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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know my beloved I have attempted to stay away from revealing to you this
    message, because I know how clouded and disoriented we have been made not to
    view such a message with respect and a humbleness of Spiritual Thought.

    But you see it really is not up to me in term of what I say to you my dear
    beloved, it's the source from whence my messages come that determine what I
    must reveal to you and that is why I must not get emotional involved with
    how my messages are received by you, the Carbon Beings on this planet, now
    known as Afrikans and Black in appearance.

    I have been made totally aware of the quality of our psychic in regard to
    things that are presented to us Afrikan Proper, that is profound and how the
    profane has been planted into our believing mind to take on the appearance
    of Truth.

    The Truth is un-yielding and is as constant as that force we refer to as
    God, for it is the incarnate of that energy we call God, which has no flaw
    and is the representative of perfection.

    What I am about to say to you, has no root in religion, for such serve to
    ferment doubt in your Soul, about the profoundness of God, Universe and
    Being and the action that occur between the three and if wise, can develop
    the knowledge to know that they can be predicted, because each action speak
    to and in behalf of the other.

    Such is why the saying, It Is The Fool Who Say There Is No God and most
    Fools end up appearing to be to so call, too intelligent for their own good,
    as they so claim to possess a high level of educational learning, a learning
    that is most Time based on somebody else perception and concept about that
    which is being taught and as we are condition in such a pattern of learning,
    such prevent us from using our own Afrikan Mind, independently of all others
    that do not resemble us Afrikan Proper, so we may determine the Truth of the
    matter from our own percept and concept.

    Well let us hear what we are about to see in the now Time, which is
    happening as I speak and such action is bringing the End Time to this
    dispensation of Time, that is causing a Universal shift, a reordering and
    adjusting, that is causing the Planets in our solar system and throughout
    the Universe to cleanse and recondition themselves.

    Beloved in the course of such an action, it will make all things New again
    and the beginning of a New cycle of Motional Time will begin.

    Beloved, the biology of fleshly Beings are equipped to discern the change
    and developing action of Nature, its ingredient, its quality and action of
    the Universe, and such action is in accordance to a set of a Divine
    Law/Laws, which require Harmony, Balance and Order in its action, even when
    such order breed what we call disaster.

    Did you not know that it is the action and behavior of each heavenly body
    that make up the Universe, which so determine the action of the Universe?

    Therefore, if we are able to conceive of the attitude and action of the past
    heavenly bodies, one become capable of predicting the action of the present
    activity of those same heavenly bodies, thus causing the saying of our
    Ancient Afrikan Ancestors to be True, which is, "There Is Not One Thing New
    Under The Sun" and I might add, that happens.

    There is also their saying, "As It Was In The Beginning So Shall It Be
    Again", such statements are not grounded in the world religion, but in the
    Theological Knowledge of the gods of our Cosmic Afrikan Ancestors.

    Beloved I know this might be a little lengthy but it has to be said, as it
    is being given to me to reveal and all others who really are into the
    Spiritual Realm of Mastering the Sequence Of The Thought Process, which
    become a sign that one is in control of one Soul,( thoughts ) know what I
    say here, is True.

    As I speak, the Earth is realigning itself, Its poles is in a shifting mode,
    there is action that is going on in and around our Sun-Star and objects that
    is active around it and moving toward this planet, as have been so described
    before by our Ancient Ancestors will happen again.

    The Dogons and Sumerians and others of Yester-time, have so warned of such a
    End Time to come and those others, predate the Ancestors I have so Named.

    Beloved, did you not know that the biology of all Beings are equivalent to
    a Heavenly body and our behavior and attitude do in fact have an effect on
    the planet Earth elements and the other Heavenly bodies that make up the

    Such is why I say, the end Time of this cycle of dispensation of Time is
    fast approaching a close and with the shifting and re-adjusting that is
    taking place in the universe and the coming of Life form that is not of this
    planet and the passing of heavenly bodies in and through our Solar System
    and the Mental Chaos that is going on in and of the biological body call
    Mankind, and happening to such a degree that only disharmony in the action
    of what we call immorality and the human action of no respect of the gender
    difference, which is causing an imbalance in relationships, is no more than
    a recipe for the cause of great natural disasters to occur and will, to such
    a magnitude that the Earth by consent of the Laws of the Universe will clean
    itself of such disobedient ( disharmony ) and imbalance.

    Beloved I am being instructed to Stop now.

    Beloved pay attention more to your body, it speak to you, about what is
    about to happen, hear the earth speak through her electromagnetic
    frequencies as she is adjusting herself and during all of that Universal
    action that is taking place now, great natural disasters will occur, as it
    has so happen before.

    Beloved, No Thing Is forever in its Present form, but the cycle is a

    I will stop now and allow the Fool say, there is a Fool on the other side of
    these revelations and I say, may the gods develop an itch in your Soul for
    True Knowledge and give the power for understanding and the wisdom to apply

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor,Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]
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    Hotep most wise Elder GOD! Remember I told you quite some time ago that the ones who recieve your knowledge are listening.

    I must say that if some of the readers aren't "feeling" what's happening, I hope it's not to late for them to just BE STILL AND LISTEN.

    Thanks and I Apprecia'Luv your dedication to the Awakening of the "Carbon Beings" in this dimension.

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    BUSINESS owner
    deep info taken i'm listening keep speaking
    very interesting wisdom laid out .
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    Although I don't always reply to your threads, I want you to know that I always read them. Some messages just don't need a response, One just have to listen!

    Thank you for sharing your messages with us!