Brother AACOOLDRE : Egyptian Divinities: The All who are One

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    By Andre Austin

    The Ancient Egyptian word, neter, and its feminine form netert, have been wrongly, and possibly intentionally, translated to God and Goddess, by almost all academicians.

    Neteru (plural of neter/netert) are the divine principles and functions of the One supreme God.

    The Ancient Egyptians believed in One God who was self-produced, self-existent, immortal, invisible, eternal, omniscient, almighty, etc. This One God was represented through the functions and attributes of “his/her” domain. These attributes were called the Neteru (male) Neter (female) The terms God and Goddesses are a misrepresentation of the Egyptian term Neteru.

    When we ask, “Who is God”, we are really asking, “What is God”? He is love/truth from which the world was created from the divine matter of Maat (Truth) from Amen in part. The Jews deviated from the teachings of the Egyptian priests and didn’t want mankind to become divine-like and eat from a Tree of Good/Evil aka as Maat=truth, right, moral order and Good. One can only define God through the multitude of his attributes/Qualities/powers/Actions. To know God is to know self and the numerous qualities of God. The more we learn of these qualities (known as neteru/neter), the closer we are getting to our divine origin our divine matter of Maat/Love in part. “Whoever invokes a blessing…will do so by the God of Truth (Amen/Maat)..will swear by the God of Truth (Amen/Maat) see Isaiah 65: 16 and Revelations 3:14. All throughout the gospels we hear a Jesus say: Amen, Amen I say unto you

    The Egyptian religion is a pure monotheism , which manifested itself externally by symbolic polytheism. In the New Testament we have One Jesus Christ being called “Great God” in Titus 2:13 while the other in Revelations 19:10 of being denied a God.

    Jesus then says “Is it not written in your Law, I have said you are Gods” (John 10:34) also see Psalm 82:6. This didn’t apply to the Egyptians who gave the Hebrews their very own Creation stories. It didn’t matter they still said “The Egyptians are men not God” (Isaiah 31:3). The marriage ritual they stole have all the souls who hearts and words are of the Truth combing their spiritual bodies back to God into One spiritual marriage excluding the flesh. God is the cause and we are the effect, as an attribute of him we were broke off to come back to him unless we get separated for not being with the program of his Way, his truth and get his eternal life of being One with him. In human terms, Maat represents the right thing to do, one of which was to obey the first command to be fruitful, Love to have sex like Adam & Eve. Love for self and others in a truthful manner.

    After all that big fuss about not eating from the Tree of truth in Egypt of Egyptian Law (Maat) its countermanded and we end up taking a bite out of Egypt after all “Live as children of light for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and Truth” (Ephesians 5:8-9).