Black Poetry : Escape


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Jan 25, 2001
Tampa, FL
there are no walls
yet my words, my thoughts are still confined

there are no doors to unlock
yet my mind dares not to escape

why am i here?
in this cage which feeds my every fear

my physical eye cannot see
but my soul calls out in a desperate outcry and plea.

i cannot overthrow this mental incarceration alone
it is with me, as i stand, where you too belong

you are like me
encaged in this confinement of hell
born inside, you crave for a different realm

if life would only provide me with substance,
substance to sustain my ongoing desire
it is by fate that escaping this cage i must conspire

my thoughts must reveal themselves
my words must be heard
and my actions must be observed

it is from none other then this cage
that society has nurtured my ignorance and concealed my rage

my soul must survive
no longer will i forfeit in dispair
in escaping this cage, i must be - aware.

© Copyright 2000 Mario Starks, aka: Malik.
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