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    Is anyone here familiar with the Energy Enhancement program offered by Swami Satchinanda? He has a website at and can be found on You Tube

    I came across this site twice in my lifetime as I was looking for more information on clearing stubborn karmic blockages. Anyways, I signed up for his free newletter and his sales offers came to me.
    The full cost of his program is $1500 CDN paid in English pounds and he recently offered 1/2 price off: the following is a clip of the conversation we are engaged in and i would like some objectivity

    On Feb 7, 2008 4:05 AM, I wrote:

    With all due respect, I am unsubscribing and usually I do this without
    comment. But I felt that I ought to explain myself.

    Even with your generous offer of 56% off, your 12 DVD set comes to $700
    CDN, that's more than most of us make in a week.
    Now, I'm not a Swami, nor do I pretend to know the purpose behind
    setting costs where they are, but I will say this.
    In the ancient land of Kemet where Italians & Greeks were first taught
    philosophy, astronomy, physics and the cultivation of the mind
    the selection process of the students was not who could afford to come.
    Unfortunately for these ancient people, the same Greeks and Romans, Hyksoks
    returned to pillage and plunder the great civilization in search of more
    knowledge and wealth. Since that day, many a prophet has come, some real
    some not so real. What I see today though, is a recycling of that
    knowledge added with a few new innovations and priced to target your
    upper middle class
    who can afford such luxuries. And the originators of knowledge and
    civilization are continually held hostage to these great Nations that
    you mentioned.
    Their understanding of Maat, and universal principles not recognized but
    instead plagerized and resold for huge profit.

    No, I can not in good faith spend such money, when the descendants are
    right here right now and the knowledge is within our DNA.
    When other Sebai's, Masters and teachers will share their understanding
    and knowledge for a fraction of the price and live a life of modesty
    that encourages us to spend our money where it is most needed - feeding
    and clothing the poor.

    With all due respect, your services are not for me at this time, but I
    appreciate that you must serve a different sector of society and
    in that we all have our purpose. Hotep, Peace, Namaste His reply:
    Hello Hotep Nuday,

    On Feb 8 2008 Swami Satchinandand wrote:
    Disappointment is the mind killer and destroys the heart of the people of the heart.

    Any true Master will ask for the willing service of his disciples for 12 years so that they can receive "Free" teachings.

    We are offering 75 hours of the most incredible teachings on DVD which are not taught ANYWHERE seek where you may.

    There are evil masters, pretending to be good, who offer free teachings so that they can vampirise you.

    Cheap not Good, Good not cheap.

    We are offering the pearl of great price, and you are not certain enough, intelligent enough, understanding enough, courageous enough to buy it.

    But you must understand that complaining about things is not the way.

    If you do not have enough money, are too miserable to spend it, then you must become the friend of the guy who has the thing you need. Offer service, be genuine and good.

    Lots of Love and Light,


    I submit this for objective opinion of those who are involved with energy / magick / occult work. The passion in me had to respond once more and he has replied but I have yet to open it. I haven't any idea what got into me to even write this person commenting on his program. But I am open to an objectivity - maybe I am being to critical / judgmental? Or self-righteous?
    I can take the criticism if it's warranted, just be kind with it please

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    I feel you Fam. Have you tried Binaural Frequencies? These are very useful in the elimination of the type of energy blockages you talk about. Also, Chi (Qi) Gung is very helpful. And neither of these will cost you an arm and a leg to find.
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    That price is quite steep.I should e-mail him and make him aware his competition is selling Energy Enhancement drinks at 7-11 everywhere at a fraction of the costs