Black Money Business Jobs : Entreprenuership Confusion

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Would you support a Black Owned business Start Up or Bank?

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    Hello All,

    I wanted to know and get a census of what is happening business wise and market wise in my community.
    I am behind and in support of more black businesses, but have a problem with getting much needed information.
    It is hilariously funny that every other ethnic group can set up shop in a black community with no problem but a brother he is scrutinize and held under a microscope instead of helped or pointed in the right direction.
    We are so eager to head to other stores, but bypass or can't find a black owned store.

    Some stores I admit are shady, expensive, or at times give many people bad experience and straight up unprofessional in dealing with his own people, with no community of our own we have the problems economically we are experiencing. We need to hold these people accountable for the destruction of our community and unity.
    I also get the fears of the decimation of all our black communities and wall streets through integration and other economic disadvantages as part of a agenda to prevent unification of our people.
    It is urgent for us as a people to produce and own our own resources while we can.
    I have a idea of a local economic system that also is backed by silver and gold.

    I will discuss that part at a later date, but for now I need to know what do my people need from me as a business minded individual to meet a need or what are our needs?