Black Poetry : Empty Love.


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Mar 23, 2006
Empty Love.

I love you but I'll never be there when you really need me.
I love you but your problems never trump mine.
I love you when I really need you.
I love you for your jokes but not for your passion.
This friendship feels like empty love.
I give I give some more but no return.
You say you love me but there's nothing behind your words.
Your love to me feels empty.
In my eyes action say more than words.
Show me you care.
I love you but I don't feel the love back.

I need your help...
My friend i could use some of your wisdom...
Your jokes would be really comforting right now, or hell just your presence...
My friend...
In my hour of need your nowhere to be found.
I don't always expect a return on my investments, but you start to notice when they never come.
Show me you care.
I love you but I don't feel the love back.​


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