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    Those Who Will Receive The Mark Of The Beast For Worshipping His Image ... Revelation 14 ; 9 ...And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, "If any one worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand
    RightOverStanding Of The Above Verse . And the third messenger Rapha'el Zodoq , son of Waqabi'el and Fiqra'el , followed them Malachi Zodoq and Gabriy'el Zodoq saying with a big voice '' If anyone worship the wild beast , the cursed seed of Libana ( Canaan ) and his image wanting to be like him in every way will receive his mark ( the Canaanites , Amorites approval ) in hisforehead or hishandreceiving money for betraying other Nubians '' This is living image of the beast andnot living in the image of Your ancestors . The Evil One has donea great job in making you hate yourself .
    The Image Of The Beast .
    Nubian people feel inferior to the Amorite Therefore , they hate themselves , trying to be them and live in the image of the Beast by Processing or Pressing your Hair Bleaching your skin and dyeing your hair , straightening your nose and thinning your lips trying to talk andact like them Etc , Etc , Etc , The Devil has cunningly seduced the Nubian man and woman into idolixing his image , You have been seduced into thinking that the Blode - hair , Blue - eyed person is a superior race of beings The Canaanite man is attempting to make you lose Your Heritage just as Napoleon Chopped off the Noses of the Statues in Khemet ( Egypt ) in order to Hide the fact that they had Nubian Features . In the schools they are deciding who's great and who's not . They are the ones who set up the classes and decided what courses that you are to take . They call these courses '' African Studies '' when you learn very little about Africans andmore about select American Leaders of their choice . They already have their own Leaders ; and those are the faces that you see money . You'll never see the face of a Nubian man or woman on money . The closest that they got to a Nubian on money was President Abraham Lincoln ( 1809 A.D. - 1865 A.D. ) who was a mulatto according to '' page 7 . where a picture portray Abraham Lincoln as a Nubain showing how he had woolly hair , So once again they are choosing who and what you learn about . The will teach you about Dr Martin Luther King Jr ..... George Washington Carver ... Alex Haley ... Booker T . Washington ... Frederick Douglass . Nat Turner .. Benjamin Bannekar . Jean Baptiste ... Point DeSable, GustavusVassa ... W.E.B. Dubois . Eli Whitney . And Crispus Attucks , Etc ... people who they feel that you need to know about . They'll teach you about the Nubians that were fighting for them or who were working with them ; those are the ones that they like . But what about other leaders ? They won't teach You About Noble Drew Ali , or Marcus Garvey . or Khan Khan . Mansa Musa or the Honorable Elijah Muhammad , or Clarence 13X '' Pudding . the Nubians who spoke out against them . No matter how intelligent they were or how much they were loved by Nunians or what they have contributed , they don't teach You about them . Recenly college students have been Allow to read the autobiography of Malcolm X as a part of a course . They would love for you to read this book that was written by a Nubian who was considered an '' Uncle Tom '' by other Nubian named Alex Haley who never lived in Harlem and was married to a Caucasian . Or they will let someone like Spike Lee make a movie on the life story of Malcolm X who does't know anything about the times of Malcolm X because he wasn't there . Nor was he ever a member of the Nation of Islam or any other sect of Muslims . All he knows is what someone has told him and what he learned through books that were written with only the information that they wanted you to know about him . which would be that he was a radical , militant leader who believe in violence . who defected from the Nation of Islam and became a part of the Pale - Arab movement . They don't point out that he changed his name from Malcolm X to Malik El Shabazz . And the name Shabazz was introduced by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and is a name exclusively used by those devoted to him . If he didn't change the name Shabazz , He was sill loyal in some way to the teaching of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad right up until his death . They don't want you to knowabout the love he had for his people . When they write booksabout him they don't tell you of how he was telling his people to do for themselves or love and respect themselves they publish quotes from his speeches like '' '' I don't believe we're going to overcome [ by ] singing . If you're going to get your 45 and start singing ' we shall overcome ', I'm with you '' . or thing like '' by any means necessary '' or '' you have to walk in with a hand grenade and tell the man , listen , you give us what we've got coming or nobody isgoing to get anything '' Leaving you with