Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Blame your society
who likes to ping ping and boom boom
snorters and huffers
men who act like toilet seats
and underwear
jocking the next man until he's all bare
ain't got nothing to write real to the youth about
don't got no idea of an ethnocentric book
gets backed up by colorful females who backstabs on a daily basis
their curriculum for everytime they fuhkups
i ain't got no love for none of them
so i stands alone and satisfied
like that hardcore tree that can't be cut down
nor chopped
instead dynamite down
even then its roots are still intact
stump removed or not i will still be there X
cause planning pays off
now i got time and space
to look around for my real estate
instead of worrying about this and that
being reactive
these offbrands cannot overstand war and peace
i got my fiery arrow on target traveling untouchable ghost flaming as no one can see
dodging being a threat to their domestic society
cowrie shells on my 16 cornrows gives the original enemy chills
cause they know more about my tree's historical events than their own slaves do
and so i educate my nieces and my cousins up and down
they hang with me tough
it ain't no erasing their lineages
trying to brainwash em going thru K-12 ain't happening
that's why i am making sure all my paperwork is in order
cause getting richer means providing more rags
i can see more farms for us regardless my Great Uncle George being dead
keeping my stride going like that first time i rode a horse in the late spring of 2001 while in GA
i felt that Cherokee spirit uplifted like Cherokee Bill
but the only difference between me and him
i ain't getting caught up in no koochie you see
i'm gon kill off any obstacle and jump over hurdles if evil be offending me
with business and economics
i am totally convinced to the heart mind and soul spirited that i am all good without remorse to any enemy since coming back from being flatlined completely
revived to see my own destiny come thru vs anybody
being better than my last times is all i got
putting all my pieces of my puzzle together
meaning keeping secret about my emotions
to myself kicking waters into a ripple barefooted listening to ancestor 2Pac keeping my head up
i got nothing 2 lose
as my pen moves to make my frequencies show
freedom out that cage Maya Angelou
Imhotep tell em it ain't no killing me
i'm too busy being taught the Garveyian Difference
on my mission with two Xs as my pupils of my eyes
Queen Yaa Asantewaa got my back to my fullest is what she keep on saying
inside my real reoccurring memories
defending me
so i'm stepping unafraid everyday and everynight on the realla see
Queen Nyakasikana i'm turned out expressing nonfiction
plotting real estate before i cross-country
a new trade route
everybody need to come to my market full of wants
i got minks and silks from Seoul
bought the whole store out per spot in a city
learning International Business and their language
the Five Nation Tribes wear
back to the west coast of Afrika
you will catch me too back in the UK
cause my star constellation rules over there and the USA
i done already been where i needed to go
tried to get a business together with lost souls
it didn't work
so i'm solo moving faster on the low low
steadily looking at my pinstripe suits on them hangers with the plastic drape on them glossy
kiwi shined round toe banker shoes
with no necktie
just cufflinks...
get my hair flatironed
now i'm an exotic fly handsome Edo part Cherokee
scripted with the bowler hat on pushed down slightly
meaning i am putting in work from a different angle
strapped with a leather belt and the letter X buckle centered
cause i comes stepping unknown as they try to figure out who and why to the dome
all i do is represent me as a Young Ancestor representing my Ancestors from every abstract angle
i kicks back plus ram through opportunities
finally on top of my hills where no killer dares to envision or even seek of me...
escapegoat speaks--
don't blame me(echoing)

"When people be thinking they know you to blame you in order for their insecurities to remain unknown just agree with them and smile...laugh to yourself out loud after turning your back to them all one by one then jump on your night mare cause i got mine and ride on out like a true rider gallops through your nights defeating evil as your good coming up even more as a true racist...cause in your mindset they should be and always will be dead--remember? Geah and that's real when you invisible indivisible invincible and immortal cause after all you did outlaw too in order to become a Young Ancestor righ?...."

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