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    EGYPTOLOGY 101 or,
    Sun vs. Nun,
    Fire vs. Water

    By Andre Austin

    Cast of Characters:
    1. The teacher
    The students,
    2.Herodotus Caldara
    3.Appollodorus Jouvet
    4.Diodorus Sobieski
    5. Queen of Sheba XX
    6. Dean William


    Appollodorus: I don’t want to be here. I’d rather be swimming in a lake than studying here in class.

    Herodotus: But if we want to be anything in life we have to keep our noses in papyrus rolls.

    Dioddorus: School wouldn’t be all that bad if they would cease sending us all these flunky teachers every year.

    Herodotus: Amen to that.

    Appollodorus: Whats wrong with our teacher? There’s nothing wrong with him.

    Didodorus: Well did you hear he got kicked out of the temples in Star city, Chaldean for teaching that the sun was the center of the universe and that water was heaven?

    Appolldorus: Well Socrates teacher Anaxaoras got into trouble for similar things. Anaxagoras was prosecuted because he thought they were not alive but stones.

    Herodotus: Yes and Socrates didn’t conform within his community and he taught the youth to question their teachers. He also didn’t bow down to the local gods and high priest.

    Apollodorus: Well whats wrong with that ?

    Diodorus: Society need not concern itself with truth. Our communities are about employees and employers with none rocking the boat unless you want to find yourself in the local bread lines.

    Herodotus: Be quiet you guys I think the teacher is coming in.

    The teacher: Good mourning class. How is everyone today? Today is August 29 the first day of the New Year according to the calendar that was handed down to us from Thoth. Today’s topic will be on religions that compare with Egypt’s.

    Diodorus: Excuse me teacher. I don’t mean to interrupt but how can Egypt and Christianity be compared when one was monotheist and the other polytheism? If the Egyptian religion were monotheist, it could be seen as the basis or origin of Christianity.

    The Teacher: This is true but western civilization will not allow the correct interpretation of the Egyptian religion.

    Herodotus: But why is this so teacher?

    The teacher: Racism and religious bigotry. And today I’m going to try and prove that the Egyptian religion is the Christian religion.

    Appollodorus: And how do you propose to do this?

    The Teacher: By comparing them together.

    Appollodorus: Then lets get it on then.

    The teacher: In due time my friend. It was more than 200 years ago that Edward Gibbon wrote The Rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Gibbon stated that it was “The genius of Plato, informed by his own meditation or by the traditional knowledge of the priest of Egypt”(1).

    Herodotus: what year did Gibbon write this?

    The teacher: In 1776-1788 eleven year before Rosetta stone was found in 1799. The Rosetta stone allowed the Egyptian language to be translated into English. If Gibbon would have wrote his works after 1799 he wouldn’t have talked about Plato’s imagination. He would of talked about Plato’s out right plagiarism.

    Diodorus: But what does this have to do with Christianity and Egypt?

    The teacher: Well many themes in Plato’s Republic are the same as in the Egyptian religion and Christianity.

    Herodotus: So Christianity is a watered down version of the Egyptian religion, which they got from the Greeks.

    The teacher: Correct.

    Appollodorus: well isn’t the New Testament books originally written in Greek?

    The teacher: well as far as I know.

    Herodotus: Explain the Egyptian views of heaven and compare it with Christianity’s ?

    The teacher: Well lets see. In order to get to heaven one has to be first found in a “Book of deeds” (2) and you must wash yourself up in a lake with scared water. “No man could hope to see god unless he could say ‘I have purified my breast and body with clean water, I have purified my hinder parts...and my inward parts have been dipped in the pool of maati; no one member of mine lacks maat” (3).

    Diodorus: This sounds very much like “except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of god” John 3:5

    The teacher: yes it is.

    Appollodorus: Then why did you get all that repudiation for saying heaven is water?

    The Teacher: Because this is new to them and they are not quite ready for it.

    Herodotus: The above quotes alone do not prove heaven is water. Now I know Homer said, “Back to where Egypt is, the shy-fallen river”(4) but this is incomplete too. I need more evidence.

