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    ( It Is No Coincidence ) that you can take so-called '' Religious Practices of today and find exactly where it was copied from Ancient Egypt . In The Islaamic Religion The Muslims have what referred to as The Al Hajarul Aswad , or The Black Stone which sits in Ruknul Aswad , The East Corner Of A Cube Shape Building 40X40, Which they refer to as The '' Kaaba '' , Andthey make A Hajj or Pilgrimage to this site to encircle it Seven Times , In an Ancient Egyptian Ritual Established By The Pharaoh Amenophis Who Erected A Large Cube Shaped Granite Stone In Karnak To The Great Egyptian Deity Amun , Who Became Amun-Ra , The Sun Deity .

    The Priest Of Amun would have shave all the hair off their bodies , bald their heads , wear A one piece seamless white robe and encircle that cube structure Seven times each day . IT IS NO COINCIDENCE That the Arabic word for Pyramid Is Ahrum , And the White Seamless Robe worn by The Pilgrims In Mecca Is Called Ihram , Both from the same root Harum or Sacred Place , Which Is Also The Same Word They Use Haaram For Unlawful . The Kaaba of The Islaamic World Was Built Originally To The Deity '' El Uzza , El Holy Quraan 23;19 , Who Is The Egyptian Equivalent Of '' Isis ( Aset ) . Their Corner Stone They Claim Is A Meteorite That Fell To Earth White As Snow And By The Kisses Of Evil Men Their Sins Entered It And It Became Blacked ( Al Timidho Hadith 2577 ) .

    This is one of The Ridiculous Belief Concerning This Master Builder Artifacts .They Are Uncertain As To Whether It Existed Before Kadmon / Adam , And That Abram / Abraham Built On Its Foundation Or Exactly Who , Yet Millions Of Believing Muslims Each Each Year Go There To Worship A Door And Pray To This Cube Shape Building Sitting In The Center Of The City Now Called Mecca In Saudi Arabia .

    Thus It No Coincidence When I Tell You That In The Judaic Religion They To Stole Things From The Egyptian Culture . The Ten Commandments Of Leviticus 20;1-19 Of The Bible Was Taken Directly Out Of The Book Of The Dead , From The '' Declaration Of Innocence Before The Neteru Of The Tribunal '' Such As '' Thou Shalt Not Kill ( Exodus 20;13 ) Is The Exact Same Thing As '' I Have Not Slain People .'' . Only In The Bible They Take The Declaration And Turn Them Into Commandment From A So-called All Powerful God Who Has To Create Laws . Why Does You God Have To Send The Commandment '' Thou Shalt Not Steal ( Exodus 20;15 ) , Which By The Way Was Taken From Verse 3 Of The ''Declaration Of Innocence Before The Neteru Of The Tribunal '' Where It States And I Quote '' O Swallower Of Shades Who Came Forth From Kernet , I Have Not Slain People '' . So Read This Thread / Post '' The Book Of The Dead '' With The Intent Of OverStanding Its Message ( If You Can ) Coming Forth By Day .

    In The Blessed And Holy Name Of The Great Neter Usir , Son Of Geb And Nut , Children Of The Majestic Amun Ra .
    ( 1 ) . O wide - strider who came forth from Anu ( heliopolis ) . I Have Not Done Wrong .
    ( 2 ) . O fire-embracer who came from khemennu ( hermoplis ancient religious city in middle al kham associated with Tehuti ) . I Have Not Robbed .
    ( 3 ) . O nosey who came forth from khemennu ( hermopolis anicent religious city in middle al kham associated with Tehuti ) . I Have Not Stolen .
    ( 4 ) . O swallower of shades who came forth from kernet . I Have Not Slain People .
    ( 5 ) . O terrible of face who came forth from rasta ( rosetjau - name of the Necropolis of Giza or memphis , also passages in the tomb leading to the other world ) . I Have Not Destroyed The Food Offering .
    ( 6 ) . O ruty ( double lion form of The Sun Deity with two lion back to back ) Who came forth from The Ila '' The Sky Above ... I Have Not Reduced Measures .
    ( 7 ) . O he - whose - eyes - are in - flames who came forth from asyut , Ancient town in middleal kham , I Have Not Stolen The Neteru's Property .
    ( 8 ) . O burning one who came forth from henensu ( heraclepolis religious and political center on the west bank in the middle al kham near faiyum , I Have Not Stolen Food .
    ( 9 ) . O orderer of flame who came forth from hettahka ( memphis - cult center of Ptah ) . I Was Not Sullen .
    ( 10 ) . O he - of - the - cavern who came forth from the west . I Have Not Fornicated With The Fornicator .

