Black People : Eric Holder Re-Joins Law Firm Connected to Sub-Prime Crisis That Eroded Black Wealth

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    by Yvette Carnell

    Eric Holder’s old law firm kept his office warm while the U.S. Attorney worked his “temp gig” as top
    cop, reports. Last year, while many African-American armchair hacks were writing
    Holder’s magnanimous biography, Holder was buying a condo only feet away from the firm where he
    was planning to return. A firm that played a key role in eroding generational black wealth.

    Not covered in the interview was Holder’s new & former employer, Covington & Burling, a firm that
    can count as clients several banks that Holder refused to prosecute during his time at the Justice

    Instead of getting prosecuted, these “too big to fail” banks, like J.P. Morgan, were given extra-judicial
    treatment whereby they paid a fine in secret and without a judge. Holder gave banks the hook-up.
    That would be analogous to me robbing a bank and agreeing to pay $1,000 to a prosecutor so he’ll just
    let it go. Since I just successfully robbed the bank, I have millions of dollars, and $1,000 in fines is a
    mere pittance. As for those folks hurt during my armed robbery? Meh. Collateral damage.

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