Brother AACOOLDRE : Elements of Black Unity

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    By Andre Austin

    What are some of the components of Black Unity?:

    1. Black Dynasties. This means business, religious, entertainment and political families build alliances. For example: fantasia, a millionaire singer had no business with a married man.

    2. Black religious organization networking away from isolation from other churches.

    3. Harmony is agreeing to cooperate with each other without requiring 100% agreement. Many Black individuals, institutions and or groups isolate from each other because they do not agree with each other 100%. If you agree 85% of the time it should be good enough to work with.

    4. Agriculture. No people can be independent of a hostile controlling outsiders if they can’t feed themselves.

    5. Temporary Economic separation that W.E. B. Dubois proposed. If you have one dollar spend 70% of it with each other.

    6. Net trade. Get a debit card and invest on the stock market. Engage in International Trade.

    7. Study the Art of War. Why? Because Business and war go hand and hand.

    8. Study anthropology. Why? Implement positive aspects of other cultures and evolve it into your own.

    9. Black people need icons and achievements to rally around. For example: The central theme, character and plot of Old and New testament folktales and parables were hatched in Upper and lower Egypt by Egyptian priests. The plagiarist just renamed many of them.

    10. Study what the basic components of capitalism is selling some corn, planting seed for more corn for the next year and saving some of your profits. Buyers empty their pockets and sellers fill theirs up.

    11. Reject tokenism as progress. We are 40 million black people. Become aware of Black organization like NAACP who are not for Black unity but multi-ethnic unity where we are the horse and everybody else is the rider. NAACP is a suppliant of the DNC only wanting the Black masses to vote for them so they can represent white corporations.

    12. Investigate the Babylonian Talmud with the curse on Ham and Canaan and how this has affected blacks being associated with ugly features like nappy hair, drunk with red eyes, being marketed for nudity and being regulated to wage/debt slavery. How this was promoted in the early years of Hollywood.

    13. Drum it into heads of Negroes that Black unity aims and objectives is to target the Black masses who are invisible to uplift them out of the swamp of a holocaust that they are living in.

    14. Black on Black crime decrease. Can't be in unity if we are scared of eachother