    The Teacher: Well if you let me speak I will. If you take the statement literally you must be born of water to get to heaven then I understand it that you must become water to get to heaven.

    Diodorus: Do you have anything further to back this up?

    The teacher: I think so. If you dig deep into the Hieroglyphic writings you will discover that RA and Osiris bodies were considered to be Nun/water. The Egyptians had what they called “the two ways” (5) The Pythagorean called it “The way” (6) and Jesus said he was “The way” and Roman officials thought Paul way preaching “the way” (7). Anyway, The two ways to heaven was on land or sea.

    Herodotus: What happens to those who choose the water.

    The teacher: Well the first thing they should be doing is getting a boat. In the book of dead the shrine and throne of Osiris is placed on the waters of the celestial ocean, or nun and in late times the Nile was said to be Osiris himself (8).

    Diodorus: All of this is confusing to me because I read some Hieroglyphics that states the two ways was the boat of RA or “ the Elysian fields where the Egyptians could enjoy spiritualized pleasures and an existence that closely resembled their life upon earth. Those who chose the boat of RA sailed with him over the skies, they fed upon light, and were arrayed in light, and were finally absorbed into the light of god himself. On the other hand Osiris in cultivating the plant of truth, Maat, (Bible’s Tree of life), which was of the substance of Osiris himself, and they lived upon mat, they finally became absorbed into Osiers and lived by and in him for ever” (9)

    Appollodorus: So what do we have here a battle between the sun vs. the water.

    Herodotus: Perhaps this is a reflection of the battle between the followers of Akhnaton (Moses)[10] who advocated the living Aton which is the sun. Did Aton battle with Amon/Amen who claims god is hidden and can’t be seen.

    The teacher: Well after all Moses did say he saw god as fire face to face. But he misunderstood the Egyptian religion. The Egyptian religion is pure monotheism, which manifested itself externally by a symbolic polytheism.
    Herodotus: So the battle over religion was based on style not on substance.

    The teacher: Well king Tutankhamen (Jesus) [11] argued with his father Akhnaton (Moses) over these issues. Moses was killed and repudiated just like Socrates teacher for claiming the sun was the god. Jesus or King Tut changed his name to amen and tried to say that he came not to destroy his fathers (Moses) law but to modify it. The high priest didn’t buy this so they hit Jesus in his head while he was sleep and killed him.

    Appollodorus: Didn’t the Essence group, who sprang from the Pythagoreans, say that John the Baptist was the second coming of King Tut/Jesus (12).

    The Teacher: Yes and this is why John the Baptist was attacked in the bible in Matthew 11:11. He was held in high esteem and this is why they attacked their own fellow Christian. “Verily I say unto you, among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than john the Baptist: notwithstanding, he that is lest in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he”. I would take this as an insult.

    Diodorus: So are you saying the New Testament writers were writing a story that happened in Egypt a thousand plus years earlier?

    The Teacher: Yes. But they wanted everybody to think the Jesus they were writing about was a contemporary with Herod the great and Pontus Pilate.

    Diodorus: So when John in Revelations attacked his so called fake Jesus he has King Tut suffering a wound to the head and being brought back to life by a magician following the spells of Isis. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed” Revelation 13:3. This story is a combination of Osiris and King Tut and a few others.

    The teacher: This would appear to be the case. But I would include Horus to. Horus the son of Isis and Osiris life fits that of Jesus too you know. And did you know that Osiris is connected with the Sirius star. And in the constellation is Orion and did you not know there is a story of Orion’s head being cut off and his image being set up among the stars, where it was pursued by the constellation of the scorpion (13) Read further in Revelations 13: 14 “They should make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and did live”.
    Appollodorus: This would possibly explain why the Egyptians built three of their Pyramids in the exact configuration with some stars above the sky. The Egyptian/Christian stories are a mass of interweaved allegories related to the sun, astronomy, and astrology.

