Chief Elder Osiris : Egypt to copyright the pyramids and antiquities

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Jan 3, 2002
Egypt to copyright the pyramids and antiquities

Hoteph Beloved:

If what I am reading concerning what the Egyptians are Planning, concerning Copyrighting the Antiquity of The Divine Beings Great pyramids and the antiquity of Ancient Pre-Egyptian temples, Artifacts, and the Remains of our Ancient Nubian's Ancestors, they whom we are the decendants of and we choose not to object furiously, then we Black folks deserve to be in the condition we now Live.

Beloved, if the Black World sit around on our behind and allow the Arabs of North Afrika, Egypt in particular, to legally make claim to our Ancient Nubian Ancestors Remains and all that our Ancient Ancestors of Ancient Pre-Egyptian time, those Materials so constructed and revealed in the many ways that they have been revealed to us, then Afrika will come to be no more and the so call Black Afrikan will have conceded defeat to a long Ancient invader and deceiver of a once Divine Spiritual Black so call Afrikan Nation.

Here we are, the descendants of Divine Black Beings, yet we will not lift a voice, not to mention a hand, in opposition to the way the Sacred Pyramids, other Temples that have been falsely claimed by the Egyptain and raided by them and others, those Temples that had and do house now, our Ancient Ancestors Remains as I write, they being raided by those Arabs and all else of the Arab, Western-America world, referring to themselves as being Egyptians researchers, implying that there was no one there before them, in that place that was Named Egypt by them, so say the Honorable Chancellor Williams, a Great Black Researcher of Ancient Egypt and the rest of so call Afrika, whom I have no reason to doubt.

But you know beloved, it is no surprise to me the position of complacence the Afrikan World show toward Northern Afrika, we treat that part of Afrika as if it has bever been nor is it a part of Black Afrika.

There was a Time when no boarders Divided the Land of so call Afrika and whenever the invaders would come to that Sacred Land, Afrika, there always was a Leaders to rise to unite the Two Lands again, but not so today, not with the so call modern day Afrikans, we who now remain a Prisoner of the Mind of our Ancient and Modern day oppressors.

Therefore I am compelled to ask the question to the Black so call Afrikan World, a World who do not Know whom we Black Folks are and is unable to refer to ourselves of whom we really are, which are Divine Black Beings, yet we are eager to adopt a New identity, claiming to be Human Beings, so I ask, what happen to the Black World of Ancient Time ?

I guess my question is some what similar to the Old Man walking the Dusty Path of Ancient Time, meeting another Old Black Man of Pre- Western, Diaspora Time, and one asking the question to the other, What Happen To The People Of Sumer ?, The Answer Coming From The Old Man receiving the Question, They Lost Their Prehistory and they Died, and such is a sad similar commentary of the so call Modern Day Black Afrikans..

A Race that have no Respect for their Ancient Ancestors, Divine They Are, Is A Race Without Self Respect, And Such a Lost, Serve To Be The Death Of A Black Nation.

The Arrogance of disrespect to be shown toward the Black World by the Arab Egyptians, should the Egyptians move to forever claim exclusive Rights to our Ancient Ancestors Remains, Temples, Scripts Of Sacred Acknowledgments and Artifacts, and we Black folks, just find it to be News of Amusement and not that as an insult to all Black so call Afrikans, and we receive such News as we do, having no defiant reaction, all because we do not Know whom we Black People are, and my sharing here, regarding this matter, will not mean one **** to a Self Ignorant so call Afrikan, one who have forgone the True Identity of the Black so call Afrikan, for the adopted identity of our Oppressors, Human Beings we now identify ourmselves as being, they verifying to be Born Liars and Deceivers.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking of You

Chief Elder
The Continued...Stealing of our Legacy


From this story brought to our attention by the "Chief Elder"...we can "See" and know that the 3,200+ year invasion and "War" is still in effect and has never ceased but only we who have been put to "Spiritual-Death"...don't know what is going on and don't even care that our divine temples, ancestral tombs and all else is being further stolen from "Us" who are the "Living-Children" of the "Kemetic" ancestors who now live in "Mental Bondage" in Amerikkka with Rex #84 on the way to remove any further "Proof" of who we really are.

There must be something for those who greatly care can do to at least show the world that we are awake enough to make an effort to start to slow down and eventualy put a perminate stop to the Lie, Thievery, plagerization of our "Stolen Legacy" in the name of "Allah" for the Arabs who need to establish a dignified past that they don't they think and plan to steal the "Soul" of the "Black/African/Children of Kemet who was collected and removed with the help of their indoeuropean Aryan so-called white brothers and enemy to the real Kemites.

If we listen to the radio, t.v. or read any publications...they all are constantly feeding us from the mouth of white supremacy the lies and propaganda to keep us asleep/dumb and stupid about our selves. And then go even farther by sending their "Agents" in hope of keeping as usual.

We must stand up for something besides allowing ourselves to be used at a moments notice by the enemy who brought us here in "Chains" now serve them in giving our "Youth" over to them to die in their Aryan "Wars"!

Amerikkka has no good plans for the African/Afrikan/Black/Negro/Colored fact all plans point to our "Collective" distruction and elimination...if they have their "Racist" way about it.

All patent and copy right laws were concocted to steal and take credit from the Blacks who were the "Creators" of nearly if not all of the inventions stored in the so-called "National Archives" in D.C. Now it is planed that they copy Right again what is not theirs and protect it under the laws that only they can make and lay claim to your..."Black and Stolen Legacy" Kemet that they now call Egypt.

We must "Recapture Our Spirituality"...and do MA`AT and "Live" for ourselves!,,2232295,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=40


Note: In the space of what is called time..."All" un-natual man made laws will be removed and replaced with the Natural Laws that govern every thing.


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