    ( 11 ) . O he whose face is behind him who came forthfrom his hole . I Have Not Caused ( Anyone ) To Weep .
    ( 12) . I anointed one who came forth them the chapel . I Have Not Dissembled .
    ( 13 ) . O hot-legs who came forth at twilight , I Have Not Transgressed .
    ( 14 ) . O he - who - is blood - who came forth from the place of slaughter , I Have Not Done Grain Profiteering .
    ( 15 ) . O eater of entrails who came forth from the council of thirty . I Have Not Robbed A Parcel Of Land ,
    ( 16 ) . O master of truth who came forth from hall of two truth , I Have Not Discussed ( Secret ) .
    ( 17 ) . O strayer who came forth from bubastis ( cult city of baster in the easter delta ) . I Have Brought No Lawsuits .
    ( 18 ) . O planter who came forth from Anu ( heliopolis ) . I Have Not Disputed At All About Property .
    ( 19 ) . O doubly evil one who came forth from the busirite nome . I Have Not Had Intercourse With A Married Woman .
    ( 20 ) . O he - who - see what - he - has brought who came forth from the house of father min . I Have Not ( Wrongly ) Copulated .

    ( 21 ) . O he - who - is - over - the - great - ones who came forth . I Have Not Struck Terror .
    ( 22 ) . O demolisher who came forth . I Have Not Transgressed .
    ( 23 ) . O proclaimer of speech who came forth from weryt . I Have Not Been Hot ( - Tempered ) .
    ( 24 ) . O youth who came forth from the double scepter nome . I Have Not Been Neglected Of Truthful Words .
    ( 25 ) . O dark one who came forth from darkess . I Have Not Cursed .
    ( 26 ) . O he -who - brings - his offering who comes forth from asyut ( Ancient Town In Middle Al Kham ) . I Have Not Been Violent .
    ( 27 ) . O proclaimer of voice who came forth nedjefet ( A Place In The Region Of Asyut ) . I Have Not Been Impatient .
    ( 28 ) . O captian who came forth from weten . I Have Not Discussed .
    ( 29 ) . O possessor of two horns who came forthfrom asyut ( Ancient Town In Middle Al Kham . I Have Not Been Garrulous In These Matters ,
    ( 30 ) . O neferum who came forth from hettahka ( Memphis - Cult Center Of Ptah ) .

    ( 31 ) . O he - who - acts - as - he - wishes who came forth from antinaipolis
    ( A Town In Middle Al Kham ) . I Have Not Waded In The Water .
    ( 32 ) . O father Ihy ( Neter Who Represents The Sound Made By The Sistrum And Menat Instruments ) Who Came Forth From The Primordial Waters , My Voice Was Not Lond .
    ( 33 ) . O he - who - prospers - the common - people who came forth from asyut ( Ancient Town In Middle Al Kham ) . I Have Not Cursed A Neteru .
    ( 34 ) . O uniter of attributes who came forth from the cavern , I Have Not Made Homage ,
    ( 35 ) . O uniter of good who came forth from the cavern .
    ( 36 ) . I Have Not Stolen The Khenef-Cakes From The Blessed .
    ( 37 ) . O -he - who - brings - his - portion who came forth from the hall of the truth . I Have Not Stolen Hefnu - Cakes Of Youth ( Nor ) Have I Fettered The Neteru Of My Town .
    ( 38 ) . O he - who brightens - the - land who came forth from faiyum ( Inlake And Marsh Area Of The West Nile . Center Of Crocodile Neter ) . I Have Not Slain Sacred Cattle . < Coming Forth By Day >