the impression of some crazy , violent criminal - minded man who was a menace to society ; Forgetting that hewas an inspiration and learned all this from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad , who reformed him from being a criminal product of society like many of the children are today and more people like Honorable Elijah Muhammad are needed today because he was able to change such a man . They don't want Nubian , especially Nubain men , to be aware of the power that they once possessed . Nubians have been reduced to less than nothing by the hand of the Evil Reptilian And His Agents . Everything you hear of Nubians , you will always hear about the Bad or Disagreeable Things that they want you to hear . You will never hear of the good that they did . They pry into lives and try to find out anything that will aid in their dowfall . And if they cannot find anything they will makeup Lies and fabricate stories . There is no more room for Lies. Now is the time for Right Knowledge , Right Wisdom and Right OverStanding , Which will breed Right Reasoning The Five Negro Presidents '' by J . A . Rogers on
    It is no - coincidence that many people have never heard of Noble Drew Ali , Chaka Zulu , Hannibal , Mahatma , Gandhi or Dr . Malachi Z . York , to name a few and their role in history . Their accomplishments outshined the men whom the Amories label heroes like Hercules , Zeus , John Wayne , Elvis Presley , Billy Graham And Former General H . Norman Schwarzkopf . Righ now in America , there isno '' Black '' Leadership . Since there isno leadership , There isno enemy for the common , Caucasian to hate . There was a '' Black '' Awareness '' movement in the late 1960's and early 1970's . A movement that had Nubians searching to find their true selves . Some joined So - Called militant groups such as the Black Panthers , The Young Lords and the African Pioneer Movement And they all gave European Caucasians a focal point to hate Nubians people and someone to vamp down on . especially during the Black Revolution . Shouts of '' Free Huey !! '' Free Angela !! '' Black And Proud !! '' Black Power '' , Black Is Coming Back '' Black Is Beautiful !!
    '' Black Consciousness '' and '' Burn Baby Burn '' could be heard throughout the globe by a people who were tired of the suppression that they had undergone for hundreds of years Nubians were trying to get themselves together andfind their True Idenity .. HowEver , when the Amorite = Caucasian began to realize that Nubians were waking up he had to put a stop to it . So to stram out the Black Awareness '' he created movies with imagesin them like '' Shaft '' Superfly '' The Mack '' and '' Cleopatra Jones '' Cotton come to Harlem '' Watermelon Man '' J,T's Revenge '' Come Back ' Charleston Blue '' . Hero Ain't Nothing ' but a Sandwich '' Cornbread , Earl and Me '' The Spook That Sat Behind The Door '' Five on the Black Hand Side '' Sheba Baby '' Coffee '' Across 110th Street '' Uptown Saturday Night '' Blackula '' Scream Blackula Scream '' Car Wash '' Superfly goes to Africa '' Let's Do It Again '' Black Caesar '' He = The Amorite = Caucasian Man Purposely Portrayed The Nubian man as The Super Pimp , A Peddler , of Lust , Material Desire , Money Drugs , Violence and Corruption . These movies helped to Destroy and Distort Reality . Things that were happening during the '' Black Awareness Movement '' such as the Afros and Dashikis , became a passing fad , Nubians no longer wanted to '' go back to Africa '' They Straightened Their hair and went to discos instead , When Muhammad Ali was known as Cassius Clay . All The Amorite = The Caucasian love him , But the moment he became a Muslim and change his name to Muhammad Ali , they began to cause problems for him because of his Religion They did the same thing with Mike Tyson When he became a muslim . Try will try to associate that with racism . HowEver , Mike Tyson's adopted mother is A Amorite = Caucasian Woman So It Will Be Very Difficult For them to Play The Race Card '' on him . In Jail He Had Time To Think . Now They Are Just Waiting For The Right Moment To Take Him Down Again Which Is Religious Discrmination ,
    When it comes to crime , if a Muslim commits a crime , it is reported on thenews as those < Muslim terrorists !!!! > If a Tibertan commits a crime it becomes '' those Buddhist Monks !!!!!! If it is a group that practices Voodoo , it will be reported as '' The Voodoo Cult '' Yet , they don't say '' Jeffrey Dahmer , the Roman Catholic or Lutheran '' When There was a Russian cannibal on the loose , they made sure you knew it with headlines , the Russian Nikolai Dzhumagaliev , called metal fang , who was a cannibal '' They never address the subject of religion when it comes to a race other than Nubians , They never say '' Son Of Sam , The Jew , Who Was A Mass Murderer '' They never say '' Jack the Ripper , the Anglican '' or Donald Leroy Evans , The Protestant '' or '' Ted Bundy the Southern Baptist . Or that all Klan member subscribe to the Bible and Church . Thus Klan member are christian . Or when they have a Lynching or Castration of Nubians , they never say '' Christian Klan members '' they don't even want to call them a cult . They avoid pointing out whether these Amorites = Caucasian serial Killers were Christians or Jews . What religion was Susan Smith , the woman that Drowned her Two Helpless Toddlers ? You don't know because they do not and will not bring ut up . EveryBody else's religion gets pointed out , but When it comes to them , they never put their religion in what they do , Even General Norweiega they made sure he was arrested in a Catholic Church , They don't come on the news and say '' A Jew beatshis daughter to death '' or '' Some Catholic from Howard Beach killed some Baptist from Brookly or the Bronx '' But if a Muslim does something , right way it's Muslim does so and so '' It a Rastafarian does something , its Rastafarian Stuck Up A Bank '' Bank are being robbed 24 hours a day , 7 a days week . Woman are being raped everyday andpeople are being murdered everyday . They don't ever bring up what church they belonged to what congregation and what Reverend . They don't ever say ' and one of Jerry Farwell's followes in New York just chopped a little kidup . But if one of Farrakhan's followers do something they say '' a Black Muslim follower of Minister Louis Farrakhan just slapped a littlekid in the head '' And throw the book at them . And try to give them life for it . The is Double STANDARDS ,
    You have every right to know because whatever religion they were reared in , that is the religion that breedsthat type of mentality . My point being , If the Jewish faith or the Christian faith , is what these men and women grew up in these arethe kind of people , serial killers , they keep turning out , who are threats to society . This is something that they obviously want to hide and avoid talking about ,
    When it comes to the destruction of a Nubian , they put all of their attention on things such as drug scandals , sex scandals , marital , affairs , who their children are , what their children do , or simply their personal affairs that they may have been involved in . In most cases , the stories are exaggerated and made to look like something drastic , when in actuality they are all lies . HowEver , when it comes to Amorites = Caucasian , everything is concentrated on their money . You Should ask yourselves , why is that so ? It's always a Pleasure Scandal '' with Nubians . Let me explain what I mean by this . When trying to destroy any Nubian , they sensationalize , and there is much propaganda on subjects such as sex , as in the case of singers Luther Vandross , Teddy Pendergrass , Whitney Houston , Vanessa Williams And Michael Jackson , when a 13 year old boy accused him of Sexually molesting him . He faced both a civil suit and criminal investigation . The matter was settled out of court and both parties agreed on the settlement . Yet , they are still exaggerating the story and trying mostly to discredit him andto make money off this case by selling newspapers , magazines , Etc . HowEver , when it came to to the case of Pee - Wee Herman , whose real name is Paul Rubin , a Jew , it was in court , over and forgotten about before you knewanything about . it , Again , its called pushing Doubles Standards ;...Another oneof their favorite tactics is , The Amorite = Caucasian
    knows that in order to keep you in submission to him , you must not realize Your Royal Descent , That's why he keeps inserting his image as superior . Therefore , you will LQQkup to him and eventually you will worship him by trying to be , act and look like him . That is why it is very important that you have theright images or pictures in yourhomes . [ From the beginning , the Amorite = Caucasian / Canaanite has been obsessed with being superior . One way to notice this is through his strongest tool called television , tell - lie - vision , To - ell - Lies - Visually , You don't see many Nubians Walking aroundcalling themselves , '' Super - Man , '' Super - Woman , '' Super - Girl '' Super - Boy , '' Bionic - Woman , '' Bionic - Man '' Tarzan , '' Six Million - Dollar Man , '' Wonder - Woman '' Indiana Jone '' Spider Man '' James Bond , 007 '' Or '' MacGuyver '' etc , And if they do , It is done in a form of jokes to make them LQQk like fools as , in the case of '' Meteor Man , '' Handi Man '' and the original '' Cat Woman '' These Amorite = Caucasian '' Super heros '' do things like Dodge and out run Bullets or catch Bullets with their Teeth they always catch the bad guys , they always deactivate bombs 3 seconds before it is going to blow , In other words , they do things that are almost Impossible . If it's a choice of the Nubian Or The Amorite = Caucasian getting killed , The Nubian Is always the first choice . This is all put forth to Subliminally suggest to You that you have to be an Amorite = Caucasian to be a Success or to Survive and and you are of no value and can be eliminated without no concern by any ;...
