Brother AACOOLDRE : Egyptian Thoth: A God of hebrews

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    THOTH: Another God of the Jews?

    By Andre Austin

    Probably not a God of the Jews but plays a role in their religion just like several other gods do in the OT & NT. Thoth isn’t a god per se but a function of a God. Just like fire, earth water, Sky isn’t a god but a function of god directly or indirectly.

    Thoth is credited with the invention of writing, math, numbers, weights & measures (Money), Geometry, religious ceremony rituals etc, etc. The connection of Thoth with the Hebrews is due to Thoth using the word Jew as one of many title words prior to the Jews using it. This isn’t an isolated incident we have Egyptian priests using the word Jehovah; Jews having their lord be Aton having no image like Adon with the D and T being interchangeable. We also having the Jews calling their god “I’am” (Exodus 3:14). Well the Egyptian God Ra said “I’am what I’am” predating the Hebrews.

    Now that I laid a foundation lets talk a little bit more about Thoth. Many images were used to symbolize Thoth like a heart because with using gods words heart and mind with the assistance of Ptah (god of crafts) helped create the world. Thoth is introduced in the OT & NT as the word moving across the waters and the emerging of the primordial mountain out of the Nile water unto land with a light being on top. Thoth was “The lord of words” and was the same as “The Word” in the Bible. Thoth also weighed people words (action/thoughts) in the Judgment hall of Amen in same manner of Matthew 12:33-37.

    The Egyptians used weights and measures for trade and barter in their economy and to issue taxes from their treasury. A coinage system didn’t come in until the Persian period 525BC. They used metric weights. The standard units were the:

    Deben (3 ounce gold ring)

    Kite was one tenth of a Deben.

    (being true to their nickname by coincidence codified in their laws to get a tenth/Kite (10% of the money from their peoples Lev 5:11 & 27:32)

    The word Kite has been used a slang words against Jewish people. Michael Jackson was forced to remove the word from a song he made. Jackson was upset over Jewish exploitation of his record empire and would later die for it by the Illuminati. However, all derogatory songs films on blacks are allowed to stand even the running down in public streets stark naked (Erika Badu). The Websters dictionary gives a variety of terms for Kite being a greedy person, bad check, using worthless paper money to raise money or credit.

    The love of money is the root of all evil (1 Ti 6:10) not money in and of itself but its love. Love God not money and we fail not be righteous by lending money with usury (Psalm 15:1-5). The Jews learned Usury and the Sabbath from the Babylonians not the Egyptians.