    ( The Ten Commandments ) .
    ( 1 ) . You are to have no < akhair > other ' Eloheem except me
    ( 2 ) You will not make for yourself any < fehsel > idol at all , Any < temoonaw
    likeness ' in the < shawmahyim > skies ' < mahal > ' above or that is in the planet earth from beneath or in the < mahyim > waters ' from under the planet earth .
    ( 3 ) . You will not < shawkhaw > ' prostrate 'yourself to them , nor < awbad > slave ' them ; For I Yahuwa Eloheem am A < qannaw > jealous ' El . the one
    < fawqad > Visiting the < Awwone > Iniquity of the < Awb > Father upon the
    < Bane > children ' up to the < shillaysh > Third and < ribbayah > Fourth generation of them that < sawnay > 'Hate me .
    ( 4 ) . You should not take the < shawme > Name of A Yahuwa Eloheek and use it < shaww > Falsely ' For A Yahuwa will not hold him < nawqaw > Guiltless that takes his < shame > name and use < shaww > Falsely .
    ( 5 ) . Zawkar ' Remeber '' The sabbath day , to keep it < qawdash > ' Holy
    ( 6 ) You are not to < rawtsakh > Fight to kill .
    ( 7 ) . You are not to < nawaf > commit abominations ,
    ( 8 ) . You will not < gawnab > Steal .
    ( 9 ) . You are not to < awnaw > bear < shehker >False < ayd > Witness against your < rayah > Neighbors friends .
    ( 10 ) . You will not < khawmad > Desire ' your Israelite neighbor's friends house , You will not < khawmad > Desire Israelite Neighbor's friend < Ishsaw > Confidante wife , Nor his male slave , Nor his female slave , Nor his ox , or his *** , Nor anything that is your Israelites neighbors friends < RighTranslation In The Original Aramic / Hebrew ) .

    Let me speak to You of Who You Are and Your Ancient Heritage , Of Retracing .
    Our - Stroy , Not His - Story , It takes Us Back to the Ancient Ones Tarite ( Ptah )
    Later called Mitsrayim < Aramic > Egypt Which was also called Khami ( Kemet ) By the ancient ones . Now called Egyptians , inhabited by impostors or Mulatto , Egyptians . Some Sumerians migrated Westward under the Name Mitsrayim , And lived and Mixed with The Tarites as Nuwbuns . They became Kham from Ham , Cush from Kish Egyptian from Mistrayim , Libyan from Phut , These names Lock You Into Biblical History if you believe and accept the Bible as fact . Kemet is from Kham , or Ham Genesis5 ; 32 meaning ' Black Skinned '' The Greeks called The Land Of Cush , Ethiopia , Originally from Aksum . The Arabs called Balad As - Sudan , Sudan From Sawdeh ( Outer Field ) . The Greek called Mitsrayim , Egypt , from Tar ( Ptah ) . They all were in The Land of Nubia , from the original Nuba , The Seat Today Of Uganda Which

    Encompasses The Whole of that Continent . We Existed On The Planet Earth Thousand Of Years Before The Bible And Quraan . Both of these Writeing are New Information Compared To Our Records Kept In Hieroglyphs , Which are also found on The Walls Of Central And South America And Cuneiform . A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Just LQQk On The Walls Of Sumeria And Egypt , Even Today , LQQk at the face of the Statues in these Americas of the Olmes and The Truth of these Indigenous people of the planet reveals itself to you as Nuwbuns . It's The Skin Color Of The People , Not The Sands On The Shores Of The Niles , Which The Greeks Claimed . The Seed Of Noah ( Utnafishtim ) In The Gilgamesh Epics , One Of The Tablets From Which The Bible Eas Plagiarized Tells You That Noah's Family After The Deluge Spread Across The Earth So Some Of The Sumerians . As The Family Of Noah , Or Noah's Sons Moved Westward .

