Black People Politics : Eric Holder’s ... Legacy: Impunity for the Rich and the Death of Due Process

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    “They have laid the legal cornerstones for fascism under the rule of the white filthy rich.”
    By any rational standard, Eric Holder has done unprecedented harm to the most fundamental principles of due process and equal protection of law in the United States. Over the course of six years, and in closest collaboration with fellow Black Ivy league lawyer Barack Obama, Holder has also tinkered around the (mainly rhetorical) edges of the Mass Black Incarceration State, and sought to preserve some safeguards against the return of certain Jim Crow electoral practices. However, on balance, the first Black attorney general’s record is an insult to the very concepts of human equality and the rule of law – a societal disaster.

    Eric Holder’s legacy must be weighed and measured in ways that history is likely to judge him, based on the effects of his decisions and actions on future generations. Legacies are not yesterday’s headlines; they are the enduring impacts of men and women on their fellow humans and the physical world. [...] Under Eric Holder’s supervision, the U.S. Justice Department has institutionalized immunity from prosecution for the ruling financial class. There is no precedent in U.S. history for such an abomination except, possibly, the impunity enjoyed under slavery and the post-Civil War Black Codes by white men who committed crimes against Blacks. Blacks were effectively barred from testifying against whites in criminal cases, to protect the white supremacist order. In testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Holder admitted that, in deference to the harm that might befall the national and world economic order, he hesitates to prosecute large banks – they are too big to jail.

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