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May 7, 2009



…for I am a father to Israel, and
Ephraim is my firstborn.

Is Ephraim my dear son? is he a pleasant child?
for since I spake against him, I do earnestly remember
him still: therefore my bowels are troubled for him; I
will surely have mercy upon him, saith the LORD.


Every year at my Family Reunion in South Carolina we are told about my Great-grandmother, Mary Jane, who was stolen from East Africa, Port Sudan one day when she went to the well to get water. My Aunt who is still living today, and who knew her says that ‘she was a baby’ when she came over here to America to be a slave. But others say that she was ‘a little girl’. Over the years and after hearing this story, I finally realized she couldn’t have been technically, ‘a baby’ because she had ‘a baby’ nine months later after she was taken off of the slave ship and other relatives tell the story of her half-White baby boy who grew up to be tall in stature. So some years ago, I decided to do some more deeper research and to ask my relatives some more questions about her because it always weighed heavily on my heart when I became older. I decided to do research about the exact time that she was taken from THE PORT OF SUDAN [ie PORT SUDAN] and just recently, I stumbled across some old black and white photos of East Africans in Port Sudan and surrounding areas. In the past, I have been so amazed to see the old black and white photos of the Native Americans and the Japanese Shogun because these early photos captured history at a critical time period in history when our ancestors were actually undergoing violent attacks from the Colonial government who was in the midst of a movement to eradicate the cultures of many native peoples in certain parts of the world. So the fact that the invention of the cameras during these times in the late 1800s marks a very crucial time period all over the world, however, it never occurred to me until now that photos of East Africans would have also been captured as well.

So after doing some deeper research about my Great-grandmother Mary Jane, I came to realize how easy it became to pinpoint the very time that she was stolen from Africa:


The exact number of British ships that took part in the Slave Trade will probably never be known but, in the 245 years between Hawkins first voyage and the abolition of the Slave Trade in 1807, merchants in Britain despatched about 10,000 voyages to Africa for slaves, with merchants in other parts of the British Empire perhaps fitting out a further 1,150 voyages.

Who benefited from the Transatlantic Slave Trade?
In the Transatlantic Slave Trade, triangle ships never sailed empty and some people made enormous profits. This Slave Trade was the richest part of Britain’s trade in the 18th century. James Houston, who worked for a firm of 18th-century slave merchants, wrote, “What a glorious and advantageous trade this is… It is the hinge on which all the trade of this globe moves.”

Lie thou also upon thy left side, and lay the iniquity of
the house of Israel upon it: according to the number of the days
that thou shalt lie upon it thou shalt bear their iniquity. [5] For
I have laid upon thee the years of their iniquity, according to
the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days: so shalt
thou bear the iniquity of the house of Israel. EZEKIEL 4:4-5.
[*This prophet lived about during the 700s BC]

[32] Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people,
and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day
long: and there shall be no might in thine hand.
[68] And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by
the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again:
and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and
bondwomen, and no man shall buy you. DEUTERONOMY 28:32, 68.
[**Moses lived about 4000 years before this time]

Like the ancient prophets did write, my Great-grandmother was stolen from East Africa at PORT SUDAN at the later phase of this Slave Ship Trade Era that lasted for over a two hundred and fifty (250) year time span. This late time of the Slave Ship Trade became known by some as ‘the Spice Trade Era’ by some because of the concentrations in East Africa and the Arab Slave Trade system. Based on my people’s account, my Great-grandmother was stolen by Arabs and then forced on A BRITISH SLAVE SHIP and that was how she ended up in America and not in places like Saudi Arabia or Florida and etc. Although the British government stated in script and in law that they had abolished slavery in 1807, however, obviously it was still ongoing because the Brits wanted to benefit from the Arab Slave Trade. My Great-grandmother becomes the confirmation that the Brits were still in business after 1807 with their slave ships docking in Port Sudan! Because my people who still live today knew my Great-grandmother and because she came at the late time period of the Slave Trade, and because my relatives has been able to give an account of her on a first hand basis, therefore, they remember details about her and how old she was when she died. So it became easy for me to learn about other issues that would have affected her life. She lived to be very old and because of her age when she first gave birth and her death, I have pinpointed the actual time that she was stolen from Africa.

There happened to be a brief ten (10) year time period right after Britain supposedly abolished their slave system in paper that a notorious Arab man headed up a slave catching business in East Africa in which tens of thousands of Africans from this region in Sudan became victims of the Arab Slave Trade. These Arabs though, the Bakir Arabs [ie Baggara Arabs] were actually ‘Black Arabs’ and they were a part of the Arab system but actually, they had been slaves themselves. They stemmed from a Turkish system that became a part of North Africa. Also during this Arab movement that began around the turn of the century in the early 1800s, Muhammad Ali became the leader in Egypt and there was an intense slave operation that occurred during these times. Therefore, my Great-grandmother became an unfortunate victim of this time period. She was stolen around 1812 when she was twelve (12) years old and just at the time of her puberty she was raped and gave birth nine months later to a half-White slave boy. She lived through the time period of 1850 when the Fugitive Slave Law became an issue and she lived to experience the Emancipation Proclamation. Finally, she died in the early part of the 1900s and lived to be over 100 years old. My aunt was about ten (10) years old when this slave woman, my Great-grandmother died. Although she gave birth nine months after her slave ship voyage, she married a slave man and my descendants come from this slave man, but my relatives still speak about the half-White slave boy and his later life. However in 1850 after she was married on the slave yard, she was sold away from her husband, the slave man, and sent farther down south. Fifteen (15) years later in 1865 and as a result of the Emancipation Proclamation, my Great-grandfather walked all the way to Georgia and found her and brought her back to South Carolina and she began to have children for this man.

