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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I found this information on this web site ... ... and checked to see if they had videos on youtube, and they do, so i've included them below.

What do you think ?

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 1/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 2/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 3/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 4/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 5/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 6/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 7/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 8/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 9/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 10/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 11/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 12/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 13/14

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement- Alex Jones - 14/14


I've watched some of his stuff before, but not this particular piece. Its kind of funny to me to see white folks up in arms about the global elite. We've never had real "rights" and somehow that is ok. But now that the average pink beast is next in line, its a call to panic and we must "unite" to stop this. Hmmph. None of these beasts are to be trusted.
Peace and Blessings Family,

I've actually watched all 14 videos, and found them informative, and they seem reasonable enough to believe, knowing white folk like we do.

The main focus of the videos surrounds The Bilderberg Group, touted to be the richest, most influential, elite people in the world. It includes about 130 or so people. The video said that Hillary and Bill Clinton have both attended, at different times. She more recently, probably due to her current campaign (my words not theirs). Matter of fact, they say, Bill Clinton attended about one year, prior to becoming president. The videos claim that all presidents of the USA, are first approved by this group, which would suggest that all USA presidents have attended at one time or another. This makes some sense, considering Bush's last presidential "win." Makes you wonder if they've ever invited Obama.

Ultimately, according to the video, this elite group of people from around the world, are focused on creating and protecting, the very elite of the world only, themselves. They likened the structure to a pyramid, indicating the very top, the point, as those qualified to live and enjoy the bounty of the earth. In order for their plan to work, 80 or 90% of the rest of the world, must die. Leaving the rest to support the elite.

There was little mention of Black / African People in general, which i found reasonable as well, since they are looking out for themselves and their own. Of the images provided, of those attending some of the meetings, none were Black / African. I'd imagine we are not even in the group that would be considered qualified to live. Much of what was said, seems to hold true, with world events that have taken place recently. The fact that AIDS hit Africa worse than any other country, speaks to their plan. They quoted a biologist from Texas in the video, Dr. Eric R. Pianka, as saying that the AIDS pandemic is too slow, and that ebola should have been used, as it will kill 90% of the population quickly. It seems, by all indication, that Black / African people have already been determined to be the lesser people, so there is no real question regarding our fate in this big picture.

White people though, are concerned and outraged, at the idea of becoming enslaved. It was weird to hear white men screaming in the video, we are not your slaves, to those attending the Bilderberg Group meetings. It seems what we have known all along, may be manifesting itself in a wide spread way, that they will kill their own, as well as us. Which doesn't leave us in too good of a position, considering the fact that we already know, when massa gets a cold, we get the flu. They mention too, the FEMA camps that are throughout the USA today, and while i initially thought they were for us ... i'm beginning to think they're for white people ... for we'll already be killed.

The videos basically break down, how the New World Order works, and points to specific pieces of history, taking place right now (as well as in the past), that support the theory presented.

It spoke on what Hitler did, and how it was actually supported by the powers that be, but made them feel embarrassed at how it was played out before the world. So now, it will (is) be done biologically, technologically and scientifically, avoiding a repeat of that embarrassing moment for them. With technology being what it is, they believe they can isolate the very best of people, themselves, ultimately living forever ... and easily kill the rest.

It also spoke on NAFTA, and how 90% of Americans were against it, but it was still enacted, because that is what the Bilderberg Group decided, before it was ever presented to the people. The erasing of geographical boundaries, in full effect. Mr. Neely Fuller has spoke on this as well, and of course i thought of him as i listened to this part. He said we should not think of the world as cities, states, countries, etc., for it is a world plan they have. Our enemy seeks to control the entire universe, and that is how we should be viewing things in order to counter it, not focusing on any little patch they've given us.

They also mentioned that during one of the Bilderberg Group meetings that were a part of the video (them standing outside of it, of course), that inside, they were deciding on the fate of President Hugo Chavez, and if there would be a war with Iran. Wow. That was deep. That this select group of people, are in fact, making all the major decisions around the world. They even went as far as to say, President Bush, is just a puppet for them.

I found it interesting that they suggest that the whole "Save the Earth" (Green) campaign, is a part of the new world order plans. Just one more step in the process. Actually getting the masses to go along with things they probably wouldn't have, like decreasing population (or accepting the decrease), in order to save planet earth, when there is really another agenda at the root of it all. Very interesting.

Oh, they even mentioned China, and how the New World Order is proud of them, and expect for all inhabitants of the earth, to be governed in the same way.

One thing i heard in the videos, that did stand out, was their claim that South Africa, in the 1970's, created the first race specific bio weapons, to target Blacks and Asians. They later sold the same to Israel, in the 1980's. I've never heard this before, and guess i'll have to do some googling.

The Bilderberg Group is not happy they've been outed, as they have existed since 1954, in virtual secrecy.

All in all, it was a good watch. I had visited the originating site first, and heard some there, so i created this thread, added all of the videos, then watched them one by one. In the course of that time, some videos were removed that quickly, requiring me to go back to youtube to find a duplicate. So, if you want to listen, you may wanna do it sooner, than later.

Much Love and Peace.




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