Black Positive People : Eric Adam's; Legislature to prevent any more Cathie Blacks

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    On Sunday, November 21, 2010, NYS Senator Eric Adams and NYS Assemblyman Marcos Crespo will amend State law to require concurrent resolution by the Senate and Assembly for any Commissioner’s waiver of requirements for persons who do not meet educational or professional prerequisites

    NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “My legislation (S8512) will amend the Education law to restrict the ability of the Commissioner of Education to issue a certificate for Superintendent or Chancellor to persons who do not meet educational or professional requirements for the position.
    “New York State law requires that school superintendents have a minimum of three years teaching experience and done graduate work in ‘school administration.’ The law enables the Regents to grant waivers in the case of ‘exceptionally qualified persons’ whose ‘exceptional training and experience are the substantial equivalent’ of certification in teaching.

    “Requiring concurrent resolution of the Senate and Assembly for waivers will bring a thorough and essential review process and a necessary transparency. The individual selected as Chancellor must be the most appropriate person for this uniquely demanding position.”

    NYS Assemblyman Marcos Crespo states: “I will introduce legislation in the NYS Assembly to modify existing Education law to require concurrent resolution of the Assembly and Senate when the State Education commissioner grants a waiver to any individual who does not possess the stipulated requirements for the position of public schools Chancellor.

    “It is imperative that any decision on the issuance of a waiver for someone seeking ‘exceptionally qualified person status’ undergo a careful and comprehensive review process to ensure that the selectee is the most qualified individual available.

    “A compelling alternative argument is required in support of anyone who has no background in or commitment to public education; the elected representatives of the people of New York State must review any such selection.”