    There They Met And Mixed With Little People Referred To As Tarite Or Ptahites , Evolution Produced From Genus - Homo . To Homo Erectus And Then Divine Intervention Of Nommos . Or The Neteru . Produced A Superior Group Of Little People Called Nuwbuns , Whom The Family Of Noah Mixed In With And Formed Egypt . The Sixteen Dynasties Of Egyptian History Made Public Today Is The Last Of The Great Kingdoms , Not By Far The First Our Story As Recorded In The Ruins Of Egypt Today Was The End Point Of Some Of Our Greatness Was Made Possible By Khufu Removing The Immigration Law And Allowing An Invasion Of Other Race To '' Tie Into The Vine '' And Literally Claim To Be Egyptian , To The Point Where They Literally Replaceed Woolly Haired Dark Skinned People's Images . They Fabricated Fales Replicas That House The Museums And Even Repainted The Art Works In The Tomb And Antiqued '' Them To Make Them LQQk Authentic .

    So that You would see what You thought were true images of our Ancestors , when in fact they are forgeries like The Faces Of Nefertiti which they changed one of the name that Latin Speaking People , Be It Portuguese , Castilian , Spanish , Referred To Us As , Is Morenos Which Gives You The Word Moor . And They Borrowed The Greek Word Negeer ( Acts 13 ; 1 ) And It Became Negra , Both For Two Form Of '' Black '' Negra The Color , And Morenos The State . So To Them The Original Moors , Are Those Of The Black Olive Tone Hue Or Nub
    ( Dark Brown ) Who Dwelled In Ham Or Kemet And Aksum , Or Ethiopia And Even As Far As Al Ghor , Or Arabia. All Of These Land Belong To The Nuwbuns / Nubians Or Moor

    They will say that Nuwba ( Nuba ) Comes from the word '' Gold '' When in fact Nuba Is '' Dark Brown '' And Neba In Nubian mean '' Gold '' The Nuwbuns ( Nubuns ) Didn't Speak Nubian , They Soke An Ancient Cuneiform Language Of Syretic.Cu****e , Aramic Dialect That Broke Off From The Tongue Of The Beings Who Visited Them From The Star Called Nuwaubic . Which Later Became Cuneiform . A Latin Word '' Cunieus ''Meaning '' Wedge '' Merely Describing The Screipt . Not The Spoken Language . It Gave Birth To All Of What Is Called The Semitic Language Today . Genesis 11 ; 7 Clearly Point Out That Their God Spoke A Different Language From Them For He Conversed With His Constitutes In Heaven Before Coming To Earth And The Koran 44 ; 58 , Supports This By Stating That The Koran Was Revealed To Muhammad In Muhammad Own Tongue , Not Allah's .

    And In Ancient Sudan , Nuwba ( Nuba ) was the name of a Deity , Who came from The Skies , The Nuwbas or Nubuns were the Original people and that was their Name not Nubians , They created the Nubian Tribes or Nubians by Marrying Jaaliin , Also Spell Jalin , by the Guhayna , Nomadic Pale Arab Tribe , Who Invaded Sudan from the Sinai Area Along With The Shaigiyya . They Mixed In With The Nuwbuns , Became Beja , Hadendawa , Or Fuzzy Wuzzy , A Mixture Of Israel Who Crossed From The Tribe Of Judah Over And Settled Along The Rivers . They Too Became Arabicized By The Arab Ivasions To Created A Melting Pot Of Arabicized Nuwbuns Who Later Converted To The Islaamic Religion And Became Known As Nubians And Mixed With The Donogla Or The Danaakil Of That Area Giving You The Variety Of Races . That Inhabit Sudan Today , And Are Now Called Sudanese Or Nubians . Mix Brown To Light Skin , Wooly To Curly To Even Straight , Hair However . If You LQQk At Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi , The Son Of The Mahdi Of The Sudan , Or His Son Al Haadi Al Mahdi . Who Are Of The Tribes Of Donogla . Called Dongola . Beja , It Is Plain To See That They Have Nuwbun Feature And Wooly Hair . Unlike What They Portray As The Sudanese Today Who Has Curly To Straight Hair And Aquiline Features .

