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Oct 16, 2003
There was no knowledge of a war coming this way
we had no sense of direction
the bruised lips and broken bones
notes posted at the arch, upheaval of home
symptoms or syndrome, and finally
a picture captured what was left
our bodies, the family ripped apart
our flesh, left on rice patty-killing fields, where bonsai trees
hang strange fruit, America is it still too late to claim your sons?
Vietnam crucified by glory hounds and lazy lay abouts
This is what’s left when the ships gone-a-sail
And the men in green, brace the fields
that tear open-wide our men,
some come back with mental scars
their flesh bare gallons of agent orange braced in bullets
They too bleed into the generations

We children enter the cipher of our parent’s memories
With fathers so lost, or mothers who lended services
And now watch good ol’ army boy movies
They pocketed our security
Come on yins; let’s go to solidify alley abortions
No S.O.S. on the radio, only mind-stortions
Help-a-copters that zoom pass
these are the signs of the times
Little babies that play in hydrogen -kill me now products
(stamped with America’s approval)
If warfare is inevitable therefore, our men must mean nothing,
but toss body markers to capitalize

They take only the best, but our sons never come back the same
We push our box-framed hips, and relax our hair
For the arrival that our miracle is finally coming, home
but even miracles come with surprises
change to camoflage in jungles, or frosty tan brown for dunes.
Gun-toteing killing machines, one page later
Somehow they forgot to remove the make-up
Through the headlines of statistics at help-us clinics
Let’s smile to appease the propaganda
Pill poppin’ visions, reduced down to a minimum
We are a product of economic convience
Whether missiles mutilate the mounds of white sand- iraq
Or the cop’s snap back our sons in America
We are stretched too thin with a whole community in purgatory
From mothers to women who are scorned
Or the home-girls with the grenades
to the birth of barcoded youth
debunked to when our government has nothing more to offer
-we sure can serve our country well,
even if we get nothing in-return


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