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    Employment Religious Discrimination/Hebrew Israelite Support
    December 19 2004 at 2:30 AM
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    Greetings and blessings brothers and sisters,

    I need some feedback and support concerning a serious legal matter, and me being able to express and manifest my righteous spirtuality in the physical form. I'm going try to explain as much as possible without endangering my case, and yet get my this stress off my chest. So, open up your third's, lend me a listening ear, and respond with words of wisdom.
    I applied for a job. The supervisor asked about my last job and I explained I was terminated, after 4 months of employment, for not cutting off my dreadlocks. Along with another warrior, who had been their for a year. We both filed lawsuites. I explained, that the two of the religions I draw my beliefs from, concerning my locks and spirituality, were rastafarianism and hebrew israelites. The brother stated he was a hebrew israelite. We clicked right away. We vibed about the similarites of the beliefs concerning the biblical scriptures of the old testament. I told him about Numbers 6:5. He aknowledged the verse, but stated he just chose not to grow his hair, which is fine. Who follows every single tenet of a religious belief system? I first started studing with the hebrew isrealites back in 93-94 when I got out of college and I didn't have hair or locks. But, the elder who taught the sessions was the first to introduce me to the scripture and it's significance. Anyway the brother wanted to hire me, but needed approval from his boss. Long story short, I was denied. Apologies expressed etc..., we parted ways.
    I got eeoc involved, a sister interviewed me, and said I was validated. They have to accomadate. Here's were I need the support. My laywer, who specializes in relgious cases, but don't know that much about the hebrew israelites, recently contacted me. The eeoc investigator, has turned the who coversation I had with the brother around, twisted words, and trying to make my righteousness, esspecially concerning hebrew isrealites, into a joke! The investigator said I never told the employer I studied rasta, and since he was a israelite, with no hair, hebrews is not required to wear dreads. I had to justify my reason for wearing dreads. Here's the joke! The bible isn't enough evidence. Go get a book written by a "man" that a hebrew israelite to make my case. I'm the only one who believes that, and hebrew israelites are numberous and isn't a signficant religion. Go get other hebrews to back you. I was pissed!
    If a christian, muslim, orthordox jew file a lawsuit, would he/she be asked to go get justification outside of the bible, koran, torah. Would be asked to go get a book written by a "man" at a bookstore to justify there belief. Since when is a book more powerful that the bible! I explained that our beleifs and way of life come from the bible, not some far off planet or underground cult started by me, myself, and I. nevertheless, I'm dealing with devil consciousness, so I had to overstand the situation. I have been in a temple or mass gathering for hebrew israelites or rastafarianism in years, or read any books. I did that in my younger years. I'm 30 now. I'm more concerned with manifesting my knowledge from the mental world into the physical world in the form of action. Faith without works is dead. I couldn't believe the ignorance. But, the investtgator was talking about dropping the case, so I had to deelavate myself and beat the devil on his grounds, according to his rules. The righteous can always ascend and desecend. But evil can't elevate, or overcome, especially when it comes to the Almighty Creator's chosen people. I called up some old contacts that, true soldiers for the, true righteous cause, from both religions, as well as other beliefs. For, righteousness is universal. I always tell people, if the devil is in every religion, in many forms, than why wouldn't the creator be too and hir soldiers. Why would u contain or belittle the creator, and suggest hir can't do what the devil can do, and eternally more? Instant outrage was the respons! I was given guidance and support. Elders to talk to who taught at temples or had book stores, and I was also instructed to go to the internet. Best advice I couldn't have gotten. It's actually divine intervention. I haven't have a computer in 15 years and recently invested in one a month ago. I told my laywer that back in 93-94 when I was studying with the israelites, the elder told us of a hebrew israelite community that had been established in africa, how they were living as the laws of moses, had instructed. He showed us pictures and explained the lifestlyle and coommunity. The most beautiful thing I every saw and heard in my life. So, I told him that it being 10 years later, that community as well as the hebrew israelite community in general should have flourished and mutiplied a thousandfold by now. So I should have no problem finding support, especially for a righteous cause. But, I aslo explained this was not a light matter. A christian can walk 5 blocks on certain streets, and pass 10 churches or places of worship. It's not like that for hebrew israelites. Also, it's embarressing for me to approach a elder who preach or instructs a a temple with this insanity. They spiritual matters of great importance to attend to, and it's not easy to get a one on one meeting. Like one warrior told me of a elder to talk to, but I may have to go through channels because he's guarded, because of his well respected spiritual significance to the cause, which I already know. But the matter needs to be addressed, because the investigator think since we're not on tel-lie-vision or newspaper for miscoduct of little boys, that we don't exsit or are not of insignificance. As one of the chosen people, I'm here to prove her wrong. My spirituallity and intelligence has been insulted and challenged, and I lov a uphill battle. The taste of victory is sweeter.
    I truely believe that if you seek, you shall find. It never fails. The creator guided me to the websit, http;//,htm, what a blessing! I almost cried. It had what I was looking for and more. I couldn't believe all the numberous links and websites dedicated to the hebrew israelites community. It took some time, and to find this particular site, but wise know faith without woks is dead. The site equaled the perfect solution to my equation. It not only talked about the similarities of rastas and hebrews knoting their hair, concerning the same scripture I had preached about NUM.6:5, but expounded on other scriptures in the old testement, I had forgotten about, concerning locks, and their significance to the hebrew israelite sprituality, along with pictures. I smelt the sweet smell of glory. When I use to tell a christian, I don't eat pork, first thing the say is are u a muslim. I said no, I just know about the pig, but give me your bible and I will show u , in leviticus, where it says you shouldn't eat pork. But, they're still christian.
    I started printing right away and called my lawyer. I had more then enough evidence but I explained I wasn't through. I'm still angry. I was saying same thing, but since I didn't run a temple, have a flock a diciples behind me, and was by myself, at least that's what the investigator thought, my way of life was make-believe fairy tales. If I'm angry, and my collegeus I talked to was upset, the hebrew islraelite community in general should be furious. The scripure I showed is not even debatable, or open to discussion as some scriptures, especially the new testement. But, that wasn't good enough. I'm suppose to spend money, I don't have, on man written books, which I've bought in and read in the past, again, when it wouldn'i be asked of a jew who claimed to be, aommish, and they grow their hair and beards, using those same scriptures as justification. Oh, I forgot, they're a well known and recognized religion, I'm the only hebrew israelite in the world, so my words fall on deaf ears and have no weight.
    So, here's where I need support brothers and sisters, I need to make the invisible, visible. I told my lawyer that I was going to find a discussion fourm or board where I can receieve feed and support for this trial and tribulation. The most high creator, once again, guided my here. I wouldn't greatly appreaciate responses for this cause. I do not want to celebrate this righteous victory alone. My laywer want's any helpful feed back to be emailed to: [email protected]
    I would also appreciate any feedback, - or +, to this response box, or my email: [email protected]
    Until then, throw those fists in the, air turn those peace signs into V's for victory, because we war for shalom!

    P.S. Blessings unto 7th Trumpret Web Design

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