Black Poetry : Enemy Mine

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    Enemy Mine​
    My father once told me to seek knowledge, seek understanding
    apply the understanding and you've done something wise.
    Yet for me those words now pain me like thorns in my side.
    Cause I sought knowledge and gained an understanding
    that my father said wouldn't be right for me.
    Applying this wisdom could only make me enemy of family and he.
    He thought that would keep me out of the books he tried to hide from me...
    by politely asking me not to read
    he said " to read these words will pollute your mind my son.
    Seeking the bible is the only way to seek true wisdom.
    Seeking these things will put us at odds you and I will be serving two different Gods"
    He said seeking these things will make me the enemy of family and he.
    My problem is I am one who is family oriented
    and now I have none.
    For my family has declared me the enemy.
    They don't support the path I walk.
    Don't want to hear the things I've sought.
    There are some who say I have no, spirit, that's cause they haven't seen it.
    That's cause it's been beaten and trodden within,
    so I constantly test people to see if I can truly let my guard down to let them see within
    to the little boy that's hiding afraid to be pummeled again by others who
    I don't even love yet.
    I receive these attacks to my face personally
    me at nearly thirty receive attacks regarding people I hang with
    things I fill my mind with.
    And now each day as I die.
    And it becomes increasing difficult with each resurrection...
    to constantly show joy, show love.
    Now I have people who come to me and wonder why sometimes my spirits be low.
    Tell me which of you are constantly bombarded with fiery weapons called words aimed at killing spirit and soul?
    Which of you has an enemy that you truly truly love and because of that love will subject yourself to the personal attacks hoping one day that your enemies will show that love back?
    So I try to live through the death dealing blows that are thrown at me constantly.
    I continue to write my words yet, somewhat distant to the real me.
    Just to be elusive to potential enemies.
    The only thing that remains from me before enemies
    is music poetry and my libido
    never wanted to be the hottest poet
    just wanted to feel a little love
    not to feel like ****.
    And I am not the hottest poet
    I'm just a poet in heat
    just a poet in need of love, just seeking understanding regarding the below and above
    And I come to the conclusion
    that words don't suffer the agony of defeat.
    Words only suffer if they lie,
    lie on written page unread.
    Words unread are dead,
    until resurrected by ones who seek to raise their own understandings
    heighten their own knowledge
    even if it makes one's family
    enemy mine.