    Dig This Ok < Take for example figures of people like Yashua / Jesus The
    Pharaoh , Moses , Hannibal , Samson , Clepatra , Solomon And Abraham . When you hear these names what is the first thing that comes to Your minds ? If You Are Honest You Will Have To Say That When You Think Of . Moses , You Think Of Charlton Heston , When You Think Of Yashua / Jesus , You Think Of The Hippy LQQking Amorite = Caucasian , That Used Hang On Your GrandMother's Wall Or The Actor Jeffrey Hunter , When You Think Of The Pharaoh , Yul Brenner Comes To Your Mind , When You Say Hannibal , An Image Of Tony Curtis Flashes In Your Head , When You Think Of Cleopatra , Elizabeth Taylor Pops In Your Mind , When You Hear Samson You Think Of Victor Mature , It Is No Coincidence That All Of These Great People Are Being Portrayed By Canaaites , Amorites = Caucasians , And Now The Latest Is Solomon Who Was Portrayed By Jimmy Smits , > Now you can say that thisis only Entertainment but this Form Of Entertainment is obviously Subliminal Education . < Because , It Is Proven Facts That All Of These Men And Woman Were Nubians ! > But they make You Think that they are not Nubians by feeding you with a bunch of Lies ! The Media Is Nothing More Than The Board Of Education Or broader of education of the malevolent beings , This is just another one of the Amorites = Caucasian ways to Propagate '' Their Supremacy '' And Teach You To Hate Yourself , So That You Will Do Anything To Be In His Image . < HowEver , What You Keep OverLQQking Is The Fact That , Even If You Try To Talk And Walk Like Them , Hang Out With Them , Listen To Their Music , Or You Can Even Bleach Your Skin , They Stilll Aren't Going To Accept You . ( Right Michael ? ) You Will Still Be Just Another '' Tom '' To Them . Nubian People Need To WakeUp And Stop Trying To Live In The Image Of The Beast ! > They try to make everybody an Amorite = Caucasian , If you haven't noticed the picture of Dr . Martin Luther King Jr . get lighter and lighter as the years go by . Pretty soon he will be a staunch Amorite = Caucasian .
    Even Aunt Jemima from Aunt Jemima Pancakes Has transformed from A Rag Wearing Maid Suit , Now she has A Perm and in due time she will LQQk like Brook Shielfs . Since Michael Jackson has changed his Appearance he has become the '' Pop Singer Michael Jackson '' Since childhood Michael was Considered A Rhythm And Blues Singer , But now that he is no longer a '' Black man '' All of a sudden he is Pop Singer . The impressions that your children get from watching you and others are Lasting Impressions .When children see someone who is a good example , like a person who works hard , or respects their Elders and authority having manner , neat and clean , helping other , and healthy , Etc . A Child immediately remembers these things and will eventually pick up these habits . The same goes for bad habits , such as ; using drugs being abusive , or being disrespectful . When a child sees a person who lies , drinks alcohol . or sees you steals , these images are impressed upon their conscious and subconcious minds , meaning the child begins to think that these things are the right thing to do When In Fact They Are Not . And This Is What They Do To Nubians . They Always Promote The Bad Image Of The Nubian , When you see a Commercial , They Are Always Being Arrogant , Or The Criminal , They Are Never The Doctor Who's Saving Someone's Life . They Are The Drug Addict Or Husband Who Beats His Wife . When A Nubian Man Or Woman Does SomeThing Great , You Never See Them Promote It , It's Always Pushed Under The Rug , Like It Never Happened . You'll See Marion Barry Across The Television Smoking Crack , And They Showed It On EveryStation . But You Never See Them Promote The Fact That Clinton Smoked Marijuana ,They Asked Him About It And He Gave The Answer And I Quote .... I Didn't Inhale '' . They Showed This For A Minute And That Was It . You'll see Magic Johnson with A.I.D.S. stamped across his forehead . But Someone like Greg Louganis .an Amorite = Caucasian A.I.D.S. victim , who won the 1992 Olympics , after jumping in the water with other competiters , what if he Urinated in the water ? What if his Saliva got into the water ? What if He bumped his head and Bled in the Water which could have been the cause of other people catching