    Which Are Arabacized From Pale Desert Arab < Quraan 9 ; 97 > Invasions . Down on into Yemen You had Sabeans
    Quraan 10 ; 7 , Who Were The Queen Of Sheba's '' Makeda '' 1Kings 10 ; 1 ..Poeple andthey also were Mixed in with the tribes of the Son Of Jacob When The Broke Up Into Two Part , Israel To The North , Ruled By Solomon , And And Judah To The South , Ruled By Adonijah Both Being Son Of David , The Great King Of Israel Judah , To The South Called Judah had the Sons Benjamin , Dan and The Sister Dina , The 12th Tribe . In Fact Yemen Is Short For Benjamin Meaning '' Son Of The Right Hand , ''

    '' The 8th Son Of Jacob Genesis35 ; 18 . Being Sheba was a Queen whose name was Wakeda and Female Deity Worship was always related to the moon , while male deity worship was related to the Sun , The people of Southern Arabia worshipped the mood deity Dina , or Dinah from the Female tribe , The Ishtar , Isis , Aphrodite , The Greek Bandice , diety of the moon Arianrod , Celtic , Deity Of The Moon , Chandra or Candra in Indian , deity of The Moon , Chang - O , Also know as Heng - O In China , Deity Of The Moon , Khonsu , Engyptian Deity Of The Moon , Naja , Spirit Of The Moon Gleti , Dahomey , Deity Of The Moon , Nannar Sin , The Sumerian Deity Of The Moon Ixbalnque , Mayan Deity Of The Moon Tsuikwomy - No - Mikoto , Japanese Deity Of The Moon UI, Scottish Deity Of The Moon And The List Of Moon Worship Goes on and on many of the Cultures Switched it from the female to the male but still it Remain Moon worship . As in Islam Where Allat the deity that preceded Allah was the Moon Deity And Became Allah . The Male Deity , The 13th Tribe of Israel's Dina , Taken from the ancient Roman Deity Female Diana . Symbol Of the star and Crescent .

    It also became the name of The Islamic Religion , Deen , In recognition of the Crescent Worship as found on the top of all of their Mosques . Their Calendar is A Lunar Calendar . All of their Rituals of fasting ends with the citing of the new moon . Which is A Crescent and the list goes on . The Islamic Religion today comes from these Moon Worshippers , Mixing Falsehood with truth . They produced from Millah Ibrahiym , The Truth .Diynul Muhammad , The Worship Of The Moon Deity Allah . Whose Wife Was Allat , And Their Kids '' Uzza '' And '' Manat '' Koran 53;19-20 .

    They have Misguided you up to this day , They , Meaning So - Called Egyptologist Do not know the Home , origin , or Early History of The Ancient Text Or Where Did The Ancient Book Of The Dead Originate , I Am here to inform you that the oldest form or Edition of the Book Of The Dead That They Have , Supplies No Information Whatsoever as to the period when it was compiled or who it was given to . Or they choose to hide or deny the fact that The Ancient Book Of The Dead Is An Inspiration That Was Given To Ankh