    Herodotus: If all of this checks out it would be the biggest hoax of all time. What further evidence do you have to support your claims?

    The Teacher: Well three wise kings visit them at their births (14), both died in April and High priest are blamed for their deaths. There are many more other examples that you can check out in Moustafa Gadalla’s book Historical Deception

    Appollodorus: Like what

    The teacher: Well if it wasn’t for Howard Carter discovery of King Tuts tomb in 1922 (15) modern science wouldn’t be able to perform autopsy that would confirm that King Tut died from a blow to the head. Some writers like Bob Brier states that he was knocked unconsciousness then regain consciousness then died (16). This would explain why people thought he was brought back to life.

    Herodotus: But how would you explain Jesus dying on a tree?

    The teacher: Well the death of Osiris and King Tut was popularized by Euripides in his play Bacchus in 413BC. Euripides Pentheus is a combination of King Tut and Osiris. A long time passed from King Tuts death in 1300BC. True stories of himself being hit in the head exaggerated into losing his head like Osiris “movable head” (17). King Tut being knocked down from a tree having his flesh nailed probably came from Osiris body resting in a chest high up top in a tree.

    Diodorus: What other evidence you have to prove that Jesus wasn’t of the same era as Herod and Pontus Pilate.

    The teacher: Well the book of Isaiah. Parts of it were written in the 8th century and 6th century. The second part talks about a person being killed for the sins of mankind. But all indications point to a person who died before Isaiah wrote it. Incidentally the book of Isaiah for the first time in the Jewish Old Testament begins to talk about a resurrection. What they have Jesus saying in the Old Testament contradicts the book of Isaiah (18). Secondly they associate Jesus birth with Herod the great and taxation of Quirinius were separated by ten years. “According to the third gospel, the census which took Joseph to bethlem was the first while Quirinius was governor of Syria. Quirinius’s census was indeed the first, but it belonged in Ad 6 when King Herod, the story’s other marker, was long since dead”(19)

    Herodotus: But Jesus was supposed to be in Egypt during this time.

    The teacher: They got their story messed up because they were lying. And the Christians trying to connect Jesus/King Tut is even worser than Herod. I follow my favorite classical writer Gibbon when he says. “We are required to believe that Pontius Pilate informed the emperor of the unjust sentence of death which he had pronounced against an innocent, and, as it appeared, a divine person; and that without acquiring merit, he exposed himself to the danger, of martyrdom; that Tiberius, who avowed his contempt for all religion, immediately conceived the design of placing the Jewish messiah among the gods of Rome” (20). Besides I learned that Pontus didn’t wash his hands and passed on responsibility for the death of Jesus to the crowd. The washing of hands to indicate innocence was the custom of the Essence community. The Bible says that it was the roman custom at the time of the Passover festival to offer a prisoner for release, but this is simply not true. There was no such custom and the scene is invention” (21).

    Appollodorus: So how did all of this misinformation get started?

    The teacher: A lot of this attack writings started after the exodus. Groups of people started to attack each other in their writings after they divorce/exodus from eachother. But this sort of went back and forth because later in times of King David and Solomon were on good terms with the Egyptians because they were Egyptian themselves. The Song of Solomon resembles Egyptian love songs and some of David battles (22).

    Diodorus: Okay I heard enough of this. Lets get back on the subject of the Egyptian heaven and the so-called Christian heaven. What are the similarities?

    The Teacher: Well we have.

    1. The two ways later changed into One way see Acts 24:22 of the NIV
    2. Beer of eternity / water of eternity some of it made into wine john 6:54 (
    3. Heaven being a square –rev 21:16 (23)
    4. 9 cubits / the bible had 144 cubits rev 21: 17 (24)
    5. Book of deeds / book of life rev 3: 5; 22: 19 (25)
    6. Tree or plant of life/ rev 22: 2 (26)
    7. 12 sailors / 12 tribes of Israel rev; 7:4-8 (27)
    8. Dressed in white clothes / rev: 5:11 (28)
    9. River Nile in heaven/ rev 22:1
    10. Water coming out their Thrones / rev 4:6
    11. Angels clothed with a cloud rev 10:1, 14:14 clouds
    12. Lake of fire/ rev 20:15

    Dolorous: I would like a reference as to where you’re getting your information. How do you compare 9 cubits with the 144 cubits in the Bible?

