Black People : Elks, Masons, and Eastern Stars

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    Hello Family,

    While i've heard of these organizations, i know very little about them.

    The little that i have learned, is that it is their intention for me (outsiders) not to know much! :)

    If someone is a Member of one of these organizations, or knows a little you can share, please do.

    I'm wondering if these are Sister / Brother organizations, or are they in competition with each other? I understand that the Elks and Masons are for Brothers, and the Eastern Stars are Sisters?

    Are they all Black?

    For some reason, i have the understanding that they are off-shoots of some White organization ... kinda like the Black version of that same thing?! For example, the Mardi Gras celebration here in Mobile, they have Black and White separate associations, because Blacks could not be a part of the White ones. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

    What is the history of these organizations? How old are they?

    I spoke to a Sister recently, that is an Elk Associate. She said that there is a difference between an Elk Associate and an Elk Member. Associates get in for $10.00 a year, or something like that, whereas Members pay a larger amount, and it is a more prestigous position. She said anyone can become an Elk Associate.

    What are the registration / acceptance procedures for the other organizations?

    Are there Elk, Mason, and Eastern Star Lodges in almost every city?

    Talking with her is what made me wonder all of this, because ... well ... 'cause i don't know! :)

    So ... if anyone has anything they can share, please do.

    Thanks Yall.


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    Masons & Eastern Stars are associated groups. As you already identified, Masons are only for men. Whereas Eastern Stars are a female group; however, Masons (men) can also join the Eastern Star. Blacks can join Masonic lodges and Eastern Star lodges. Although there is a version of the Masons which is exclusively Black known as the Prince Hall Masons. Here is a link to learn more about them:
    Who is Prince Hall? And other well known Prince Hall Masons
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    The rotten Apple

    - now you know I can't resist a topic like this sister ;) ...........................

    True indeed brother Pan,

    the black Masons though they do much good in our communities, when it comes down to it are just a replica of the white lodges. I've yet to see any actions taken without approval from Europeans of high measures.....Maybe there have but I have not seen or heard of it!!!

    The whole masonic foundation is US in the first place......which is why like church (which is also set up Masonically, as the ALTAR is in the exact location where "the master builder was struck with the 3rd & final blow to the head) the white & black lodges are separated...........

    only the elite of the black lodge (such as the late great Thuroughgood Marshall) can even rub shoulders with the white masons of LOW standards or degrees........& Thuroughgood was a VERY high ranking mason which is why (not to take anything away from our beloved brother, but truth is truth) he was selected. Yes, he should have been there, but WHO ARE WE??? there are many of us Male & FEMALE that could have been selected for that position were THIS COUNTRY FAIR & TRULY A DEMOCRACY at it's root. NO, He was chosen because they wanted to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.......He was a black masonic Lawyer whom they could elect & at the same time appear to be going along with "affirmitive action" or Equal rights for all "citizens"....

    what's really funny, as I know I'm way off the subject please forgive me sister....The definition of an American Citizen which will show that they didn't pick our brother simply because he was the best for the job........

    Peace the Goddess & God...........................
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    Might I add

    When we mention Masons, Elks and Eastern Stars we might as well mention Greek Fraternaties and Sororities. This secret knowledge that they possess is really no secret at all. As our brothers and sisters here who practice the traditions of our ancestors can tell you this "secret knowledge" was stolen and used outright by the Greeks and Romans and in secrecy by Europeans for fear of excommunication and hereasy from the Roman Catholic Church at that time. A good portion of today's Masonic knowledge was established during and after The Holy Crusades. Prince Hall's reasoning for establishing the First African Masonic Lodge was two fold. First wanted to teach the slaves and former slaves who they were, where they came from and there greatness. Second he wanted to give the slave and former slave something that would elevate the slave to the status of the elite white man. That was Free Masonry. He knew that the knowledge of Free Masonry was something the white man could never take away and by Masonic creed make them brothers bound by knowledge. Of course this was unacceptable to the white man even to this day. In the movie and true story "Rosewood" the massacre was behind a white woman Fannie Taylor accusation of being raped by a black man one morning. The truth was she was having affair with a white man and that morning he and her argued and he beat her. She lied to hide the shame. The white man was a Mason and used his Masonic connection to escape prosecution demanding the help from local black Masons. The black Masons aided his escape and died harboring the secret of what really happened. Here we see black men dying for the Masonic Order. It was once said by a famous author, historian and Egyptologist that black Masons are Africans imitating Europeans imitating Africans. So go figure.

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    My grandfather was a Mason and my grandmother was an Eastern was many of the men and women in their generation.

    I didn't go to college so I wasn't exposed to any fraternities, but I thought about becoming Mason a few times.

    Whatever so-called secret or ancient knowlege these societies give people....they must only retain it as far as the exit door of the lodge because they sure aren't putting it to use in the community.

    The Masons, Elks, Boule, and Eastern Stars that I see get sick, stay broke, and get in trouble just like everyone what good is the knowledge?

    A good friend of mine who was/is and Elk told me all they did was swap wives and had orgies.

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