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    Today's mathematics is Equality. Equality is the principle that deals with balance, i.e. energy/resource management. Now some people will say the cliche saying, "Equality is to be equal in all things." Sounds good but doesn't really make sense. For one thing you shouldn't use a word or any of it's forms in it's own definition. So to get to the essence of what I'm saying, let's look at a few analogies.

    When Equality is more rooted in quality than quantity:

    You have two people sitting at a table after just finishing dinner. One, a small child and the other, a grown adult. The dessert of the day is apple pie. Now on the surface one might think that you'll give the adult and the child the same size piece of pie if they are manifesting the principle of Equality. Not necessarily. If the child is really small and doesn't eat much and the adult is huge and eats a lot then it would not be a good idea to give them both the same size piece of pie. Taking into account that you want both to be satisfied yet not so full that they feel uncomfortable, you'll give them pieces of pie that are APPROPRIATE according to their size and appetite.

    Next, imagine a fly in your house. You want to get that fly but you don't want to get that fly at all costs. You want to use an APPROPRIATE amount of force to kill the fly without destroying anything else. Using a fly swatter might be a good choice while using a sledgehammer would be a bad choice. Both might get the fly dead but one would more than likely only destroy the fly while the other choice might tear up your house.

    Equality.......... from a God and Earth perspective.

    Add on. Otherwise........... Enjoy your mathematics,