    The Teacher: Well in the Egyptian myths of heaven their was a place called the Elysian’s fields. Strictly speaking, they were not fields, but islands, intersected by canals filled with running water, which caused them to be always green and fertile. On these grew luxuriant crops of wheat and barley. The papyrus of nun says that the wheat grew a height of five cubits; the ears being two cubits long and stalks three. Here lived the spirits of the blessed dead who were nine cubits high, and the reaping of these crops was, it seems, reserved for them”.

    Herodotus: But how do you arrive at nine. Well the 144 cubits are symbolic. If you add them all up. 4 + 4= 8 plus the one equals nine. Its no accident that there is only 144,000 thousand going to heaven either. It is a consistent theme that the circle in ancient Egyptian texts consists of 9 cubits (the ennead) in diameter, and that it is squared by a square that consists of 8 cubits.

    Appollodoros: What lead you to believe the 144 were really 9.

    The Teacher: Well the Bible states the new city of Jerusalem would be foursquare. Plato stated the same thing for his ideal city in his Republic. But Plato appears to have stolen this from the Egyptians. According to E. A Wallis Budge’s The Dwellers of the Nile “The souls of the blessed dwelt with the gods in a heaven situated above the sky. The floor of this heaven formed the sky, which was rectangular in shape”.

    Appollodorus: So all of the ten things you mentioned for the Egyptian heaven appears in the Christian heaven.

    The Teacher: Yes

    Apollodorus: The Christians must of stole their ideas from the Egyptians because they wrote their philosophy down thousands of years before them.

    The Teacher: This is true.

    Herodotus: But what does all of this all have to do with heaven being water?

    The teacher: I’m just trying to make a point. If all of these similarities of heaven are here why can’t I say that the Christian view of heaven is that of water?

    Diodorus: Your process of going about it seems a bit hard to follow. If I recall correctly you tried to attempt to say that Jesus bride is water because “The marriage of the lamb is come and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her …should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints” Rev 19: 7-8.

    The teacher: Yes. And I thought this white linen represented clouds because the bible said flesh and blood couldn’t enter heaven and that we would be like Angels who are clothed in white like clouds. Now as far as I understand it clouds are made of water.

    Herodotus: But your forgetting one important point that the enemies of Ra were the devils and fiends of mist, cloud, darkness and rain, that tried to prevent the sun from rising in the sky, and the fate of these, as also of the enemies of Osiris, was annihilation.

    The teacher: But everyday the sun shines you see clouds in the sky. I don’t think this view on clouds should be taken literally. Because the clouds were a source of water which the Egyptians viewed as giving birth to Ra. Water was considered as the “father” of the God. But since water was associated with moister of the vagana we can safely say that the God in Egypt was considered female.

    Herodotus: Is this why the royal purple bloodlines to the throne of the pharaoh had to come from the female line.

    The teacher: Perhaps. They viewed the extension of the kings from above heaven. If Nun/water gave birth to the world maybe they wanted to keep this connection going through the female line because the female was god in heaven?

    Diodorus: This might explain why Moses never states in Genesis that God created the waters.

    The teacher: Okay but lets get back on these clouds.

    Herodotus: Teacher I don’t mean to sound rude but I think your big ego is blocking up your eyes so that you can only see god or Angels as dim, hazy outlines.

    The teacher: Maybe so. But I must state that Aristophanes in his play has Socrates stating:
    Come, holy clouds, and show your power.
    Come, leave your father ocean bower
    Or where the Nile flows
    Or high Olympus crowned with snows

    Aristophanes also have Socrates painting themselves with white flour.

    Herodotus: So

    The Teacher: But we might have confirmation this actually happened because Plutarch reports that Pythagoras used flour in some of their secret ceremonies.

