Black Poetry : Escape From New York Featuring Soldiers From: Chicago, Minny, Pittsburgh, Atlanta etc

Da Street So'ja

Jun 11, 2001
where failure is not an option
thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
August 2002
Place: Isle of Manhattan
Dog Days of Summer

3 = Universal Number
2 = the number of polarity (opposites)
8 = the number of infinity

call out to Alyce, UbZoRbShun, E=MaX and Blakverb
call out to Epiphany and Cocobutterskyn out of Pittsburgh
$$Rich$$ can make it on his own, flight from above, altitude with the birds
in God we trust, in God we serve

the saga is so deep
can't hit the streets
without Baller and Shaneak
and MsluciousB out it KC is part of the peeps

we see the future like a mirage in the desert
we bring the truth no matter how unpleasant
The Isle of Manhattan, with no tunnels or bridges, there's no exit
We all bring the truth no matter which one of us sez it

The joining of forces but we ain't talkin' Digamon
And definitely not kane though we are citizens
More entertaining than the trial of O.J. Simpson
Game plan from the cosmos, sets the motion of the mission

Meanwhile back in Da Streets
Where Epiphany, Cocobutterskyn and E+Maximus meet
They patrol the city that never sleeps
And Da Street So'ja, Blakverb, an d UbZo check the chumps and the creeps
And $$RICH$$ flies above, he holds the heat
Backed up by poetic delight, listerscribin' and Shaneak
MslusciousB you know plays for keeps

Ostracized like the X-Men though we are not mutants
And no this is not a movie named: CLUELESS
Our spirit combined ruthless (in a good way)

IT DEEPENS…………………………………………………………


>Da Street So'ja of New York< >DSSNY<
and if I left your name out doesn't mean you are not loved


Well-Known Member
Jan 29, 2001
Street "Maynnnne"!!!!!!!!!

you always be inciting my riot!!!!!!
I loveded this heah, my brutha!
Waiting for the next phase.....



Well-Known Member
Apr 2, 2001

I say So'ja you name the time and I know the place, still got ma posterboards rhet ta go...... betta yet Imma wait on you to bust me upside da head with phaze 2

Love ya


Well-Known Member
Mar 19, 2001

this is tight work bro. this reminds me of some "escape From New York" movie type ****. Minus the dramatizations and fantasy cause this **** is real. mos' def'



Well-Known Member
For Da Street So'ja....

Hey Soja,
caught me off guard
with this one
but as usual your motto
shines thru like the sun
for what would a army be
without the Captain
leading the fight
to the masses for action
with your captions
your vision is clear
like a lion, you devour
speakin on truth
regardless of desire
never underestimate yourself
for the power you possess
to uplift those who fall weak
to expose the transgress
you are a mentor to all
with your words
So SHOUT the battle cry
to the streets!!!
I'll be there representin
my sistah and me
and all who would come
to join in the fight
for the Soja is on
with the words he displays
each time he drops them
I 'm always amazed
for you are on target
whateva you say
"Preach on" my brutha
I'm listening to you
and all the messages
ain't nuffin but the truth......

thank you Soja,
a man on a mission
keep on representin
for someone like you
is needed by far
to shake loose the chains
that shackle the mind....

Appreciatin you and all you do, thanx for tha shout out!
Pittsburgh in da house!

Epiphany :heart:

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