Education without a destination

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    You know our people are real quick to tell a young person that they need to stay in school and get an education. But to be honest many people do not go into the reasons why or to be honest I do not think that many young people ask why? I remember not asking why or getting a real explanation. All I knew was that I have to get an education, but education with out a destination is really a waste of time. We all heard the term educated fool, or someone who is book smart but no common sense. I really feel that one of the major reasons that many of our children do not have the desire to do well in school is because their compass is way off and there is not anyone to point them in a direction.

    Each one of us are unique in our skills and talents some are more proficient than others. But are we doing our young people a disservice by not helping find out their natural talents or skills? Like a many people take care of their plants by nurturing and providing for it, if it is not done it would surly die. Like many of our children are dying not only physically but mentally as well. We may all agree that racism in this country has been and may still be a problem for our people for many years to come. To be honest it is hard to fight something that is carved into the foundation of a people’s ideology, but for those of us who are really looking to make a dent in the issues that face our people especially the youth is to try to give them a reason behind getting an education not just a mantra. There are many great books for children that explore the different occupations that they may be interested in and also here is a great link that can help give you a profile of what
    occupation that may fit your personality.



    Here is another link for children great source

    So in this day in age we as a people really do not have an excuse we have access to tools and resources that our ancestors could only dream about. Remember we are adults longer than we are children this is why it is so important to do what is necessary to give our children the foundation that they need to carry with them in adulthood.