    Herodotus: That still no proof.

    The Teacher: Its circumstantial evidence. But Pythagoras studied in Egypt and Socrates claimed ancient descent from the Egyptians.

    Diodorus: Maybe the white clouds and white linen was analogy to the star of Sirius, which is a white dwarf. The Egyptians viewed heaven as being with these stars. I know Horus and Jesus were associated with the mourning star.

    Appollodorus: Maybe so but how does water come into play.

    The Teacher: Well I’m no scientist but I’ve been told that its matter is compressed tightly. Sirius atoms do not exist in their normal states, but are squeezed so closely together, that many atomic nuclei are crowed into space, previously occupied by a single normal Atom. Under such conditions the electrons of these atoms are squeezed out of their orbits. This is the neutron soup which is described by scientist, as the origin of all matter and energy in the universe, and which ancient Egyptians called nun, the watery (liquid) chaos.

    Herodotus: Weren’t Angels considered water then clothed in white clouds.

    The Teacher: The whole concept of Angels came to Christians from the Egyptian word Neteru which could mean Angel. Angels were depicted as creative energies like fountains, hands of gods, gates and shining ones.

    Diodorus: Well I’m going to have to report this to the dean of students. This is blasphemy. God isn’t water. God is the sun.

    Herodotus: Yes we already debated this thousands of years ago. Was it not Twthmosis (King David) who wrote his psalms 84:11 and 19:4 that “ the lord is a sun” and “ he set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom”. The relative of Tethmosis Akhenaton (Moses) was thrown out of Egypt for saying god was physical fire and not symbolic. And he tried to steal water for his people (Jews) and paid for it with his life.

    The Teacher: I recall Kepler having to combat the Vatican in establishing the view that the earth is not the center of the universe, but rotates once a day and goes around the sun once a year. But Akhnaton wanted the sun to be the center of the universe. But what’s is begotten can’t live forever. The sun has no use in the book of Revelation.

    Diodorus: Does this mean Jesus takes the place of the sun?

    The Teacher: I would guess so. So who wins this battle Amen the unseeable god of invisible watery atoms or Aton the sun god?

    Appollodorus: Well they may perhaps merge into one as if it is a marriage ceremony. In Egyptian theology everyone in heaven joins his counterpart of the opposite sex. Everyone person who dies become either Osiris or Isis. And in heaven they will have a wedding cake beer or wine or both and lots of music that sounds like the waves of water.

    Moderator: Class is interrupted by The Dean of students

    Dean Williams: Class is now dismissed. I would like to talk with your teacher.

    Moderator: Students leave the temple

    Dean Williams: Well Teacher you can start packing your chest because you’re fired. I warned you about teaching that heaven was water and that Jesus lived long before Herod and Pilate. I now have the evidence against. One of my assistance found treasonable correspondence letters between you and Queen of Sheba XX.

    Moderator: Dean Williams opens up two papyrus letters between the teacher and Queen of Sheba XX

    Dear Queen of Sheba XX:

    If it weren’t for the reputation of your great x9 grandmother I wouldn’t be writing you today. Jesus said “The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the Wisdom of Solomon; and behold a greater than Solomon is here”-Matthew 12:42

    When I first read your statements that King David and Solomon were Egyptian kings it all made since to me. And there were indirect statements in the bible that would suggest that they were. I had a hard time accepting King Tut was Jesus until I started thinking of information I’ve read in the past. I had a theory of “Following the heads”. I would like for you to read my theory then comment on it if you will. P.S you were also correct to state Isaiah 8th –6th century BC referred [p 222] to a Jesus who lived before 600 BC. In my essay The Bible’s biggest Contradiction I prove that statements the gospel writers say Jesus made actually contradict the book of Isaiah in a major way.