    A.I.D.S. from the tinted water . But did you here that plastered across the Television Screen ? No !! Most people havent even heard of the name Greg Louganis . The point I'm trying to make is you can replace them with the correct images . . < You can take away these Negative images that they place into your child's mind . Help Dispell these Myths that all Nubian are either Gangsters , Or Drug Dealers , Who Don't Work For A Living Because There Are Nubians That Have Been And Can Be A Positive Influence To The Youth . As Long As You Have The Mark of the Beast and live under the Rule of the Evil Reptilian and accept his Laws You won't have any problems . The Moment you start Acknowledging who you are , the Evil One will set out against you and say '' persecute that person !!!! Just because you are righteous , that isthe sole purpose . The Nubians who are running around the streets smokeing Crack , Selling Drugs , Prostituting Themself , They Don't Bother Them , You've seen Neighborhoods where there are open crak houses and you Ask Yourself '' why don't they just come in andclose the place down '' They tell you '' we don't want the crack users , we want the crack pushers , But if you arrest all the users , the Pushers will come out because that is who is Supporting them . They don't want them . They persecute you for one reason And one reason only and that is Righteousness and I will give you perfect example of Persecution For Righteousness Sake ; Dr . Martin Luther King Jr . had a righteous heart . He meant well in everything he was doing , and you or nobody else can deny that Correct ? You may not agree with his doctrine or everything he taught , but he had a good heart and he meant well . What Did They Do To Him ? < They Killed Him Anyway > . Now , Malcolm X on the other hand , Was totally against everything they were about , he spoke Bluntly against them . But for what he believed , he also was sincere and had a good heart . What did they do to him
    They Killed Him Too , So now what's the reason for killing these two totally opposite Nunian leaders ? Because they were Nubian ? No !!!! He killer them for righteous name's Sake . Because they were getting too many Nubians ro wakeup . He Kills just because you have Submitted To the will of The Most High and have become Righteous or by Submitting to Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ .... Yahweh , Or Jehovah , or even Jah ... He'll kill a Rastafarian , He'll kill anybody . He does not want to see you serving anything other than him .
    Revelation 13 ; 12 - 17 <> It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed. 13 It works great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in the sight of men; 14 and by the signs which it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast, it deceives those who dwell on earth, bidding them make an image for the beast which was wounded by the sword and yet lived; 15 and it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast so that the image of the beast should even speak, and to cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. 16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.
    Tell you that he wants you to serve him , Most Nubians , believe it or not , are serving him in one way or the other by trying to LQQK like him . by emulating him and that is his greatest desire . That you will turn away from yourselves and Idolize him , worship him and get the mark of prostrating to him on your heads , the mark of the beast instead of the mark of righteousness , That's why he created Sun Tanning Pills And Lotion Ultra Violet Light Which darken Their complexion , not to mention some of them live under these mschines trying to be Nubians . And Silicone Implants Which Enlarges The Breasts ,Thighs , And Buttocks . For Years They Teased About Your Full Lips Calling You '' Bubba Lips And Many Other Derogatory Names , Now They Are The Ones Who Are Having Silicone Injections In Their Lips Just So That They Can LQQk '' More Beautiful '' Take It From Me They Are Well Aware Of The Fact That '' Black Is Beautiful
    Now You Do To Your Faces What Napooleon Did To The Statuse In Egypt . He Went Through Knocking Off Your Noses To Hide Your '' Blackness ''You Better Stop Trying To Live In The Image Of The Beast . He Is From A Degenerate Cursed Seed . There Is No Life For Him After This World , But If You Live Righteously In The Way Of The Most High , You Have Been Promised Paradise . Why Throw It All Away To Foolow In The Footstep Of The Evil Reptilian ?
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    I gotta a job while I chase my dream

    This post is too deep for words. All I can say is this, you make some very enligthening points and they seem to be right on the mark!

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    Thankyou Lady Bastet

    Thankyou Happy You Enjoy It :tongue:
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    I believe the "mark of the beast" is more to do than just who we're all are as a race. But it has to do with who we all bow to as we walk this earth. Either we bow to the Father and His Son, or the enemies of the Father and His Son. If the former, then one needn't wonder if they should receive the mark, but always be watchful so that they aren't caught sleeping. If the latter, then such a one probably doesn't even think it(the mark) is something to avoid, and thus, they have made their decision.

    If we remain faithful in the Son for His sacrifice for our sins, then we should have hope to be redeemed and face no trouble when our time has come. If we believe in His teachings, His resurrection, and His holy works, then all of our woes will be behind us as we stand before the Father in His salvation.