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    10 - 10 - 50

    Basic Plan For The Empowerment Of The
    African (Black) Community Worldwide!

    10 /: Each person of African descent who would consider himself or herself seriously concerned about the plight of African (Black) people must commit a minimum of ten (10) hours each month to a community based organization or institution concerned with the uplift and improvement of our people. This means dedicating yourself to the excellent performance of your chosen organization or institution and helping to make your chosen organization or institution the very best that it can be.

    – We must build strong organizations and institutions

    --- none of us are justified sitting on the sideline complaining about what others are not doing.

    10 /: Commit a minimum of $10 every month to help fund your chosen organization or institution. Make a conscious effort to choose an organization or institution that needs your help.

    50 /: Transfer or redirect, at a minimum, an additional $50 from your monthly budget to support African (Black) owned and operated businesses. $50 a month should not be the total you spend, but use your creativity to find ways to spend an additional $50 each month. – Make it known to these businesses that you support 10-10-50. Demand that they give good service and that they reinvest in our community.

    + IMANI (Faith): Have faith that proper leadership and
    systems are being developed to facilitate the necessary cooperation between our organizations and institutions. – A truly dynamic and functional unity is required among our people, and that is what we are building.

    Commit yourself to this basic plan and encourage others to do the same.

    Hosted by: African Community Centers for Unity and Self Determination, Inc.

    Feedback phone number and recorded message: 770-908-6144
    Feedback e-mail address: [email protected]