    There is one more fantastic revelation I must disclose. I already noted that Osiris like Pentheus were cut into pieces. But I overlooked an important aspect of this beheading. Euripides states, “The wretched head which the mad mother, seizing in her hands”. This was a true event in the play because Plutarch reports: “When the head of Crassus (153-115 BC) was brought to the door, the tables were just taken away, and one Jason, a tragic actor, of the town of Tralles, was singing the scene in the Bacchae of Euripides concerning Agave, He was receiving much applause, when sillaces, coming to the room, and having made obeisance to the king, threw down the head of Crassus into the midst of the company…. while Jason handed over the costume of Pentheus to one of the dancers in the chorus, and taking up the head of Crassus, and acting the part of a bacchante in her frenzy”. Now if a person head was not cut off in the play Euripides I don’t think they would of incorporated a real cut of head into the play? This is just another piece of evidence that the play of Bacchae was acting out the story of Osiris/Jesus. If you read in The Egyptian book of the dead they claim Osiris had a “movable head”. These myths were transferred over to Christianity in a slick but detectable way. What lead me to speculate on this was due to the writings of Moustafa Gadalla’s Historical Deception: The untold story of Ancient Egypt. On p.215 Gadalla proposed that King Twtankhamen or King Tut was Jesus. When I first read this I thought it was a bunch of nonsense until I learned from Bob Brier book The Murder of Tutankhamen that he died of a massive blow to the head. I was hook even further when I read again from Gadalla “The evangelist (writers of the Gospels) chose to ignore the Essences belief in John, as the second coming of Christ, and elected to use the time period of John the Baptist, to tell the story of Jesus Christ, as his first coming. This led to evangelist adopting the time of Herod the great and Pontius Pilate for the birth and life of Jesus”. I believe Gadalla has some points for three reasons. Number one Josephus in his writings say he was on good terms with the Essences see Antiquities of the Jews Book 15 Chapter 10. The Essences foretold of a Messiah to come but this didn’t alarm Herod; Number two John the Baptist dies of a head wound like King Tut by having his head is cut off (Mark 6:24) and three the gospel writers Assume that Quirinius and King Herod were contemporaries, when they were separated by ten years or more. Therefore the story of John the Baptist losing his head was just an allusion to Tutankhamen wound to the head? I already proved in another essay that John in the book of revelation referred to Isis as bring back alive one of the her widow who suffered a mortal wound to the head was Osiris. The problem is that the Bible combines many men lives alongside when they wrote Jesus “biography”. Those include Osiris, King Tut and Pythagoras.

    In an essay I wrote Was Jesus history based on a Greek play proved what the title asked. The play was produced by Euripides called Bacchus . William Arrowsmith wrote “The death of Pentheus (or King Tut) he dies as a scapegoat and a living substitute for the god he rejects”. And for this crime Pentheus head is cut off. I believe Euripides was telling a combination of stories from Osiris and king Tut

    King Tut father was Akhenaton who was responsible for bringing the worship of the sun god Aton in direct opposition to widely accept the Amun/Amen religion of the Egyptians. The Jews give praise to Aton by stated “the sun is god” psalms. Akhnaton brings also brings in mixed blood to the throne. When King Tut was killed they were taken out on what his father did. Howard Carter reports “Now, in the past two or three reigns there had been constant intermarriages between the royal houses of Egypt and Asia” –The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen. Its no accident that Herod the great cuts off the head of John the Baptist for criticizing his marriages. And If the Essence didn’t hold John the Baptist as the second coming of Jesus why did the gospel writers attack John? Jesus didn’t say: “Verily I say unto you, among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than john the Baptist: notwithstanding, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he”Matthew 11:11 This quote proves John the Baptist was held in high honor and that people felt he rose. John in the book of Revelation attacks John the Baptist or King Tut or Osiris when he talks about a two horn women Isis bringing him back to life. John of revelation attacks this as the false Egyptian religion. John also felt that Rome would carry out this religion why else would he consider Egypt as the place were Jesus was crucified (rev 11:8)? Spiritually crucified meant not worshiped in Egypt.

