Black Hebrew Israelites : Elated & Thankful!

Discussion in 'Black Hebrew Israelites Study Group' started by Chevron Dove, May 8, 2010.

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    Wow! I am both elated and so very thankful to see this new thread! It seems so fitting for this forum and concerning the growing interest in today's world regarding the original BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES! It seems so appropriate based on the very history about the Black Hebrew Israelites in that they were scattered all over the world and thus, would obviously benefit from such an opportunity to have a forum, a platform, upon which to come to the table and RE-DISCOVER the lost history!

    Thank you so much Sister Purplemoons for your innovation and pioneering of this new discussion thread! Thank you so much Sister Destee and administration for this opportunity. And as I have seen in the other threads, i look forward to some kind of 'ground rules' to which I can make an affirmation and have confidence in a discussion thread that will ensure high standards in which others, like myself, who do ascribe and embrace this Black Hebrew Israelite experience and, others that want to learn more can have a place to come together on this area of study and learn more without being subjected to negativities and abuse for having such a belief and desire to know more.