    Aton . The Son Of Amenhotep lll And Teye From The Heavenly One Anu . There are Pyramid Text , Which Were Inscribed On The Wall Of The Mir ( Prramid ) , It Was The Source Of The Modified Coffin Text Which As The Name Implies Was Found In The Sarcophagus Of The Deceased The Pyramid Text Deal More With The Spiritual Aspect Of The Deceased Although It Mentions The Importance Of The Body Being Kept In One Piece . There Were Also Other Texts Besides The One That Are Conidered Funerary Texts From The Book Of The Dead . The Book Of The Dead Was Not The Last Scroll Written A Book Called The Book Of Breathing Was Used Along With It Or As A Supplement To The Book Of The Dead And Continued To Be Used During The Roman Era . Which Was After The Reign Of Cleopata The 7th .. Ankh Aton Who Was The Pharaoh Of Egypt In The 18th Dynasty Reigned From 1367 - 1340 B.C. With His Wife Nefertiti ..Who they gave A Face Lift To Hide Her African Features .

    Ankh Aton .. I Must Emphasize When You Read This Thread Of The '' The Book Of The Dead Coming Forth By Day '' You Will Realize That With A Little Research , You Can Dispell The Myth And Prove With Fact That The Egiptian Did Not Take Much Heed To Spook Gods Or Ghost . Their Worship Of More Than One Deity Was Misinderstood As Idol Worship , When In Actually It Was A Sign Of Respect Towards Nature And Their Noble Descendant . For Example '' Amun Ea '' or Amon Re '' Who Is Equivalent To The Ancient Sumerian Deity Murdoq , And Was The Husband Of Mut ;,,, Amun Ra's Symbol Is The Sun , The Fire Of Nature As For Mut . She Was A Reflection Of Amun Ra's Light , Her Symbol Of Course . Was The Moon Amen Ra And Mut Are Symbolically The Sun And The Moon They Adopted Amun And Mun Adopted Khons And Montu And Because Of His Mother . He Was Also A Deity Of The Moon . Khons Or Khensu 's Symbol Was The Falcon Head .

    These Beings Are Human Deities That Are Your Descendant , And Ancestors Not Spooks Or Ghost The Egyptian Use The Word Neter For Male Deity And Netert For A Female Deity Which When You Will Find Used Throughout The Book Of The Dead Amon Ra Is Not The Actual Sun Itself Which Is 93 Million Miles From The Earth ;....
    Acknowledgeing The Greatmess Of Your Greanfather AMUN RA . It No Different Than Muslim And And Christian Rites Who Both Acknowledge This Egyptian , Human Deity . In Whose Name They End Each Prayer '' Ameen '' Quraan 23 ;1 And Revelation 3 ; 14 . As For The Deity Amen . Ra Which Represented The Sun . He Was The Same Deity Who Hagar Who Is Symbolically Know As Athyr

    ( Hathor ) Genesis 16 ; 1 ) Called On When She Was Stranded In The Desert She Referred Ti Him As El Roi From The Aramic / Hebrew Meaning '' The Source Who See '' In El Holy Torah Genesis 16 ; 13 And She Hagar called the name of A Yahuwa , the one who spoke to her El - Roi , the El of the sun Ra of Egypt who see with a physical Eye ;... It Is The Same Story , Hagar Was Wandering In The Wilderness In Search Of Water For Her Son El Roi Heard Her And Sent Gabriel To Relieve Her Stress .
    In Egypt Aset ( Isis ) Was Distressed In The Swamps Where She Was Hiding , With Her Son Har ( Horus ) Until He Was Old Enough To Avenge His Father's Death , By Neby ( Set , Seth ) . He Had Been Stung By A Scorpoin And His Attendants Were Afraid He Would Die Ra or Roi , Heard The Cries Of Aset ( Isis ) Requesting Assistance For Her Son Ra Sent Tehuti Thoth , To Relieve Her Distress And Restore Her Son Health . < Hagar Dauther Of Imhotep And Rashaa
    The Folling AreAList Of Neteru Or Eloheem / Anunnaqi That Can Be Found In The Egyptian Culture ;.....