    Thank you,

    The Teacher

    777 Levy street
    Ethiopia, Africa

    Dear Teacher:

    It was good hearing from you. I received your letter and transcripts. You were correct in noting that Solomon was Egyptian and that my great x 9 grandmother met him. You know Josephus in his Antiquities of the Jews Book 8 chapter 6 states “there was then a woman, queen of Egypt and Ethiopia, she was inquisitive into philosophy…when this queen heard of the virtue and prudence of Solomon”. If it wasn’t for a union with Solomon/ (Amenhotep III) and my great grandmother I wouldn’t be here writing you this letter. As it was commonly state there was nothing that Sheba desired which he denied her. So Sheba came back home with the seed of a son and future ruler of Ethiopia.

    You were also correct to say that God is a female. It is only in a female’s nature to create and bear children after her likeness. As we know there can be no sun/son without some water. Therefore heaven is the water of the Nile.

    Your last question concerning the head of King Tut, Osiris, Orion and John the Baptist were combination of the story of the newly invented Jesus. John in the book of revelations touched on this. Osiris I do believe head was cut off. Are you aware of an old poem written to him?

    Sing we Osiris Dead
    Lament the fallen head- See Historical Deception p.270

    I do not know if this is the head that hold the brains or the head of the generative power of the phallus. But it seems to me you already proved your point in quoting Plutarch. E.A Wallis Budge book Osiris & The Egyptian Resurrection states that Osiris severed head was placed in a box and his phallus was never recovered.

    Now you should know the positioning and detailed structure of the Giza pyramids are accurately related to the positions of the astronomical bodies in the constellation of Orion. The airshafts in the pyramid points directly towards Orion. Apparently the air is projecting the soul of the deceased King out towards the constellation.

    At night when you see the stars they look white. This is why the Egyptians and Pythagoreans dress in white to be among the stars not the clouds. But the heavens will supply a square swimming pool for you with gates around it to keep out them dogs. You should also note that a papyrus written about 1450 Bc has Osiris wearing a long white garment which extends from his neck to his ankles; his crown also is white see p.38-39 of Budge’s Osiris. Its no coincidence that Jesus will be in a white robe with his head/crown as white wool with his wife dressed in white linen

    I know that the story of Orion’s head being cut off is found in Greek mythology. This isn’t a major problem because Horus in Egypt is associated with Orion and so similar to the myth of the New Testament gospels talking about Jesus. And I have to consider with weight the strong statement from Herodotus that the Greeks adopted many Egyptian religious names and ceremonies. Also Martin Bernal states “Most Greek heroes, resembles Osiris in that he both dies and is made immortal”-Black Athena Volume 2 p.261. If John wouldn’t of connected all of these characters together in an apparent cluster I wouldn’t be writing you here today. But I came across some information about the so-called Greek god Orion. The Greeks say Apollo persuaded Artemis to shoot an n object that pierced Orion head was cut off. She then set his image up among the stars, where it was pursued by the constellation of the scorpion. You did not go further with your studies. If you did you would of known that “at one time the star Orion was regarded as his [Osiris abode in the sky”- Budge’s Osiris volume 1 p.384. And did you know that Set also killed the Osiris son Horus. Set caused Horus to be stung by a scorpion and his hands and eyes were cut off and other members of his body were thrown in the water just like Osiris. When John in the book of revelation talked about a man suffering a mortal wound and being brought back to like it referred to another man not Isis. Isis was the whore of Babylon. In Egyptian mythology there are two stories of Horus and Isis bring back Osiris back to life. John was referring to Horus. If you don’t believe me read Volume 1 of Budge’s Osiris.

    Who do you think John was referring to when he said “I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed [Osiris]: and all the world wondered after the beast…And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he [Horus] had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon…and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast [Osiris] , whose deadly wound was healed. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by means of those miracles which he had power to do .. that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live”. Chapter 13 of the book of Revelation

    The Christians say that the story of Osiris was true.

    Write back soon


    Queen of Sheba XX

    Dean Williams: My assistant retrieved these two papyrus letters yesterday. So what do you have to say for yourself?

