new sign):
Oh, what a new day!

Pickin' up?
Are you pickin' up now?
Jah love - Jah love (protect us);
Jah love - Jah love (protect us);
Jah love - Jah love (protect us).

Rastaman vibration, yeah! (Positive!)
I'n'I vibration, yeah! (Positive!) Uh-huh-huh, a yeah!
Iyaman Iration, yeah! (Irie ites!) Wo-oo-oh!
*Positive vibration, yeah! (Positive!)

Pickin' up?
Are you pickin' up now?
Pickin' up?
Are you pickin' up now?
Pickin' up? (Jah love, Jah love -)
Are you pickin' (protect us!) up now?
Pickin' up? (Jah love, Jah love -)
Are you pickin' (protect us!) up now?
Pickin' up? (Jah love, Jah love -)
Are you pickin' (protect us!) up now?
Pickin' up?
Are you pickin' up now?

The very next time we tell others we love them, and we are not striving towards our Divine right mind-set, we lie, because when we are not in constant/consistent pursuit striving towards the cutting edges of all that is Divinely right, which helps to free others around us, we speak with Loose Lips that Sinks Ships, Crash Planes, and Wreck Trains (Home-Mind wreckers). The tow trucks sees this mind-set as a Total LOSS. How are we going to say we love Divinely when we say we want to look and be like somebody else, always seeking vain glory validation from others as to who we are? we are saying the Divine god made a mistake when we desire to have the same appearance of others. it is the human being only god that lies and deceives us to think that way. That is the Human being only EGO Narcissistic love (worldly). Whenever we are in a leadership position and it is not Divine, it is the human being mind set that is leading. That is one reason Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson...and the likes of haven't been instrumental in being the leaders the people need. They too are out of their Divine Spirirual mind-set, and they are no threat to the system because they identify with the Human being mind-set.

When will we stop yapping/speaking/singing like a Caged bird, and learn how to sing/speak like a Bird out of a Cage?

To not free our minds, we are no different from the people who are repeated offenders who constantly go in and out of prison, and some even commit crimes while on parole to go back in prisons. We who do not strive towards that which is Divinely right, have a fetish for a perverted mind-set.

May the Sting Rays of Truth/Reality set us all free.

From the frontier of the future, on the outskirts of the City of Eternity (other side of the (WOTF) Works of the Flesh only) mind-set. There we have it. Another Show down for Justice (within). We are to be our first Judge of our Soul-Mind Thoughts, and Executioners of those evil mind-thoughts. Its is suicidal to not do so.

Imitation truth (false realities/illusions) lowest level of existence, and Divine Truth (Cosmic Universal/Nature) Divine Ultimate Living.

Divine Truth need no defending, it (Divine Truth) Stands on Its own merits. Solid As A rock. Unmovable, unshakeable, unconquerable, untouchable, bullet proof.

Only Lies and deceptions appears to need defending, because lies and deception will go up against the Sun, it must keep confusion going(Auset)(Common sense).

Divine Truth will always offend lies and deception. (Auset)(Common sense)
When we do not know the CORE of Lies and deception, we will never know the Divine CORE of Truth/Reality.(Auset)(Common sense)
Divine Truth does not win a popularity contest (Auset)(Common sense)
Divine Truth does not draw a crowd. (Auset)(Common sense)
Divine Truth does not work on what others WANT to hear. (Auset)(Common sense)
Some of our people are so severed with the Hot Iron of lies and deception to the point of no return to their Once Divine right mind-set.(Auset)(Common sense)
To think with the Human Being mind only is, like a Blazing hell, with the furnace turned up with the highest Fahrenheit degrees. (Auset)(Common sense)

The human being (monster/beast) mind is not qualified to profoundly reason on a Divine level (Auset)(Common sense)

Never debate with foolish illogical, unreasonable, emotional people because they do not have a Divine Tamed :qqb021: Tongue-Mind, Kingdom destroyers. (Auset) (Common sense)

When Divine Truth is on the Scene, the Foolish will be revealed. (Auset)(Common sense)

:qqb021: The foolish do not know when to stop, and Leave Well Enough Alone (Auset)(Common sense)

"I tried to ignore the things that I knew, only to find that truth will beat the hell out of you." Keita Kenyatta -

May we open our minds wide open and allow the Divine Truth to be promiscuous in our minds, and Eat the hell out of our minds.(Auset)(Common sense)

:qqb018: :qqb018: :qqb018:


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