    NU OR NUN - Represents the personification as a Neter of prineval ( Relating To Earlier Ages Of The World ) dark liquid mass of waters that contained all principle necessary for the things of life , from which all The Human Neteru ( Deities ) evolved ,
    This Neter'sChief title are Father Of The Deities , And Begetter Of The Great Company Of The Deities '' He isalso referred to as The Abyss , Depicted as a Seated Deity having upon His Head Disk And Plumes Or A Bent Man Waist High In Water Supporting The Manjet Solar Bark Of Amun Ra ..

    Nut - Is The Female principle of NU , The female deity of the sky , Sheis the daughter of SHU ( A Symbol Of Adam = Zakar Called Breath , Air , The Same As Ruwh [ Soul ] ) and Tefnut ( A Symbol Of Eve = Nekaybaw meaning gases Mother Of Moisture , Same Nafsa , Spirit ) And Wife Of Geb / Seb , Her Brother , In the cult of the dead she is closely Associated with the Belief in Resurrection Of The Dead . It Is She Who Swallows The Sun At Shadow Hour And Give Birth To Ra At The Beginning Of Each Day . She Is The Mother Of OSIRIS ( Symbolic Of Anel , And Equivalent To Dummuzi ) . ISIS ( Symbolic Of Aqlimiyah And Equivalent To Ishtar . Set ( Symbolic Of Cain ) And NEPHTYS ( Symbolic Of Lubuwdah ) Nut Is Depicted With The Head Of A Snake Surmounted By A Disk , Or With The Head Of Cat .

    KHEFERA ( Khepher - '' Arising One '' Was A Form Of The Rising Or Young Sun Each Day And An Incarnation Of Father Ra . He Is Depicted In The Form Of A Man Having A Beetle For A Head . The Seat Of The Deity KHEPERA Was In The Boat Of The Sun . He Was Also A Creator Neter That As A Scarab Or Dung Beetle Rolled The Sun Across The Sky , Pushes Until It Is Sometimes Twice The Size Of The Beetle Itself To Nourish Its Larvae .
    RA - Was The Name Given To To The Sun By The Egyptians . RA Was The Visible Emblem Of The Most High ANU . And Was Regarded As The Head YAHWEH Meaning '' He Who Is , Who He Is '' Who Came Down To The Planet Earth And To Whom Offering And Sacrifices Were Made Daily . He Has Many Forms . One That Was Most Important Was The One Where He Seen With A Falcon Head Wearing A Solar Disk And Uraeus . Ra's Origin Was Layed In The Waters Of Nun Having His Eyes And Mouth Shut . After Becoming Tired Of His Inactivity He Climbed From The Daekness Showing Himself In All His Glory As The Sun . He Is Also A Creator Deity From Which The Deoties That Make Up The Ennead Came Into Being From His Sweat And Tears .

    SHU '' The Raise '' - Was The Sky Deity And The Second Member Of The Ennead
    ( Company Of The Deities ) Of ANNU ( HELIOPOLIS ) . He Was The FirstBorn Son Of Ra Know As The Neter Of Air And Light , One Of His Form Is A Human With An Ostrich Feather On Top Of His Head Or Feathers , And Holds , In His Hand The Scepters . He Is The Twin Brother Of Tefnut . At Other Times He Appears In The Form Of A Man With Upraised Arms , On His Head He Has The Emblem , And He Is Often Accompanied By The Four Pillars Of Heaven .

    TEFNUT - The Third Member Of The Ennead ( Company Of The Deities ) Of ANNU , She Was The Daughter Of RA , RA - TMU , Or TMU , aND tWIN sISTER oF SHU . She Is Symbolic As Moisture, AndIn Another Aspect She Seems To Personify The Power Of Sunlight . The Neter ( Deitess ) Tefnut And Neteru Shu Together Guarded The East And West Horizon . She Is Depicted In The Form Of A Woman , Usally With The Head Of A Lioness Sumounted By A Disk .