    The teacher: I do not mind losing my job in the pursuit of the truth.


    Authors remarks:
    All the actors’ names in the play are fictional. Diodorus Siculus, Apollodorus The grammarian, Herodotus of Halicarnassus are not to be confused with the actors in the play. Queen Sheba XX is fictional to the real Queen of Sheba. I used their names to set the tone of the seriousness of the information.

    Writing about complex, ancient religious issues was best explained for me by writing them down in dialogues I tried to format in the spirit of Plato’s dialogues. I hope you found the “play” to be entertaining as well as educational.

    I stumbled across information by Philo of Alexandra, Egypt. He was born to a prominent Jewish family in 20 BC. The Saint Paul was said to have used some of his information in in writings. Paul also plagiarized “The testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs” written between 107-137Bc. “St Paul appears to have borrowed so freely that it seems as though he must have carried a copy of the testaments with him on his travels”-see The lost books of the Bible p.220.

    Philo states “Moses, for Mou is the Egyptian word for water”. Philo then goes on to say that Moses was taught by Egyptian priest the following. “Arithmetic, geometry, the lore of metre, rhythm and harmony and the whole subject of music as shown by the use of instruments or in textbooks and treatises of a more special character, were imparted to him by learned Egyptians. These further instructed him in the philosophy conveyed in symbols as displayed in the so-called holy inscriptions…And the Chaldean science of the heavenly bodies. This he also acquired from Egyptians, who give special attention to astrology. And, when he had mastered the lore of both nations, both where they agree and where they differ, he eschewed all strife and contention and sought only for truth”. -See Philo Volume 6 of Moses 1: 23-24 p.285-288

    It’s hard for me to believe that God taught Moses when the “pagan” Egyptian priest provided for all his studies. But this isn’t all Philo has to say, the story gets better. Philo also reports that Moses a “child of an unequal marriage, his father an Egyptian, his mother a Jewess, had set at naught the ancestral customs of his mother and turned aside, as we are told, to the impiety of Egypt and embraced the atheism of that people. For the Egyptians almost alone among the nations have set up earth as a power to challenge heaven. Earth they held to be worthy of the honors due to a god, and refused to render to heaven any special tribute of reverence, acting as though it were right to shew respect to the outermost regions rather than to the royal palace. For in the universe heaven is a palace of the highest sanctity, and earth is the outer region, estimable indeed in itself, but when it comes into comparison with either, as far inferior to it as darkness is to light and night to day and corruption to incorruption and mortal man to god. The Egyptians thought otherwise; for, since the land is not watered like other countries by the downpour of rain but regularly every year becomes a standing water through the flooding of the river, they speak of the Nile as though it were the counterpart of heaven and therefore to be deified, and talk about the land in terms of high reverence. And lo this half-bred person, having a quarrel with someone of the nation that has vision and knowledge, losing in his anger all control over himself, and also urged by fondness for Egyptian atheism” –Moses II 193-195 p 545. Now it appears that Moses argued over land vs. water but it was really over the sun that would shine for the lands growth. Moses advocated for the sun as a god because he saw god as fire in the burning bush and reports in psalm 84:11 “ for the lord is a sun” and 19:4-5 where it states the sun is a bridegroom. And Moses being really Pharaoh Akhenaton as Moustafa Gadalla states in Historical Deception p. 215. We all know that Akhenaton wanted to set up Aton, or the sun as the only God to be worshiped. The ancient Egyptians never believed that the sun was god but a mere function. Horus/Jesus was regarded as the light. Budge reports “Osiris was regarded as the power of the moon, which produced the Nile-flood…there is also no possibility of identifying Osiris with Ra” See Osiris Volume 1 p.385. Its becoming more and more apparent to me the whole exodus or civil war were over disputes over Fire and water, and later claims of leprosy of Moses, reported by Mantheo which might be true were just added on attacks to justify the explusion.


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    :D :D
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    Interesting point concerning "disputes over fire and water". Perhaps this signifies a "clash" between cultural perspectives that continues to divide us at present.