So now when I see pictures about the people in East Africa and I read about the conflicts over there, I realize that some of these people are my distant relatives. When I hear about the thousands of Eritreans, the Beta Israel, the Falasha Israelites, the Ethiopians and others being given ‘the Right of Return’ back to Israel and the troubles they have in Israel today and in East Africa, I realize that I am seeing prophetical history in the making. Although there were slave ship operations in the old Mediterranean world on a large scale, the prophet Ezekiel specifically detailed the Transatlantic Slave trade. He completely captured the shocking reality of it and wrote about how long the slave voyage would take and he even wrote about the very arrangement of the captured victims in the belly of the slave ships. Likewise, the prophet Isaiah wrote that the slave trade would initially target Cush Ham and that the descendants of Abraham who were concentrated in East Africa would become the last victims as they had more cultures intact in East Africa. They wrote about ‘history’ to happen even thousands of years later after the Roman Empire times. So therefore, I realize that the trouble over here in America, no matter how far apart many African Americans are from Mother Africa, however, the problems here and all over the world where Black Africans have been scattered are still connected to what happened in the past and what has been prophesized way back in time by the prophets. Nevertheless, as people of African descent we came from many different countries in Africa and from many distinct cultures and tribes but we still share a common experience as a result of the long Slave Ship Trade Era that lasted for about four hundred years.

[7] For thus saith the LORD; Sing with gladness for Jacob, and
shout among the chief of the nations: publish ye, praise ye,
and say, O LORD, save thy people, the remnant of Israel. [8] Behold,
I will bring them from the north country, and gather them from the coasts
of the earth, and with them the blind and the lame, the woman with child
and her that travaileth with child together: a great company shall return thither.
[9] They shall come with weeping, and with supplications will I lead them: I will
cause them to walk by the rivers of waters in a straight way, wherein they shall
not stumble: for I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn.
JEREMIAH 31:7-9.

[1] But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob,
and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed
thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. [2] When
thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee;
and through
the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: … [5] Fear not: for I am
with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee
from the west; [6] I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south,
Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends
of the earth;…
[11] I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no
saviour…. For your sake I have sent to Babylon, and have brought down
all their nobles, and the Chaldeans, whose cry is in the ships….
ISAIAH 43:1-13.

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May 7, 2009

The next group of people to influence affairs in Kordofan were the Baggara. The Baggara tribes are cattle nomads who consider themselves Arabs and claim to be descendant from the Juhayna.

… The Juhayna includes the Arabs of that name and other groups who tended to attach themselves to the Juhayna and became related to them by tracing their relations back to mythical or semi-mythical common ancestry. The term Juhayna lost its true meaning and came to mean virtually Arab; it included practically all the nomads. 14.

The Turkiyya
…Muhammad Ali Pasha
For the next phase in the history of Sudan that directly affected the Nuba we turn to the north, to Egypt, and beyond, to Turkey. 25 From the beginning of the fourteenth century AD, a new power emerged in Turkey that replaced the remnants of the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople fell in 1453 and the Ottoman Empire started to expand into the regions once held by the Romans. Central Europe [onely just] withstood Ottoman conquest, but Southeast Europe,the Middle East, Egypt and the North African coast were conquered and incorporated into the Ottoman Empire.

…the year 1789, when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt. The Ottoman Empire was clearly in decline, and the Mamluks successfully challenged the authority of the Pashas...

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May 7, 2009

**Note; This time period was during the time that my Great-grandmother was stolen from Northeast Africa

…Slave raids…slaves were always in demand. And the Nuba were always considered to make good slaves….
Slaves were the most important export product of Sudan, followed at a distance by gum, gold and ostrick feathers.

The Baggara, herdsmen hailing from the north and west, became famous for their slave raids among the Nuba from 1800....
…The Nuba terraced the hills for seed and to stave off hunger....,+baggara&source=bl&ots=KKvsvpsLUv&sig=s6saE-VmKfVhBkTUYnTeXSk3K2I&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiz0OTklL_OAhWCVyYKHRFDAxcQ6AEIIjAC#v=onepage&q=the sennar, baggara&f=false

Reign 17 May 1805 – 2 March 1848

…The 1821 conquest of Sudan by Egypt, in turn an Ottoman possession, institutionalized slave raids.
Two years later the Viceroy Muhammad Ali, unhappy with the results of seasonal raids,
wrote to the Govenor of the Kordofan:

You well know that are efforts are aimed at getting blacks.
Please show your zeal in bringing our desires to fulfillment
in this matter of capital importance.,+baggara&source=bl&ots=KKvsvpsLUv&sig=s6saE-VmKfVhBkTUYnTeXSk3K2I&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiz0OTklL_OAhWCVyYKHRFDAxcQ6AEIIjAC#v=onepage&q=the sennar, baggara&f=false
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