    GEB , SEB , KEB - The Fourth Member Of The Ennead ( Company Of The Deities ) Of ANNU Was The Son Of SHU . He Was The Husband Of NUT , Originally He Was The Deity Of The Planet Earth , And Is Called Both '' The Father Of The Deities '' And '' The Head Of The Deities '' It Is He Who Leads The First Steps Of The Dead Into The Underworld This Neter Is Depicted In Human Form Sometimes He Has A Goose Upon His Head In Many Places He Called The '' Great Cackler ''

    Usir AUSAR , OSIRIS - The Sixth Member Of The Ennead ( Company Of The Deities Of Annu , Was The Son Of Geb And Nut , And The Husband Of His Sister Aset = Isis And The Father Of Har ( Horus ) Who Is Equivalent To Tammuz In Sumerian Doctrine , Jesus Of Christianity , And Isa Of Islam . He Was The Pharaoh Of Egypt And Became Ruler Of The Dead And Was Noted As The Scribe Of The Holy Offering Of Seb And Nut Originally Osiris Was A Form Of The Sun - Deity , And Speaking Generally , He May Be Said To Have Represented The Sun After If Had Appeared To Set . He Is Shown As A Deity With Green Skin Said To Represent The Fact He Was The Neter Of Vegetation Governing The Death And Rebirth Of Crops Teaching His Subject How To Grow Barly And Brew Beer ,

    And Then Later He Became A Funerary Neter . He Is Shown Wearing The White Crown Of Upper Al Kham ( Egypt ) . He Soon Upsurped All The Neter Becoming Father Of All Neter And Immortality .
    USIR Was Chosen As The Type Of What Deceased Hpoe To Become When . His Body Having Been Having Been Mummified In The Prescibed Way And Ceremonies Proper To The Occasion Have Been Performed .
    The Various Forms In Which OSIRIS Is Depicted Are Too Numerous To Be Described Here , But Generally Speaking He Is Represented In The Form Of A Mummy Wearing A Crown And Holding In His Hands The Emblems Of Sovereignty And Power Aset , AUSETS . ISIS - The Seventh Member Of The Ennead Company Of The Deities Of ANNU . Was The Wife Of OSIRIS And The Mother Of HORUS ISIS Is Equivalent To ISHTAR In The Sumerian Doctrine , MARY In Christianity , MAYA In Buddahism And Dina And Fatimah In Islamic Doctrine Her Most Common Names Are Are '' The Great Female Deity , The Divne

    Mother , The Mistress Of Charms Or Enchantments ' In Later Times She Is Called The Mother Of The Deities And '' The Living One '' She Was Also The Neter Of Corn And Flax And Weaving Cloth Once She Learned The Secret Name Of Father Ra She Became The Most Powerful Of All The Deities Ra Revealed The Name To Her After She Constructed A Serpent

    El Katub Shil El Mawut = The Book Of The Dead , Coming Forth By Day < Part One
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    ..... And Then Later He Became A Funerary Neter

    can anyone please explain what is a "funerary neter?"
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    A funerary Neter is one of the Neteru (deities) that, according to the Metaphor, was responsible for preparing the deceased for their journey into the After life.

    This has spiritual and subconsious connotations.

    Sub-consciously, it applies to the work done to unlock aspects of the mind and spirit.

    Spiritually, it applies to this very same work, as it pertains to the Soul's afterlife journey prior to "death".

    It is important to see the Neteru as Divine attributes of the Supreme Consciousness, and not disconnected deities, apart from the Cosmological whole.

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    Various Other Cultures...

    after invading Afrika, specifically--Egypt, gleaned and culled what was originally black thought-mindset-practice and way of life...!

    The remade, re-copied version by Sir Wallace Bulge: "The Book of the Dead"--is botched and racist.