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    I see the struggle
    Nothing like it ever seen
    Nothing like it Brother

    Face pushed up into a chain link fence
    By the authority sworn to come to your defence

    Yes defence_ not defense the meaning is clear
    You’re right to repel force by force
    In defence of your personal worth
    Your armor to bear

    The counter-force used to squash that discourse.
    Kick my door in jack, and feel the force.

    Otherwise Jack-Jaw is all that is
    Child’s play with the Jones and the Caps

    Brothers playing the dozens
    Giving each other Daps and Dirt Naps

    Not having a clue
    Where Brother-Hood at

    If they obtained the pistol
    They could probable say who did
    Identify the caliber at the scene of the crime

    File the number off the barrel
    On a shell you dare not!

    It might explode face first
    Then claim...what you got.

    Advocating control
    Even a candy bar wrapper has a number

    So if they wanted to.
    They can tell
    Where it came from.

    The bullet with the Serial Number
    XXX-XXXX from your Gun.

    “Denial of the truth or validity of the complaint”
    “War would arise in defense of the right”
    For me to feel safe where I live
    To walk my streets at night

    The focus is all wrong.
    Take your eye off me

    Put it on the oppression
    Experienced everyday on these streets

    Somewhere the concept was turned
    That the struggle is local and not on the burn

    That burn that comes from the structure on land
    From the magistrate the police power they have in their hands

    Cahoots in a plan

    Men, Brethren, and Fathers
    Don’t turn in your guns
    Just put them aside and to local progress run

    Deep down that is what is desired
    I see it, I know it
    It is in your eyes

    Keep count of the bodies lay
    Put in a meat wagon everyday

    Taken down thrown on a slab
    Sides of beef
    Grabbing your crouch and laugh

    You smoked that fool
    But who is say
    That to do so is their plan
    That was set up for misguided that would say

    Can you see the redundant?

    Do nothing program that is set up
    It works to crush lives and help drive
    Those who practice it to the dirt

    “To do one's duty; to put forth strenuous efforts to attain”
    It’s cognitive stop and think
    Exercise your brain

    Stop working their ( bid ) effort!​
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    man -o- man you said a mouth full