Black People : Entrepreneur Aspires To Motivate Others With Poetry

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    Entrepreneur Aspires To Motivate Others With Poetry

    Atlanta, GA ( - David Hudson is on a mission to inspire the masses with his poetry and prove nay-sayers wrong about the marketability of poetry and the role it plays in society as a whole. He's determined to develop a niche market for his poetry and increase awareness of the products and services he provides.

    He comments, "I've always heard that there isnt a market for poetry and that poetry doesnt sells. Well, I'm not buying into such thinking. I believe in my heart that millions will be exposed to my talent of writing inspiring and uplifting poetry."

    Growing up the ninth of thirteen and the first in the family to receive a college degree, David was even more determined to make something of his life. After serving four years in the U.S. Army, David worked a full-time day job and went to school on nights and weekends to receive a B.S. Degree in Business Management. While working his day job and being stressed from a course in statistics, David discovered his ability to write poetry. Not until that moment did David realize that his life would change forever.

    No longer did he focus on going to school to work a regular job. No longer did he feel bound by the typical "work for someone else and not yourself" way of thinking. David was so inspired and motivated by his discovery of writing poetry that he wrote forty poems within a two week period and hasn't stopped writing since. Of course, he's had occasional blocks throughout the years but poetry is now apart of his life and now his passion. The following year, he self-published his first book of poetry entitled The Start of Something New.

    He named it so because poetry was surely something new in his life and would definitely take him down a total different path than what he had ever imagined. A few years later, he published his second book of poetry entitled When A Dream Comes True.

    After his first book, David started speaking to youth and organizations, reciting poetry and giving positive pep talks for free until realizing that he could make money from his talent. He's always believed in his work and desire to make a difference in others lives.

    In 2000, David opened the doors to Think Very Big ( where he sells inspirational plaques, posters, books and now his new poetry CD.

    For further information on Think Very Big, contact David J. Hudson at 678-480-8983 or e-mail [email protected]

    David J. Hudson
    [email protected]

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    thankz for the info to a powerful means in the art poeticly
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    :tweety: Thanks for the info!
    This was inspiring!