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Apr 9, 2001
Eloquent ****

blowing out innocence
smelling the impish residue of evening
misbehaved thoughts connecting sexualities thus…
gazing at drops,
excuse noir expectation structures
of unorthodox missions,
positions kept
burgundy sights,
invited scenes of cli-T-oris thick stamina
sucking eager centuries lost in gender
judgmental thoughts
I must insist…
bronze shaded cheeks
willingly spread
savor my theory of nurturance whispers
“indulge me deeply”
your whipser
interruptions of dildo lullabies
nurse one back
candle wax tip strokes inside you
holiest orgasmic platform experiences
facial straddles,
murmured rhythms,
scented fruits caressed,
creviced dreams indulge your deepness…
I kiss you only out of mischief,
but hold you eternally

Jahvandus Kwu
© 2001 ObsidianSoul Publishings
all rights reserved
Okay I'm awake!!!

Boy i really had to come up for air on this one...because i was all up in dhis. For a minute there i thought i was the words inside this here. I got the mental flash backs and all. You got a girl mind working ova here...I'm going back to stare back into the page. Just to let you know though....this was a tight scribe...


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